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The mission of faculty and instructors at Delta College of Arts & Technology is to network students with the courses and resources necessary to excel in a variety of sought after and profitable career niches. Some of the most popular courses available through Delta College include the highly rewarding nursing programs. Graduates will be prepared to take the Practical Nursing Exam. Passage of this exam grants students a license and the opportunities to gain employment in a wide array of healthcare settings as a Licensed Practical Nurse.


Delta College provides rewarding and hands-on medical assistant programs, which allow students to acquire clinical and administrative insight needed to go to working in entry-level healthcare assistant roles. The medical assistant training programs available through Delta College also include medical office assistant and medical billing and coding. Delta College of Arts & Technology also offers innovative and student-friendly programs in graphic design and dental assistance so that more individuals have the opportunity to seek employment in growing career fields.


Programs Available

Delta College of Arts & Technology requires federal disclosures for program cost, program completion, graduate debt and entry level pay for all of its non-degree vocational programs that supply students with career-specific training. Part of this Federal Government mandated disclosure is what’s known as a net price calculator. This calculator provides an excellent tool for students to protect themselves and better understand and break down the cost of their education. At the same time, this tool not only assesses tuition and educational costs, but also takes into account costs of living including transportation, room and board, meals, childcare and any additional costs. This dad is represented and made available to full-time students in day program curriculum.


Training Program List

Business Office Administration: Delta College supplies all information necessary to keep offices well managed and provide students with everything they need to know to be successful office personnel with skills in computing, bookkeeping and clerical work. The program is designed to prepare students for entry-level jobs in various administrative positions including computer business application and computer oriented fields of business. After graduating, students often move forward to professional jobs as secretaries, computer operators, file clerks, bookkeeping clerks, typists, receptionists and word processors.

Completion time for this program is roughly 7.5 months. Future employment prospects include:

-Admin. Assistant/Secretary
-Information Technician
-Customer Service Representative
-Bookkeeping Clerk
-Auditing Clerk
-Accounting Clerk
-Office Clerk


Type of work:

Students training to be administrative assistants will learn a variety of administrative and clerical tasks necessary to effectively assist a wide array of businesses. Students will learn how to create spreadsheet using computer software, prepare reports, documents and reports, and manage databases and general office administration including duties of secretaries and receptionists. Upon graduation, students will be ready to efficiently work with vendors, purchase supplies, manage corporate libraries and stockrooms. Exact job responsibilities will vary depending on post-graduation employment opportunities and may include working with basic office equipment including fax machines and videoconference software.


Advantages to obtaining certification in Business Office Administration through Delta College include:
-Assistance with job placement
-Opportunities for externships
-Great instructors
-9 month day courses
-Easily payable tuition
-Financial aid assistance
-TOPS eligibility
-Accreditation via the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE)
- Licensing via the LA Board of Regents


Dental Assistant: Students will be prepared to work in partnership with dental specialists and dentists, assuming the role of certified dental assistants. Curriculum will prepare graduates for entry-level positions of employment at clinical offices or dental practices as dental assistants. Additionally, supplemental training is delivered for people who have existing qualifications in the dental field or are have current employment at a dental practice or similar organization. Graduates from Delta College’s dental assistant program will be well equipped to pass the National Registry Exam for Dental Assistants as well as the advanced dental assistance class designed to expand duties.


Program duration is 7.5 months. Graduates will have the knowledge under their belt needed to tend to patients, keep records and understands their responsibilities working in a dental office including:

-Making patients feel comfortable in a dental chair so that they may be ready for procedures and treatments
-Sterilizing dental equipment
-Preparing work areas for the treatment of patients by organizing and setting out tools
-Assisting dentists by standing ready to hand instruments and materials throughout dental procedures
-Processing x-rays and carrying out laboratory tasks under the direction of dental specialists or dentist
-Keeping dental treatment records
-Working with patients on payment and billing
-Scheduling the appointments of patients

Graphic Design: The Graphic Design diploma is designed to prepare students for a wide array of careers in the realm of commercial art, computer graphics and the basic skills needed to create professional graphic design projects. The knowledge students will gain in this program will ready them for entry-level employment in the highly competitive field of graphic art. Careers for which graduates can apply include layout artist, computer artist in advertising, graphic designer, web designer, commercial art designer, art director and more.


Program duration is 15 months. At the end, students will be able to work hands on with computer software to create graphic art that communicates messages, captivates and informs consumers. The layout studied can be applied to advertisements, magazines, corporate reports and brochures.

Medical Assistant: Participation in this Delta College will ready students to partake in this quickly growing occupation. The program is created to prepare students to assume clinical roles in entry-level medical assistant positions including medical billing and coding, medical insurance billing, medical bookkeeping, injections, phlebotomy, injections, dosage calculation, medical office software, administrative duties, medical ethics and more.


Students will possess the skills necessary to carry out the following tasks:
-Phlebotomy protocol
-12 lead EKG procedures
-Collection of specimens
-Safety measures and infection control
-Monitor vital signs
-Provide assistance during physical exams and minor office surgery and physical exams.

Program duration is 7.5 months for day courses and 12 months for night courses.

Practical Nurse (LPN): The goal of Delta College’s Practical Nurse diploma program is to equip students with the proper skills necessary to face the professional and personal challenges associated with the nursing field. Graduates will be prepared to pass the Practical Nursing Exam, acquire a license and become employed in related healthcare professions.


Program duration is 16 months for day classes and 24 months for night classes. Graduates will have the skills needed to:
-Look after patients’ health needs including checking blood pressure
-Apply basic nursing care protocol including changing/insertion of catheters and applying bandages
-Make patients comfortable
-Keep accurate patient health records
-Discuss questions or concerns with patients


College Admissions

Delta College of Arts & Technology provides knowledgeable and friendly assistance to prospective students and stands ready to guide individuals through every step of the admissions process. Prospective students are encouraged to arrange for an appointment and personal interview with a Delta College admissions representative. In this interview and meeting, applicants will answer a series of questions relating to the request they have placed for specific vocation raining including their career goals. This way, admissions staff can ensure the ability of each applicant to benefit from programs offered and demonstrate a capacity to succeed.


Depending on the outcome of the interview, applicants will move forward to the next step of registration at Delta College: meeting with a financial aid officer and participating in a financial aid interview and assessment.


Financial Aid

Delta College applicants will meet with a member of the college’s helpful and friendly financial services staff so that they may receive the personalized help needed to determine eligibility for financial assistance. Delta College of Arts & Technology currently accepts and offers financial aid opportunities including:
-Federal Pell Grants
-Direct Loans
-Plus Loans
-Private programs designed to assist students in defraying educational costs


The main purpose of Delta College’s financial aid services is to offer assistance to students who show a capacity to benefit from the post-secondary educational opportunities available but do not have the means to fund their education. By speaking with an admissions representative about your financial aid status, students can be set up with a personal financial assistance interview and campus tour.