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College Overview:

Daymar College is a great way to get your professional and educational goals accomplished. With a good variety of some of the most popular and important career and job-skills driven courses, Daymar gives their students a well-focused path to their future success. Since 1963, Daymar has been offering a high-quality education that challenges and stretches students to become the best they can be. They also ensure that students have all the tools they need to be successful.


Career Services:

It’s really important to know that your education will help you attain your career goals and this is why Daymar College has a staff of professionals who help students secure great employment opportunities. There are also many opportunities for students to prepare for their careers through internships, seminars and various programs that help them to sharpen their skills and focus their education goals in a way that makes them highly desirable to their preferred jobs.

One of the most unique services offered in the Daymar College career services program is the Career Platform. It is a fun resource that allows students to build their skills, test their knowledge and fully prepare themselves for their future careers. The platform is a great way to effectively engage students and aid them in being fully successful in their career preparation process.



Admissions Process:

In order to enroll in a program at Daymar College, students must have a high school diploma, GED or the equivalent proof of their level of education. Potential students must also hold an interview with an admissions representative and successfully complete the admissions evaluation, application, and enrollment contract. Once this is all complete, students simply need to complete the new student orientation program at Daymar and they will be all set for a fruitful and engaging educational experience.


Business Programs:

Accounting – The accounting program at Daymar College prepares students for entry-level accounting positions in fields such as finance, health care, construction and much more. Accounting is an important position at all businesses so it is a career that provides lots of employment opportunities. Students will learn about many forms of accounting software and methods in order to prepare them for all the different methods of accounting used in businesses today.


Business Administration – This program is specifically designed for those who want to learn about the most general areas of business and how the work experience can make a big impact on a business. The courses included in the business administration program give students the opportunity to get hands-on practice and gain valuable experience in their future careers through various programs and internships.


Business Management – For those interested in business management this successful program will provide all the experience and resources they need to make a dent in the business community. Led by motivating instructors, students will participate in lab exercises and do coursework that gets them ready to deal with anything from business law to human resources.


Human Resources – For the people that are both leaders and advocates, the human resources route is a great one to take. At Daymar College, the HR program gives students an in-depth knowledge of employment laws and real experience in decision making and key skills that are necessary for the HR field.


Health & Wellness Program:

Medical Massage Therapy – The massage career path through Daymar College gives students a great background in Western and Eastern styles of massage and makes sure they are well versed in important movement therapies and techniques such as reflexology and kinesiology. Students will be able to perform all kinds of services including hydrotherapy, hot stone massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, prenatal massage and more.


Health Care Programs:
Billing & Coding Specialist – One of the leading new careers in the medical field is for billing and coding specialists. This career is important because the current speedy advancements in healthcare technology and the ever-growing need for highly qualified medical coding professionals who can help create and transfer systems.


Cardiographic Technology – Being an EKG technician or specializing in cardiographic technology is also an advancing field as of late. More and more professionals are needed and Daymar College is providing the perfect programs for students interested in entering this field. Students will get a wide range of learning aids and hands-on training so that they are fully prepared for the needs of the job.


Dental Assisting – With the detailed instruction and wide range of experience in dental technology and applications, students will be able to easily pass the state board exams and find a career as a dental assistant.


Health Care Administration – With all of the new health care administration positions around the country, Daymar has created the most comprehensive and efficient course to get students ready for all kinds of healthcare administration careers. From clinical director to patient care admin or healthcare admin, students will get experience and training that will make them top of the line employees.


Medical Assisting – For a fulfilling and incredible career in medical assisting, students turn to Daymar College to get the current and most important skills for their career goals. From all the basic courses like medical terminology and administration to the more complex courses in cardiac monitoring procedures and pharmacology, students will end up as top of the line medical assistants.


Nursing – Students interested in nursing will be guaranteed a top of the line hands-on nursing program that gives them practice and confidence to make an impact in the nursing field.


Pharmacy Technology – As future pharmacy techs, the Daymar students of pharmacy are given the best, most up-to-date information on pharmacy skills. They are also given plenty of valuable exercises and lab experience that helps them excel where they are placed.


Physical Therapist Assistant – Students interested in physical therapy have a great opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in the PT field. The course prepares students with classes on improving strength, coordination and mobility for their clients through massage, exercises and other methods.


Technology & Design Programs:

Graphic Design – Students who dream of creating graphic masterpieces, whether it’s with clothing or signs, have a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the business through Daymar College’s extensive program. They teach everything from basic computer and design skills to more in-depth graphic techniques and software courses.


Network Support Administration – As one of the most necessary positions in all businesses, network support is a great course to take at Daymar to get into a rewarding and well-paying job immediately after graduation.


Criminal Justice Program:

Criminal Justice – Daymar provides the in-depth training and fundamental knowledge that is needed to gain an associate criminal justice degree. Whether students want to pursue law enforcement or victim assistance, this program will prepare students for whatever is next in their career.


Truck Driving Program:

Commercial Drivers License – This practical course will help students find quality experience and training that will help them prepare for a successful career in truck driving.


Campus Locations:

Daymar offers a great variety of courses online as well as at their convenient campus locations in Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Locations Include:
• Bellevue - Kentucky
• Bowling Green - Kentucky
• Madisonville - Kentucky
• Owensboro - Kentucky
• Russellville - Kentucky
• Columbus – Ohio
• Clarksville – Tennessee
• Murfreesboro – Tennessee
• Nashville – Tennessee