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Dawn Career Institute (DCI) offers a mixture of campus-based and online courses designed with specific careers in mind. Most programs culminate in students being qualified to take any necessary exams to achieve certification or licensing to work in the selected field. DCI strives to create an environment in which students can thrive. They focus on providing a caring, supportive learning atmosphere while providing education on the latest techniques and technologies.

Class sizes are limited to ensure that each student gets the best experience possible, and receive the attention they need to succeed. Multiple program formats are available, depending on the program chosen, which can help those who have other obligations to still pursue their education. DCI also aims to provide support throughout the local community. This has included participation in local food drives, career fairs, health fairs, and teach appreciation events.


Campus Locations
Dawn Career Institute
3700 Lancaster Pike
Wilmington, DE 19805

History of the School
DCI began as an aeronautics center in 1976. Flight training was offered, as well as sales and maintenance of aircraft. In 1993, the aviation business was sold and the school transitioned its focus into the health and wellness arena, initially operating as the Dawn Training Institute. Programs focused on health insurance claims processes, and medical billing. In 1997, the therapeutic massage program was added, followed by the medical administrative specialist program in 1999.

As demand for more programs increased, the medical assist program was added in 2002, and the advanced esthetician program followed in 2003. By 2007, the dental assistant program has found its place. The school officially changed its name to Dawn Career Institute in 2009, and began offered distance learning options for its campus-based programs.

In 2009, blended on-campus and online programs were added for the medical administrative assistant course and the medical billing and coding classes. In 2013, the online medical assistant program began. The health information technician program was added in 2014.

As part of the facility, the New Beginnings Spa provides students the ability to work directly with clients while under the supervision of a licensed professional. The spa is open to the public, providing spa services at a price that is often much lower than other options within the community. This allows students to earn valuable experience working in the field while providing clients a professional quality service at a lower price.

Financial Aid
Eligible students can work with the Financial Aid department to explore any options which may be available. Students attending DCI are eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid if they qualify. This can include a variety of grants, loans, and work study programs available exclusively through the federal government. Other loan options may be available through private institutions.

Financial aid counselors will assist students by crafting an appropriate financial aid package based on their qualifications and current status. In some cases, decisions about certain financial aid options can be received the same day. All federal aid decisions are based on the results of the student’s FAFSA application, which is completed directly through the federal program. Decisions regarding federal financial aid are made solely by the federal government and not by the learning institution.

Student and Career Services
DCI offers support directly to students to help them achieve their career goals. Coursework available includes resume writing, interviewing techniques, and job search skills. The Career Services department helps connect students to possible employers through their job placement assistance program. Every program is evaluated twice a year to ensure the curriculum meets the standards of today’s employers. This includes an examination of the equipment used, and the creation of recommendations to help modernize the equipment whenever necessary.

DIC is recognized as an accredited institution by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). This helps assert that the institution adheres to specific national standards in regards to the education offered and overall performance. In 2011, DCI was the recipient of the ACCSC School of Excellence award.

Transferring Credits
Certain credits received at DCI may transfer to applicable Associate or Bachelor’s degree programs from nearby Wilmington University. This may make DCI a cost-effective choice for students who intend to further their education at a later day.

DCI offers most programs on campus, though blended options may be available. Blended programs allow students to take some of the courses in person, while other work can be completed entirely online. This can be especially beneficial for those attending night classes while also working during the day.

Dental Assistant Program
Dental assistants work alongside other dental professionals, providing assistance during diagnostic, preventative, and other general care procedures. They are also responsible for maintaining and sterilizing equipment, preparing impression and restoration materials, taking x-rays, and removing sutures. It is also common for dental assistants to provide administrative support as needed, including maintaining patient files regarding work performed during a visit, as well as scheduling appointments as needed.

Special attention is paid to chairside skills, including customer relationships and other interpersonal skills. Additionally, those studying to be dental assistants have the opportunity to specialize in certain areas, such as endodontics or oral surgery, if they desire. The program is designed to take 30 weeks, and can be completed as a blended program.

Health Information Technician Program
For those with an interest in technology, working as a health information technician may be ideal. Students learn to manage patient records using the latest standards. Coursework focuses on HIPAA compliance, procedural coding, and other industry specific data requirements.

The full program is designed to take 30 weeks, and is available in a blended format for both day and evening students. Once the program is completed, students are eligible for the NHA Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist exam, as well the NHA Certified Billing and Coding Specialist exam.

Medical Assistant Training Program
Medical assistants are a vital part of the healthcare system, providing a wide range of functions in different situations. Most medical assistants spend time preparing exam rooms, preparing patients, recording vital signs, collecting specimens for lab testing, and charting patient medical information. In some cases, a medical assistant may assist another medical professional during minor procedures. Students will learn clinical and administrative skills to support the diverse nature of the work. The complete Medical Assistant program is designed to take 30 weeks. It is available in standard day format, an evening blended format, and an entirely online format.

Advanced Esthetician Program
A specialized program focused on advanced skincare techniques, the esthetician program helps students learn skills in the areas of facials, masks, chemical peels, waxing, microdermabrasion, and exfoliation. Graduates of the program can find employment opportunities in spas, salons, fitness centers, resorts, physician offices, and wellness centers.

The advanced esthetician program is designed to take 30 weeks, and is available in the day format only. Due to the hands-on nature of the education in this area, online and blended programs are not available.

Therapeutic Massage Practitioner
Therapeutic massage therapy practitioners apply a skillful use of touch to manipulate and soothe muscles and surrounding tissues. A massage therapist can work in a range of environments including, but not limited to, hospitals, clinics, day spas, sports clubs, and from home. As a part of the larger healthcare field, the need for massage therapy practitioners is expected to grow significantly. Coursework will cover a variety of topics including anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, pathology, and professional ethics. Additional attention is paid to business opportunities, massage in different settings, and the health benefits associated with massage. This is a 30-week course that can be taken during the day. Due to the hands-on nature of the work, online and blended options are not available.

Nurse Assistant
Certified nurse assistants are a critical component of the healthcare. Some become the primary caregiver for patients, allowing them to develop long-term relationships with the patients with which they work. The aim is to improve the quality of life of patients with a variety of medical conditions by offering the highest quality of care.

The nurse assistant course is available over a 10-week period for the day format, or a 12-week period for the evening format. Coursework covers the foundational instruction necessary to work in the healthcare field including, anatomy, physiology, and infection control. Additional attention is paid to interpersonal skills, and issues regarding patients’ rights.

CPR Course
The CPR course is completed over the course of one day, and provides the information necessary to successfully apply CPR techniques in response to a medical emergency. Course are taught by an instructor who is certified by the American Heart Association. At the completion of the course, each participant is provided an official certification card through the mail from the American Heart Association.

Medical Assistant - Online Program
The medical assistant program is available in an entirely online format, completed over the course of 30 weeks. The information covered matches that which is taught through the day format and evening blended format courses. To provide the hands-on experience necessary to successfully work in the field, a one-week intensive is provided at Capstone Education.