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The mission of the Culinary Tech Center is to offer students a great many practical skills needed to enter the world of work confidently in both theory and application of knowledge. Each program offered focuses on learning experimental and applied practices for real-world services in culinary and hospitality environments. These applied theory courses are considered a key to learning and provide practical advantage when applying for jobs. The curriculum enhances student prospects through experimental learning and externship opportunities. The externship will enable students to work with a realistic and quick-paced environment necessary to establish skills, ranking and competitive advantage.



The Culinary Tech Center is equipped with a license by the New York State Education Department Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision. The Tech Center has also been approved by the New York State Education Department and is also nationally accredited by COE (Council on Occupational Education). Lastly, the Culinary Tech Center has received accreditation from the ACCES-VR (Adult Career & Continuing Education Services).



Programs Offered:

Hotel Operations Program: Culinary Tech Center hospitality/hotel operations training program includes vital information useful towards work on resorts, cruises, hotels, restaurants, private clubs, convention centers, theme parks and a variety of other business throughout the industry of tourism. The course is a 600-hour based training program in which students will learn essential operations and skills including office administration, facility management, housekeeping and food and beverage protocol and operations.


To learn more about the program, prospective students are encouraged to schedule a tour at one of the Culinary Tech Center physical locations. Tours are available at:

-460 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001
-303 Quarropas Street, White plains, NY 10601


Culinary Program: The Culinary Tech Center’s Commercial Cooking Plus Externship training program will prepare students for entry-level work in the culinary field. Courses guide students through learning a variety of viable culinary skills and practices including intensive food preparation methods, standard knife skills, catering, culinary terminology, catering, menu planning and plating techniques. Students will also have increased awareness of and exposure to many regional and international cuisine practices and menus so they may expand their skill sets.


Students will be able to apply a variety of real world skills in the cooking and hospitality industry that will prepare them for work in a real cooking setting. Courses include hands-on training in commercial kitchen instruction and will grant students the opportunity to work with experienced chef instructions in specific culinary niche industries. This 2-month externship will provide students will on-the-job teaching and training.


The Culinary Tech Center’s Director of Externship and Placement stands ready to assist all graduates in the pursuit of job leads. A variety of career development options are at the fingertips of graduates through the guidance of program directors and with the knowledge and insight provided in the curriculum. The Culinary Tech Center provides professional skills and training necessary for graduates to enter the world of work with skills in goal setting, interviewing and resume/cover letter writing.

To get started, prospective students can arrange a tour at one of the Culinary Tech Center’s physical locations. To take a tour, physical locations include:


-460 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001
-303 Quarropas Street, White plains, NY 10601


Tuition and Fees

The Culinary Tech Center offers more ways for qualifying students to received financial aid assistance. To students qualifying for aid, there are also plans available for monthly payments so that quality education is within the reach of more individuals looking to gain culinary or hospitality certification.


Students are able to gain nationally recognized and accredited program certification within 6 months through the Culinary Tech Center. Students will have access to a variety of entry-level work opportunities including sous chef, prep cook, line cook and garde manger. Students will also be prepared for the NYC Food Handler’s Certification exam.


Financial Aid

The Culinary Tech Center’s student financial aid resources are only available to students with a high school degree or GED. Applications for financial aid are processed through the Culinary Tech Center’s NYC location. Financial aid counselors stand ready to assist students through the financial aid process, making it easy and straightforward.


The process of financial aid application can easily be completed online for fast and accurate turnaround. The experienced staff will stand ready to guide students through the online application procedures. A student financial aid advisor will identify financial programs students qualify for and help each student one-on-one to answer questions, concerns and meet the needs of candidates. Students can schedule a consultation with the Culinary Tech Center’s financial aid staff either online or by calling the financial aid office.


To get started, students will apply for a FAFSA ID. The starting point of all federal aid will begin with establishing a federal FAFSA ID. Through a student’s electronic signature and submission of all completed online documents, students are able to set up an FSA ID with a username and password of their choice. Students will be requested to confirm email address through a secure code sent directly to their email. From there, email address will allow students to log in through the FAFSA website. The Culinary Tech Center will allow students to complete the next step of the free application form once they have decided the career education track they have decided to pursue through the center.


Forms can be easily and quickly completed through the Department of Education’s official website: Alternately, for students looking to file on their own, the process is straightforward and easy to follow. At the same time, the Culinary Tech Center is available to answer questions and concerns for students nervous about financial aid application. Financial Aid Office staff stands ready to assist students with financial application completion by phone, email or in-person consultation.


For assistance or answering of any questions related to:

-Federal Student Loan Process
-Monthly Payment Plan
-Tax Benefits for Education
-Cost of Attendance and Net Price Calculator



The Culinary Tech Center’s admissions office remains operational Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. Prospective students may arrange applications and interviews by contacting the admissions office. There may be opportunities to arrange for appointments outside of standard office hours to accommodate the needs and schedules of more prospective students. Applications are accepted on a basis of the following criteria:

-Show a strong incentive to enroll in higher education and an associated career
-Hold valid high school or equivalent credentials (diploma or high school GED) from a valid state agency or appropriate references
-Show a capacity to benefit from programs as determined by the U.S Department of Education through passage of the standardized Ability-to Benefit (ATB) admissions test
-Partake in a campus tour and a personal admissions interview
-Provide proof of legal U.S. citizenship or legal resident status. Demonstrate eligibility to study within the United States
-Be over 18 years of age (or over 17 years of age with legal permission from a legal guardian or parent).