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About Coyne College
Are you an international student? If so Coyne College offers two Associate of Applied Science degree programs. Paying for college can be stressful and many people avoid going to college or going back to college for financial reasons. Be sure to check out all of the available funding that could be available to you including Federal Stafford Loans, Pell Grants and Work Study Programs. Although not everyone can qualify for Federal backed student loans or grants be sure to apply to find out as well as apply to any scholarships the college has to offer.

When you contact Coyne College you’ll talk to an Admissions Advisor who can help you pick the right career training program that meets your career goals. The support doesn’t stop with graduation. The Career Services department will assist you and get you connected with employment in your area. If resume writing isn’t your strong suite then they will help you create a new custom one that matches your strengths.


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Electrical Construction and Maintenance Program
Interested in finding a career training program in electrical and located in the Chicago, IL area? If so research what Coyne College has to offer. You can get the hands-on training needed and be graduated in less than a year. Electricians typically work in homes, construction sites and office settings doing everything from installation to trouble shooting issues. If you are new to the industry and looking for an entry-level electrical training program then Coyne College could be right for you.
During your training you’ll take courses in electronic principles, theory and applications. You’ll also learn about testing equipment and safety while working. Learn about the National Electric Code – NEC and about all the different types of programmable controllers.

HVAC & R Training Program
If working on heating and cooling unites is something you think you’ll be good at and you can see yourself making a career out of it then look no further than the HVAC&R diploma program at Coyne College. You need a school that can give you the hands-on training only a campus based program can give you.

Some of the required classes you’ll take include an introduction to electrical servicing and commercial controls as well as sheet metal and advanced controls and computer applications. This well-rounded curriculum will make sure you receive enough training to be successful upon graduation. Don’t put off school another second, let Coyne College help you succeed.

Medical Assistant Program
Do you like working with people, a hard worker and would love to start your career one day in a healthcare related field? You might want to consider a medical assistant program that can help jump-start you in an entry-level position. Medical Assistants do everything from front office tasks (billing, insurance, appointments, etc.) to perhaps even helping doctors in small clinics. This could include prepping a patient for the doctor, using special diagnostic equipment and even performing EKGs. Typically you would be the first person a patient sees when they come into the office and it is up to you to make everything run smoothly.

A medical assistant needs to take courses that will assist them with their role including computers courses, medical terminology, office procedures and anatomy and pathophysiology. If you are up to a fast-paced career that will allow you to continue to grow and be a part of the healthcare industry then we recommend contacting Coyne Colleges today to learn more about this and other healthcare related programs they have to offer.

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist
We all know that someone has to bill insurance companies and make sure the client pays and the proper doctor’s office or hospital also receives payments but did you ever wonder who does all of this work? As a medical biller you would be responsible for taking payments, billing insurance companies and make sure doctors or hospitals also get paid. Medical billers work with specialized computer billing software and even coding software to make sure the entire process is ran smoothly.

The role is very important to a doctor’s office that relies on billers to properly handle their billing. Medical billers typically work for private physicians and clinics but can work at nursing homes, hospitals, health insurance companies and almost any business that handles medical billing claims. If you are looking for an exciting and fast-paced career then look into the medical billing and coding specialist program at Coyne College, you’ll be glad you did.

Pharmacy Technician Training Program
Join the growing pharmaceutical industry and get trained to become a pharmacy technician. With the proper training you could qualify for an entry level position in a pharmacy. Many pharmacy technicians work in either a retail setting or at a hospitals pharmacy. A typical day as a pharmacy tech will be processing orders and learning how to mix and dispense certain types of medications.

During your training at Coyne College you’ll take courses in medical terminology, billing, law and ethics and more. If you live in the Chicago, IL area and have been looking for a great training program then look at what Coyne College has to offer.