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Commercial Diving Academy Technical Institute


Career Services
The Commercial Diving Academy Technical Institute offers four of the most popular programs on the East Coast at the Jacksonville Campus. Set on over 500 feet of waterfront on the banks of the St. Johns River, this campus offers the Commercial Diving Program, the Welding Program, the Medical Assisting and Hyperbaric Chamber Operations Program and the Industrial Nondestructive Testing Program. The Commercial Diving Academy offers quite a few certifications in these programs as well as industry experts who are the instructors for the programs. The institute staff have performed quite a bit of research to determine the skill-sets required for particular industries and tailor-made the programs offered to match this research.


Campus Location
CDA Technical Institute
91 Trout River Dr.
Jacksonville ,FL 32208


Also, at the CDA Technical Institute, every effort is made to ensure that graduates get into the right career as pertaining to their skills and the program that they have undertaken. This is done via the Career Counseling and Job Assistance service, which enables students to get contacts in the fields related to their area of study. Students are also taught basic skills for getting employment, such as building the perfect resume, carrying out job searches, prepping for interviews and acing them too.


Enrollment Process and Financial Aid
The enrolment process at the Commercial Diving Academy Technical Institute is quite easy and can be completed online via downloading the Enrolment Agreement form on the website, filling it out and returning it with the required documents: the GED, proof of health insurance and proof of birthdate (All applicants should be over the age of eighteen). Once this is done, your application will be taken into account and you’ll be informed of the admission’s decision in two or three business days.

When it comes to Financial Aid, the CDA Technical Institute accepts specific aid such as Florida Prepaid, the GI Bill, Workforce Investment Act, Title IV Federal Financial Aid and the State and VA Vocational Rehabilitation funding. The institute also provides private financial loans for students who are eligible for them. These are called Smart Option loans and are in collaboration with Sallie Mae.


Industrial Non-Destructive Testing Program

The Industrial Non-Destructive Testing (INDT) Program at the CDA Technical Institute is one of the few programs of this field that are offered in the state of Florida, which is why it’s quite popular. This program focuses on an amalgamation of engineering, problem-solving skills, technology, critical-thinking, with an in-depth knowledge of computers and electronics. Some of the integral fields of study within the program include Magnetic Particle Testing, API Rigging Certification, Radiation Safety, Eddy Current Testing and CDA Scaffolding Certification, to mention a few.
Individuals who have great communication skills, are good at making the right decisions and have a critical thinking mind-set are the right fit for this program. A career as an Industrial Non-Destructive Testing Specialist brings home a hefty salary, with entry-level jobs also inducing many people to join the Program. To be admitted into the INDT Program at the CDA Technical Institute, applicants must have a GED and consent to an interview for the Program.

Commercial Diving (Including Underwater Welding)

The Commercial Diving Program at the CDA Technical Institute is an in-depth hands-on program that enables students to learn first-hand all the skills required to be a successful commercial diver. Graduates of this program get an international certification in Commercial Diving by the Divers Certification Board of Canada , so they can work anywhere in the world.

The program requires students to have good physical health and good swimming skills to begin with. Following this, there is a rigid everyday physical training program which ensures that divers are physically fit. One of the best Commercial Diving Programs in the United States, CDA’s course teaches all the right skills for commercial divers, and these include underwater salvage operations, underwater inspection, installation of different types of systems underwater and underwater welding, which is a very rigorous and precise exercise.

Maritime Welding Course

The CDA Technical Institute offers a Maritime Welding Course which focuses of making students world-class welders of top caliber. Welding students are taught the different aspects and skills of maritime welding, some of which include crane operations, rigging, offshore safety and survival tactics, first aid, thermal cutting, ship fitting and working in confined spaces. The uniqueness of the CDA Technical Institute’s Welding Program is the fact that all the training is carried out on the water: On CDA’s own barge on the Trout River to give students real-life experiences in the world of a Maritime welder.

Medical Assisting & Hyperbaric Chamber Operations

The Medical Assisting & Hyperbaric Chamber Operations Program at the Commercial Diving Academy Technical Institute is one of the most intense programs offered at the Institute. This program is tailor-made to aid students in achieving the right education and skill-set for a strong career in the healthcare industry.

This competency-based program is a fusion of both theory and practical experience, with a majority of time spent first-hand training with a trained physician. It focuses on areas such as Phlebotomy, Pharmacology, Billing and Coding, Patient Examination Techniques, Electrocardiograms, dealing with traumas and much more. The program also focuses on a special skillset which puts medical assistants from this institute in high demand: Hyperbaric Chamber Operations. Medical Assistants who graduate are given a Certificate of Completion in CHT, Phlebotomy, X-ray, ECG, audiology as well as a certification in CPR/First Aid, AED and O2 Provider.