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For over 30 years, Centura College has been training individuals in Virginia, Florida and South Carolina in various disciplines to help them get ahead in their careers. With many conveniently located campuses, the school is an excellent resource for those who want to be trained in Health Science, Business, Leisure Studies and more. If you have an Associate’s Degree and want to make it a Bachelor’s Degree, Centura College offers degree completions in Allied Health Management and Business to help you achieve this goal.


Centura College offers the following programs:
 Health Sciences
 Business
 Leisure Studies
 Technology
 Skilled Trades


Centura College offers a variety of programs ranging from Health Sciences services like medical billing and coding and massage therapy to Skilled Trades such as HVAC and Building Repair. Regardless of whether you prefer to work inside or outdoors, interact with people or work solo or work a traditional 9-5 office job, there is a program at Centura College to help you meet your personal and professional goals.


The school has many campuses with different program options available at each, so check out the website or speak with an Admissions Representative to find the campus and program for your goals. Centura College’s training and degree programs offer comprehensive education with classes that give you a foundation as well as skills. When you have completed your program, you will be able to start a career in your chosen field and will have the knowledge and skills to feel confident in your work.


Military Education
Centura College is dedicated to assisting members of the military in their education. A designated “Military Friendly School,” Centura College offers programs that are flexible and meet the specific needs of members of the military. A great school for active duty military members and veterans alike, Centura College has provided education services to many members of the military, so the faculty and fellow students understand how to provide the best education that will help you find a job and adjust to life as a civilian. The school accepts Veterans benefits, as well as GI Bill benefits. It even employs a Campus Veteran Specialist who can help you find tuition assistance and get access to paperwork, transcripts and other documents that may be needed for admission. There is even a Student Veterans Association for fellow vets to meet one another and network.


Financial Aid
Centura College is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, so students are eligible to receive Federal financial aid in order to attend school. Personnel in the Financial Aid department will work with you to devise a plan that meets your personal needs and goals for your education and your chosen program. Schedule an appointment with a Financial Aid representative to learn about the different loans, grants and scholarship programs that may be available to you.


Student Services
Centura College students have access to a variety of services, including events such as poetry slams and volunteer services to tutoring programs for those students who may need some help with their academic progress. Each student also has access to an advisor who will assist them in planning their course load, acclimating to the school and answering questions that may occur at any time throughout their college experience. For students who do need a tutor, the service is free of charge. Simply make an appointment with a representative in Tutorial Services and they will work with you to assess your needs and match you with a tutor who will help you grasp material with which you may be struggling.


Degree Completion
If you have an Associate’s Degree but you want to continue on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree, you can take advantage of Centura College’s Degree Completion Program. Each program takes approximately 15 months, and offers the courses that you need to complete your degree. Currently, Degree Completion is available for a variety of Business and Healthcare degrees from Management to Marketing to Hospitality. If you’ve found your career stalled due to your lack of an advanced degree, but have already taken some courses, this program offers a solution. The degree programs are shorter than what you would find at a different institution, and the training offers everything you need to update your credentials and make your resume stand out. Students seeking a Degree Completion must already have an Associate’s Degree in their selected discipline.


Career Services
Centura College students have access to a myriad of career services from resume and interview prep to on-campus career fairs. Students also have resources such as job search training and initial assessments to help them tailor a search to find the right company for their personality. Finding a company that is a good fit for your personality makes working fun, and the career services personnel will assist you in determining work environments that may be more suited to your needs and personality. Students can also take advantage of mock interviews to prepare for potential curve balls that may be thrown by interviewers, and as a way to perfect your interview technique. To eliminate some of the stress of job searching, Centura College also has job fairs in which representatives from many different companies visit the campus for potential employees.


Career Paths
Once you have chosen your general program, you will be able to choose a discipline that suits you. Upon initial intake, your admissions officer will help you figure out potential programs that will match your skill set and personality. Health care students can choose from programs ranging from Medical Billing and Coding to Medical Assistant. Business students can choose from programs including Accounting, Business Management and Web Development. Each of Centura College’s fields of study offers specialty programs that will lead to careers that are in demand.


Skilled Trades
For those who are interested in a more hands on career, Centura College offers programs in Skilled Trades including HVAC and Building Maintenance. In these programs you will learn everything you need to know to tackle maintenance issues in buildings of varying ages and structures. From residential to commercial, you will learn the skills necessary to help people and businesses run more comfortably and effectively. With new construction popping up all of the time, and the rate of depreciation of existing buildings, these skills are always needed, and Centura College will give you the training needed to be a sought after expert. Once you’ve mastered the art of HVAC or Building Maintenance, you can work for property management companies, real estate developers, commercial buildings and many more.


If you want to take the first step toward starting a new career, you can do so at Centura College. With top notch programs and Degree Completion services, you will receive the training you need to get started on a new career. Caring and dedicated instructors, effective student-teacher ratios and resources to help you at every step of the college experience will give you the edge you need to get ahead. Each student at Centura College is encouraged to thrive and is given the resources necessary to do so.


Centura College Campus Locations:

932 Ventures Wy.
Chesapeake, VA 23320

616 Denbigh Blvd.
Newport News, VA 23608

7020 N. Military Hwy.
Norfolk, VA 23518

7914 Midlothian Turnpike
Richmond, VA 23235

2697 Dean Dr.
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

8084 Rivers Ave.
Charleston, SC 29410

7500 Two Notch Rd.
Columbia, SC 29223

6359 Edgewater Dr.
Orlando, FL 32810