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Central Penn College is a private college located in Summerdale and was established in the year 1881. It was earlier named the Central Pennsylvania Business School. The college offers Associate Degree for two years and Bachelor’s Degree for three and four years in chosen subjects. The college houses a learning resource centre for the common public to help them continue their education. Moreover, the college has adequate facilities for the recreational purposes of the students.

The main objective of the college is the all round development of the students. The college has efficient and trained professionals and teachers who enrich the students with their knowledge and experience. In addition, there are facilities like community partnerships and hands-on learning to enhance education. With a well-devised goal oriented programs, the college helps the students to embark on a path of a successful career and prepare the graduates with employment in the field of their choice alongside continuing their education.


Central Penn College
600 Valley Road,
P.O Box 309
Summerdale, PA 17093-0309

Courses Offered
The college offers a host of academic courses. To start with, the college offers a Bachelor’s Degree in courses including:
• Accounting
• Business Administration
• Corporate Communications
• Criminal Justice Administration
• Homeland Security
• Legal Studies

The students are introduced to the fundamentals of accounting theory and taxes. They learn using computer applications like TaxAct and Drake. The entire course is designed upon problem solving, researching and solving accounting problems, and study financial data and procedures. The students interpret generally accepted accounting principles and auditing standards which they can apply to the business environment in the future. The faculty members are CPA certified which helps them to expose the students to industry oriented study.


Business Administration
In this course the students learn all about management theories, business concepts, human resources and ethics which are required in public and private sector enterprises. There are various branches of discipline under Business Administration. The Banking and Financial Services teaches the students about banking terminologies, definitions, strategies and banking relationships. A course in Finance includes topics like financial definitions and financial relations. The Healthcare Administration provides a thorough guidance on the functions and public policies and politics in the healthcare industry including the various planning that takes place in this field. The Marketing studies concentrate on understanding of marketing concepts and applying them to various business models, developing marketing strategies and launching advertising campaign.


Corporate Communications
Students who are willing to enter into the field of journalism and public relations, editing, photojournalism and the allied fields can pursue this course. The program is designed to enhance a student’s skills in varied fields of communications alongside dealing with crisis management, event management and media relations. From the beginning of the course, the students are efficiently trained in how they will manage working within a fixed budget and the deadline, how to develop their own portfolio, writing and editing public relations material etc. Graduates from this course are placed in fields like Radio and Television, Public Relations Specialists, Writers and Authors, Copy Writers and Creative Writers.


Criminal Justice Administration
This program is designed to acquaint the students with various criminal and legal justice laws and system. The students receive hands-on training on trial investigation of a crime scene and details about the latest technology involved in investigation. They are given different projects like crime prevention, crisis management, investigation, protecting the asset and many more for enhancing their practical knowledge in this field. They need to analyse and report from demo crime scenes, along with making presentations and writing projects.


Homeland Security Management
The Bachelor’s Degree program in Homeland Security provides an all comprehensive knowledge about enforcement of law, maintaining infrastructure and providing security, organizational behaviour, and crisis management among the lot. The students are provided the opportunity to interact with Homeland Security personnel which helps them in getting a firsthand experience in this field. They also interact with professionals and experts dealing with federal, state and local laws. Along with that, every student is required to participate in compulsory field training. They learn about police-civilian relations, crisis management and emergency situation management. Professional and ethical conduct is something that a student must imbibe along with this course.

Legal Studies
The Legal Studies program prepares the students for pursuing a career in paralegal studies. The students gain practical experiences about legal research and writing case histories, courtroom etiquettes, participating in mock trials etc. The theoretical study includes legal theory, legal processes, judicial systems and many more. Emphasis is given on a student’s problem solving and analytical skills. The students must develop a strong communication and public relation skill. Learning computer skill is a must since they have to assist in computer-aided legal procedure. Legal writing, legal communication, case evaluation and analytical ability are the other areas they must be expert in. A graduate in legal studies can become lawyers, administrative law judges, hearing officers, arbitrators, mediators, magistrate judges, law clerks and many more.

In addition, the college offers a Masters Degree program in Organizational Leadership, Organizational Development and Financial Analysis.

The Associate Degree program is offered in the branches of Science and Applied Science. The Associate in Science program offers degree in subjects like Accounting, Communications, Hardware and Networking, Software and Applications, Criminal Justice, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Ventures, Marketing and Paralegal courses. The Associate in the Applied Science Program provides courses in Medical Assisting, Physical Therapist Assistant and Occupational Therapy Assistant.

Interested students must go through the college website to see the campuses at which their preferred courses are taught.

Continuing Education
Students who cannot afford travelling to schools or have other engagements can take help of the institute’s continuing education program. The continuing education program is offered at two locations- Lancaster and Summerdale with flexible classroom timing. The courses are also offered online, so a student can get access to education and sit for the virtual class from anywhere during anytime of the day.

The students have to go through a rigorous admission procedure before being selected to study at the institute. The administrative body at the college guides the students through the process of filling up the application forms, find out the eligibility criteria, financial grants and aids, hostel facilities and others. Admission to selected courses is strictly based on a student’s high school grade. Students have to sit for the admission test in selected courses at the institute and the final selection is done on the basis of their admission test performances and school grades combined.

Financial Aid
The college offers a host of financial aids and grants based on the eligibility of the students and also keeping in mind the varied financial backgrounds of the students. The main objective of the college is that each and every student can pursue education and strive on the path of excellence by leaving off any stress of financial expenses. That is why the college offers a number of grants, aids, scholarships including financial and state grants. Students have to contact the Financial Aid Staff at the college to find out more about the grants and aids program.