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Central Career School is dedicated to students and their transition into the world of employment. The school delivers educational training in a curriculum designed with employer input, hands-on input and personal training by professors. The aim of the school is to provide career-oriented educational training in order to give students specific skills to obtain employment after graduation.


Customer Services
Central Career School offers assistance via both phone and email. In addition to this, their social media pages are regularly updated with any news involving course or the school as a whole. Not only this, the school offers career services for both prospective graduates and past students their aim being to help their students find placement upon graduation.


Campus Location:
126 Corporate Boulevard South
South Plainfield, NJ 07080


Central Career School offers a range of programs in the medical and business fields. These career based programs are a mixture of academic and practical training put together with the input of employers in order to prepare students to embark on a new career. Programs vary, and some take only eight months to complete. See below for a more detailed list of the programs available at Central Career School.

Dental Assisting Training Program

A combination of academic and practical, this programs offers students the opportunity to learn a range of skills that in turn enables them to proceed with an entry level job in either dental assisting or a more administrative-based career within the dental field. Not only this but also upon completion of the program students are eligible to sit for the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection’s approved dental radiographic examination. Students will be trained to take oral inspections, expose and process x-rays, take vital signs, perform CPR, sterilize and prepare instruments as well as a range of administrative tasks such as organizing appointments for patients, keeping records and so on.


Medical Assisting Training

The medical assisting course is another combination of both practical and educational training. This program is for medical students specifically wanting to work in ambulatory settings and includes training for both people wanting to take on a more hands-on role within the sector and those wanting to practice in an administrative setting. The externship part of this program allows students to work within a practical and administrative role in a medical office. In addition to this, students will graduate with an array of skills including preparing treatment areas and patients, assisting doctors and physicians with examination, understanding patient history and assisting with diagnosis amongst others. Students will learn all necessary medical terminology and learn office management skills.


Medical Billing and Coding

This coursework is slightly different from the others as it does not provide students with the opportunity to practice medicine. The medical billing and coding course is for students wanting to survive within a medical office. The role focuses on financial and insurance-related aspects of the medical world. This not only requires a vast understanding of medical terminology and procedures but also requires knowledge of computer skills for computerized patient accounting and billing and coding systems. Students are trained to work within the administrative sector of the medical world, skills that are taught during the course include the teaching of the human anatomy, medical terminology, medical computer software such as ICD-9 coding HCPCS coding, Microsoft Word and Excel and more.


Computer Networks & Security Programs

This path is a technologically-based course for those wanting to understand computer hardware, software and configuration skills. The course offers a vast range of employment possibilities within computer and technological support sectors. Students at Central Career School are trained in a range of hardware and software as well as a range of security programs, applications, design, and internet marketing. In addition to this, students receive intensive business skills training and job search and strategies.


Business & Technology Management Programs

This course path enables students to go into a computerized office environment upon graduation. Not only does it prepare students for an administrative role but also it will train them to be able to undertake more complex and technical assignments that require a range of skills, all taught during the course. These include: A range of Microsoft tools, design tools, marketing, accounting and more. Further, students are given intensive training in keyboarding and business skills.


History of CCS
Founded over 20 years ago in 1995, Central Career School has a 17-year track record for providing excellent, quality career based training for students wanting to practice Dental Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding and more. Located in South Plainfield, the school focuses hands on training that better equips students for specific careers in the medical and business world. Students are given hands-on lab training as well as externships in real medical facilities. This practical experience is combined with academic lectures providing an excellent balance between practical and academic learning.

Central Career School is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). This nationally recognized accrediting agency is a not for profit agency whose goal is to maintain high quality educational accredits in career schools. ACCSC is listed by the US Department of Education and thrives to assure quality education and ethical practices in institutions. Central Career Schools have seven other affiliations including State of New Jersey, Department of Education, State of New Jersey, Department of Labor and Workforce Development, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Approved by various county agencies for WIA training programs (including Middlesex County, Union County, Somerset County and Essex County), Private Career School Association of New Jersey, Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce and The Career College Association.