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  • 2D Animation & Digital Art
  • 3D Animation/Game, Film & Visual Effects
  • Audio Engineering & Producation
  • Studio Producation
  • Electronic Music Artist
  • Electronic Music Producation
  • Digital Filmmaking
  • Digital Marketing Online
  • Event & Promotions Management
  • Fashion Design & Merchandising
  • Interior Design
  • Network Security
  • Veterinary Hospital Assistant
  • Web Development
  • Web & Mobile Application Developer

Center for Arts and Technology


Center for Arts and Technology



Over 30 years ago, experts in the fields of education and media founded the Centre for Arts and Technology. This is not your usual university or local college. It is considered to be Canada’s number one college in technical training and digital arts.

The school graduates students in the areas of network security, filmmaking, graphic design, animation, photography, audio engineering, interior design, fashion design, and event planning and then helps place them in the best companies in the fields. . This strong community is proud to say that their graduates go on to be leaders in their professions.


Campus Location:

Centre for Arts and Technology
100-1632 Dickson Avenue
Kelowna, BC V1Y 7T2, Canada


The mission of the school is to empower people through education. Our driving passion is to see our students succeed. The school values for their students are to:


• Live and Inspire Excellence daily
• Lead where you are standing, with humility, and to never be complacent – while always empowering exceptional behavior
• Students should strive to learn, grow, be self-aware, and help others do the same things
• Students should always be ethical, act with Integrity, and to demonstrate accountability to ourselves, to others and towards our planet
• Students and staff will be smart and work hard while being dedicated to continuous improvement


Career Services
The Centre for Arts and Technology wants to teach our students to be successful in the industry. We provide the skills you will need to be successful in the future. We offer free peer tutoring each quarter. You may have up to 12 hours your first quarter and then up to 7 hours every quarter after that. You may also opt to be a peer tutor. We have a PDP, Professional Development Program, where we help you learn career skills, which will act as a bridge as you move from student to professional. Some of the focus in the PDP will be on interview techniques, communication, and learning leadership traits. We want you to be the best student and professional that you can be.


2D Animation and Digital Art Program
This 12-month program will help you to be skilled at storyboard design and animation illustration. You can work on bringing characters to life and end up with a job in gaming, app production, or even television. You will leave the program with a professional style portfolio and the tools to make 2D Animation and Digital Art your career.


3D Animation/Game, Film & Visual Effects Program
This 24-month program will provide you with a demo that highlights your talents, as well as a professional type portfolio. With this two-year diploma, you will learn how to operate in a top of the line production studio. Our instructors have worked at some of the premiere studios in the world and wish to bring their knowledge of modeling, rendering, storyboarding, compositing, and lighting to you.


Audio Engineering & Production Program
The 18-month diploma program can offer you many job opportunities. You will take such classes as music production, sound designing, location audio engineering, and post-production engineering. With some of the best instructors in the business, you will be able to soon impact the music and audio industry.


Studio Production Program
This program has a mixing board emphasis. The students will seek the perfect sound and balance as they look towards careers as a Music producer, MIDI producer, assistant engineer, or sound designers. You will have your degree in 12 months, and then be ready to take you mix master magic to the professional world.


Electronic Music Artist Program
If you live for music and have to make it, this six-month program is the place for you. With constant focus on trending digital music and electronic innovation you may end up with a job as a MIDI programmer, sound designer, or multimedia producer.


Electronic Music Production Program
This is an accelerated 12-month program that is offered through the Audio Engineering department, which will have a focus on the creation of music. You can be well versed on Logic, Pro Tools, MIDI, arrangement, or recording and mixing. The instructors will ensure that you learn how to make your love for technology and music polished enough for the professional world.


Digital Filmmaking Program
Digital Filmmaking is an accelerated 18-month program. There will be classes in cinematography, lighting, casting, digital technology, financial backing, and film festival submission. The program seeks to help you have a complete knowledge of one of the biggest industries in British Columbia, filmmaking.


Digital Photography Program
In 12 months you will know the components of artistic, historical, and technical as they relate to digital photography. You will be skilled enough to become a commercial photographer, fine art photographer, portrait photographer, or any of the other exciting fields in the photography industry. Your portfolio will open doors for you and you can share your vision with the many top-notch companies that hire our students, such as Sony Music, Boys and Girls Club of Canada, Disney’s Penguin Program, or Wet Ape Productions.


Digital Marketing Online Program
This is a flexible program that allows you to take all or portions of it. There are no residency requirements and it is online and interactive. You can complete it within your time frame. There are two levels and at both levels faculty members will teach and guide you via classroom meetings, lectures, discussion, and teleconference means. You will be on your way to work in such fields as SEO, SMM, and SEM before you know it.


Event and Promotions Management Program
If you enjoy organizing and planning, this may be the program for you. This 12-month professional diploma program will help you to become a master at such events as conferences, trade shows, marketing, festivals, and promotions. You will work on real events and walk away with a wealth of on-the-job training with first hand experience.


Fashion Design & Merchandising Program
This two-year program will turn your passion for fashion into a prestigious job. Your sketches will become reality and you could end up working in a variety of careers such as costume designer, fashion designer, set designer, or even pattern making. You, like many of our graduates, may end up working for 180Moda, Joeffer Caoc, or Raw Athletics’.


Graphic Design and Web Development Program
This is an extensive 18-month program, which will help you to learn such graphic design features as Flash, After Effects, InDesign, and Typography. You will learn from some of the most talented people in the industry in this highly specialized program. Our graduates in this field of study are always highly sought after by the best companies.


Graphic & Digital Design Program
In one year, you will become well versed in graphic and digital design. You may end up with a prestigious job as a graphic designer, creative director, interactive designer, production designer, multimedia designer, web designer, or art manager or administrator. This program is constantly growing in order to keep up with new industry innovations and is recognized as one of the best in the world.


Interior Design Program
After this 24-month program, you could be working for such industry giants as Yuge Design, Jade Bay Constructors, or Bergrand Fast Design. If you like seeing your visions come to life, this is the program for you. You could be come an interior designer, office space planner, kitchen designer, or real estate staging consultant.
You will gain hands-on experience and walk away with a professional style portfolio in the Interior Design Program.


Network Administrator Specialist Program
In just twelve months, you can have your Network Administrator Specialist diploma. You can then begin your IT career and take your skills in CWNA, Linux+, CCNA, and MSCA/MCSE to some of the best companies in the business. You will be taught by highly trained professionals in order to learn the highly specialized IT industry.


Network Security Program
Any company that uses computers is concerned about security. With this 18-month program you can learn what it takes to protect the systems of the best companies in the world. In the first nine moths you will work on your Security Certificate program, and then in the rest of the program you will have advanced studies in such platforms as penetration testing, network infrastructure, and encryption.


Veterinary Hospital Assistant
If you love animals, this may be the program for you. You will learn to assist vets in this nine-month program. You will study animal medical technology, animal anatomy, and front office procedures. Learn what it takes to help animals on a daily basis.


Web Development
In six months, you can study and explore the changing world of social media, digital arts, and online activities. We pride ourselves on this innovative program. We will have you ready to work as a web developer, web support, interactive designer, or multimedia designers. There is an online delivery plan for this program, as well.


Web & Mobile Application Developer
With the ever-expanding world of mobile apps and online tools, this field of study is quite popular. In nine months you could be placed in a prestigious field such as:

• User experience and usability expert
• Multimedia developer
• Software developer
• Mobility architect
• IOS App Developer
• Enterprise mobility developer
• Web programmer
• Application programmer