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With over 18 years of providing the best in educational training, CDS tractor trailer training is highly devoted to offering job placement assistance and top-notch professional training to all its students. The erudite instructors of CDS tractor trailer training have had years of relevant experience in truck driving and have been successfully training and ensuring success for new truck drivers. Students have the option of enrolling in full-time classes from Monday to Friday from 8 am until 5 pm for four weeks, or part time classes for ten weekends, from 8 am until 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. This means that all it takes is 20 days to garner the best in truck driving training.

During the 18 years of successful training and operation, CDS has had the honor of training a plethora of students over the country, coming from myriad backgrounds and all walks of life. The graduates of The CDS tractor trailer training are industry leaders in their fields. They hold lucrative careers ranging from owner operators, managers, safety directors, dispatchers, and drivers. CDS strives to help all aspiring tractor drivers and provides excellent vocational training to ensure their success and career. Practical training is combined with academic preparation to pave the way for a commercial driver's license (CDL), and impart top-notch entry level skills in the students wishing to pursue a career in the trucking industry.


Campus Locations

Lord Fairfax Community College
173 Skirmirsher Lane
Middletown, VA 22645

Jefferson Davis Hwy Woodford, VA 22580

Virginia Western Community College
3074 Colonial Ave
Roanoke, VA 24015

Central Virginia Community College
3506 Wards RdLynchburg, VA 24502




Financial Assistance
There is a guaranteed funding for all students, including those who have a poor credit. Most of the over-the-road companies offer reimbursement for tuition so that students can recover from their investment in training. It doesn’t matter if you are taking a student loan and paying in cash, everyone is eligible for reimbursements. They are also no employment contracts for you to sign.

Workforce Funding (WIA)
CDS is a state approved vendor for the Workforce Program. The program offers resources for training to everyone who qualifies. The program is overlooked through your local unemployment and one-stop offices. If you are someone who has been laid-off, receives unemployment or SNAP benefits, then get in touch with the CDS student coordinator who will help you go in the right direction.

Veteran Funding (GI BILL®)
CDS is also approved for Veteran Educational benefits and it aims to help veterans transition into successful careers in trucking. The training school has Veteran Certifying Officials on staff that are available to help you in the enrollment process.

Other Funding
CDS offers many other funding options and works with numerous banks, agencies and programs, such as DARS, Social Services, TAP, College Grants, and Vocational Rehabilitation along with other private and public sources. Students can also discuss a customized plan for handling the cost of their education at CDS.

Enrollment Process
The enrollment process at CDS Tractor Trailer Training is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is stop by CDS and speak to one of their representatives in the admissions department. This will also give oyu a chance to look around the institute and ask any questions you may have regarding the enrollment process, financial assistance, truck driving and future job opportunities. Once you have decided to enroll in the program, simply fill out the form with your personal information. You can hand it in the office, mail it or fax it to CDS on any of the locations listed above. They also have an application form on their website that allows you to apply online.

After you have filled out the application, you can look at the various funding options available. CDS has over 13 funding resources that are guaranteed for those who have a poor credit history. Funding sources include, but are not limited to: GI BILL® WIA, Rehabilitation Services, college grants, financial aid, as well other agency sources. You should speak to a CDS representative and find out the best option that will suit your needs the best.

The trainers at CDS will provide you with a training experience that is both comfortable and efficient. The team at CDS will stay with you until you have passed the DMV skills test. All they require from the learner is lots of effort and determination. There are no extra charges if you happen to take the test again.

As a prospective student you must know that you do not need to have your learners permit to start training. Of course you are encouraged to study for the learner’s permit so you can give your skills test after. All CDS locations provide free learners permit study packet, so visit one near you and get your own!

Prospective students should also be aware of the fact that a DOT physical is federally required to operate a commercial vehicle. You can get your DOT physical through CDS. If you happen to get it done from elsewhere, then the DOT physical should be done by a provider from the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. Apart from a DOT physical, a drug screen is also federally required. The drug screen can also be done through CDS.

Lodging is available in a nearby motel. Most of the rooms are equipped with a microwave, refrigerator and two double beds. For your convenience, CDS has a daily shuttle available for commuting to and from the hotel.


Job Placement Assistance
CDS doesn’t require its students to sign any employment contracts, but it doesn’t work with a lot of companies that offer promising opportunities. Job placement could vary anywhere from local or regional dedicated and over-the-road.

As the students are being trained, student coordinators will meet with every student personally and help them with the job placement process. The staff at CDS is always available to answer questions and provide guidance to students. They also direct them to companies that are best suited for their needs. There are many recruiters who come from different carriers and give presentations to students about their company. The students are free to apply to these companies if they want. They can report to employers right after the finish the training program to the carrier they choose. Most of the CDS graduates have multiple job opportunities waiting from them upon graduation.

Refresher CDL Courses
If you haven’t been inside a truck for ages and need to brush up on your skills and proficiency before taking a road test with a potential employer, CDS provides top-notch refresher courses for veterans who haven’t stayed active in the industry for a long time and need basic training to bridge the knowledge gap and revise their skills from where they stopped driving trucks.

CDS provides 40 hours of extensive refresher training and incorporates a customized program focused on the unique needs of the individual driver to revitalize an already qualified driver and bring his skills back. Most employers entail those drivers who have been out of the industry for more than a year to take this training before they can be employed. The refresher course also offers job placement assistance to students.

Any CDL holder who hasn’t driven a commercial motor vehicle for over a year can take this refresher course. Depending on your insurance company and employers, each organization has different rules about who qualifies for a refresher course and the specific time period of absence from practice after which the course is indispensable.

The commendable 40 hour refresher course of CDS is all hands-on road and range training, including:
• Real World Immediate Hands-On Training
• Part time and Full-time Class Schedules for Refresher Training
• Instructors With protracted Years of Commercial Driving Experience
• Job Placement Assistance and career guidance
• On-site recruitment of students by industry leading companies
• Industry Standard Equipment for practice

40 Hour DMV Class
For individuals who have failed their DMV learners permit 3 times already, 40 hours of DWV classroom training is provided by CDS. Upon the successful completion of your 40 hours program, you’ll receive the pertinent documents from CDS to provide you with unlimited opportunities to take the learners permit test at DMV. If a student is already taking the Class A or Class B CDL program at CDS tractor trailer training, they can take this training at no additional cost.

The CDL “class A” license holders are enabled to handle any combination of vehicles with a gross GCWR of 26,001 lbs or more. Once you successfully complete training and receive a “Class A” CDL license, you may with appropriate permits and endorsements drive all vehicles within the Class B license as well. CDS provides training 7 days a week, mostly on the same site and truck that the DMV inspector would test you on. To prepare students for over road, regional, local, and entry level CDL A and CDL B positions, an 8-10 speed (split shift) 40 foot tractor trailer is generally used.

602-Hour Advanced Commercial Drivers Course (CDL "A")
This course is diligently designed for individuals who have had little to no experience in operating any commercial vehicle. This course imparts a broader comprehension of the abilities and skills needed for a successful career in truck driving in students, in order to turn them in to productive, proficient employees. Successful graduates easily garner entry level positions as owner operators, tractor trailer drivers, and heavy truck drivers.

320-Hour Commercial Drivers Course (CDL "A")
This course is diligently designed for individuals who have had little to no experience in operating any commercial vehicle. Successful graduates easily garner entry level positions as owner operators, tractor trailer drivers, and heavy truck drivers.

178.5 Hour Basic Driver Course (CDL "A") Buffalo only
This course is diligently designed for individuals with prior experience in operating any commercial vehicle, or who are taking the course as part of job training.

90 Hour Heavy Driver Course (CDL "B")
This course is diligently designed for individuals who have had little to no experience in driving any heavy trucks. Successful graduates easily glean entry level positions as heavy truck drivers, dump truck drivers, straight delivery truck drivers, and fuel truck drivers.

The career guidance staff of CDS is readily available to answer all your questions and guide you towards the best career path that matches your aspirations and skills. CDS tractor trailer training invites recruiters from various carriers to visit the site and inform the students about their company. Students can choose to apply to the company at the spot. If a student gets selected for a vocation, they can report to their employers immediately after graduation. Even prior to graduation, mot students have lines of pre hires awaiting their approval.