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CBD College


CBD College is recognized as the US State of California’s premier learning destination for high school graduates and students of all nationalities wishing to become qualified medical practitioners within this state.


Campus Location:
CBD College
3699 Wilshire Blvd, 4th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90010


CBD College, one of Los Angeles’ top non-profit education centers for providing career counseling and health care career training, has been in existence for over thirty years. The school was founded in 1982. CBD College understands the continuous evolution of the medical industry and is well-positioned to provide students from most cultural backgrounds with an up to date curriculum commensurate with the latest developments in the medical services industry and the professional requirements to excel therein. Over the years, the college has grown exponentially, becoming more formalized in its approach to teaching methodologies. This has been helped immeasurably by the addition of qualified teaching staff.

CBD College Accreditation

In 1994 CBD College was awarded Course Approval from the California State. And in 1996 the college was formally inducted as a non-profit public institution. But the college’s aim was always to improve the professional standing and excellence of its teaching programs. To this end, the college was rewarded with accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) in 1997. Over ten years later, the college also received recognition for its Surgical Technology course curriculum. More recently, CBD College received a Merit Award from the National Board of Surgical Technologists for its outstanding achievement of over ninety percent pass rates in the Certified Surgical Technologist exams.

Surgical Technology Program


On completion of the assistant programs, graduating students are provided with entry-level positions in health care and medical services.

Medical Assistant Program


The course program for entry-level positions as medical assistants is not long. Upon graduation as a certified Medical Assistant after just forty weeks of studies, students are qualified to work with medical professions. This short course includes learning how to use the latest computer technology and participation in clinical internships (practical, on-the-job training is a vital aspect of learning within the medical profession).


Students will be taught how to complete administrative and clinical tasks in the rooms of professional health practitioners. Important tasks include scheduling patient appointments, recording detailed patient history, assisting doctors with patient exams and preparing blood samples for lab testing.

Occupational Therapy Assistant


Training to become an occupation therapy assistant is more advanced, but like the medical assistant program, registration is straightforward. Students who successfully complete the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program (OTA) can advance their skills and career by sitting for the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) certification exam.


On completion of all formal training and exams, newly qualified occupational therapy assistants will be required to assist patients in their recuperative programs, therapeutic exercises and teach them how to use specialized equipment designed to help managed their specific diseases and/or disorders. They will also be helping children with disabilities and are expected to perform administrative duties and record patient progress on behalf of the occupational therapists.

Physical Therapy Assistant


Students training to become physical therapy assistants have good job prospects. CBD College has recognized the demand in this field and has accelerated the program (but without lowering academic standards) to meet the increasing demand for qualified assistants. This is in line with the growing health needs of an aging population which is also living longer. Further, the college has tailored an advanced course curriculum – Associates Degree Physical Therapist Assistant program – to properly prepare students for this demanding role.


Teaching staff train PT students on how to work with modern laboratory equipment and facilitate students participating in the affiliate network of clinical externships. On completion of all training, students take the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) as well as the California Law Examination (CLE). The work environment is understandably challenging, and new physical therapy assistants are expected to become role players in helping patients recover from illness, injuries and surgery. The scope of their employment is broad. Junior assistants can be expected to be employed in hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes and schools.


Students who train as technicians in the pharmaceutical and surgical fields can expect to advance their career prospects with higher learning, thanks to the CBD College.

Pharmacy Technician Training Program


To become a pharmacy technician in the State of California CBD College students are required to sit for the Pharmacy Technician Certified Board (PTCB) exam. To be eligible for this prestigious board exam, students will be provided with both basic and advanced training in performing routine tasks, measuring and labeling prescriptions and transcribing doctor’s written instructions and profiling patients on computer databases.

Surgical Technology


Surgical technologists are recognized as highly skilled medical practitioners along with their superior surgeons and physicians. They are expected to perform a number of responsible tasks such as assisting surgeons during surgery procedures, prepping patients for surgery and monitoring the surgery process on behalf of the surgeons.


Once all college training – administered by the National Board of Surgical Technology (NBSTSA) – is completed, students will sit for the Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) exam, also administered by the NBSTSA.

Student Services

College staff is readily available to attend to all problems, queries and counseling on behalf of current and prospective students. It is imperative that lecturers monitor and identify culturally diverse students with special needs and refer them to the relevant assistance programs. At no additional cost to the students experiencing learning difficulties personalized tutorial help wide of the classroom will be given.

The college encourages students to educate them too on how they can assist their students better with suggestions and queries.

Social Media

If, for some reason, one-on-one counseling or discussion is not immediately available, prospective students are invited to join the college’s social media communities that are visible on all major social media networks.