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Did you know that students in Capella's MBA program with a specialization in Entrepreneurship can earn two Post Baccalaureate certificates while they are enrolled? While you are taking your core courses they lead toward the two certifications. The MBA program at Capella University provides students with a foundation in global marketing, data analysis financial accounting and other areas of study needed to succeed in a business environment.

Capella offers students access to MBA Central which is a gateway to news and resources including networking, events and the ability to talk to experts, faculty members and current students taking the same program.


Capella offers students two ways to take programs. The first is a structured forma which is a faculty led program with discussions and assignments. Assignments are due weekly and requires textbooks and study materials. For the Master's degree the estimated completion time is 2-3 years and you pay per credit course. The second option is called FlexPath. Using FlexPath students work independently and at their own pace. All assignments are due at the end of the quarter, not weekly. Also students will use recommended source materials including videos, articles or even their own work experience. On average it takes a student 1-1.5 years to complete the Master of Business Administration Entrepreneurship Specialization degree using this option. The best advantage in using FlexPath is you pay just one flat-tuition rate per quarter. You don't have a limit of the number of courses you can take at a time.


Capella has some great ways you can save time and money. One way is to transfer credits if you have taken courses from another accredited university. Another way is to see if you qualify for any scholarships or grants. Not only does Capella offer scholarships you can also check out national scholarships that are available.