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Study traditional business disciplines like marketing, operations, management and data analytics in your Master of Business Administration. The MBA program at Capella offers simulated scenarios an a personal capstone project as well as mobile access to the program for people on the go. Like some of the other MBA programs you have the ability to earn 2 certifications (Business Intelligence, Business, Management, Entrepreneurship and Management Consulting) while you study for your MBA degree. This is just one more thing to add to your resume when you go out in the marketplace.


When you get your MBA degree you'll have the knowledge to apply the concepts and knowledge you learn in a business environment. Capella doesn't just teach you business concepts but they show you how it is used in today's challenging business world. Although no degree or school for that matter can promise you a job many of the top managers today possess an MBA degree. Career outcomes include controllers, operations manager, directors, financial positions and more.


Diversity Mission Statement

As an online university serving a diverse society, we create a learning community made up of individuals representing a rich mixture of identities, experiences and beliefs, including different genders, ages, racial-ethnic backgrounds, languages, economic strata, religious beliefs and practices, sexual orientations, abilities and disabilities, national and geographical origins and locations, political beliefs and values.


Capella is committed to a set of guiding values that are employee and learner centric. Rooted in our value of human potential, we are dedicated to an inclusive culture that supports our employees and our learners in achieving their fullest potential. We believe that diversity strengthens our organization by drawing on the varied perspectives and life experiences of an array of talented people. Additionally, we strive to be a culturally competent organization (as reflected in our mission, practices and policies) in order to effectively serve our global society.


As a graduate of Capella you access to their alumni community boards including message boards and social media sites to interact with other graduates. You'll have lifetime access to career center tools to help build your resume, explore career options, personal counseling, job searching tools and more.