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The Bachelor's in Health Care Management program is a great way for you to gain the knowledge needed to enter into the healthcare related industry. It offers a well-rounded curriculum for today's business professional. While you are earning your Bachelor's Degree you'll also be working on the foundation so you can enter their MBA program once completed. If you have ever wanted to enter the marketing, management or HR field then this is a great program to start and is perfect to gain knowledge for careers such as health care management, consulting, medical records manager and even insurance carriers.

The degree in a structured format will take 3-4 years to complete where as if you opted into FlexPath the time is cut down to only 2 years. Structured format classes are also faculty led and assignments are given by your instructor where the FlexPath format allows you to work independently at your own pace. This is perfect for working adults as many have full-time employment. Another advantage is the assignments are all due at the end of the quarter vs. weekly with structured format classes.


Did you know that Capella is an accredited and nationally recognized university with more than 500 Alliances including 19 Fortune 100 Companies. The mission of Capella University is to extend access to high quality bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and certificate programs for adults who seek to maximize their personal and professional potential. This mission is fulfilled through innovative programs that are responsive to the needs of adult learners and involve active, engaging, challenging, and relevant learning experiences offered in a variety of delivery modes.


The overall satisfaction rating is 94% at Capella from BS in Business degree graduates and 87% stated Capella helped them meet their program outcomes. One of the biggest things we hear all the time from people looking to go back to school is how affordable the school is and how can they work, go to school and pay for school all at the same time. We have researched this and found that Capella has all types of scholarships and grants available to their students. One of the largest is a $800 Grant that students could be eligible for if they enroll in a Bachelors program. This grant is distributed over 8 consecutive quarters. Contact an Admissions Representative today to learn more. Federal Pell Grants are also available to those who qualify and those types of financial assistance funds do not need to be repaid by the student.