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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


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Are you looking for a university that gives you an edge in today's highly competitive marketplace? Learn more about Capella University and their Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. The great thing about this degree is it allows you opt into their Bachelor's to Master's degree option so you can earn credits from the Bachelor's degree and continue school at Capella to earn your masters. Save time and money with this degree option. Understand business techniques and financial models as the experience you'll learn at Capella is common for jobs such as account managers, business professionals, business administrators and claims adjusters.

Take advantage of FlexPath which is their self-paced learning model. You pay one tuition rate per quarter which allows you to take as many courses as you can handle. With no preset deadlines you can work at your own pace around your own busy schedule.


New students could qualify for a $8000 Bachelor's completion grant . Talk to an Admissions Representative today to learn more. They also offer federal Pell Grants to those who quality. You'll need to have a high school diploma with full transcripts and submit a non-refundable application fee of $50. You also must be 24 years of age or order. Additional requirements are required.


This program is aligned with their external professional standards. This competency-based education focuses around critical skills, theories and abilities in order to master the Business Administration degree. The faculty at Capella University are all scholars and practitioners. They are experienced learders in their field of study and deeply understand the foundational theory behind your coursework, the needs of your professional, and where it's headed next. Competency based learning is the most direct path to the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in your career.