California School of Health Science


California School of Health Science

  • ACLS Initial
  • ACLS Instructor Course
  • ACLS Renewal
  • Basic Fetal Monitoring
  • Basic to Advance ECG & Antiarrhythmic Therapy Course
  • CCRN Exam Review
  • Certified Phlebotomy Technician 1
  • CPR Instructor Workshop
  • CPR/BLS Renewal
  • Critical Care Certification
  • EKG Monitor Technician Certification
  • ESL - English Language Program
  • Medical Surgical Clinical Rotation
  • NBDE1& II Review Course
  • NCLEX-RN Review
  • NCLEX-LVN Review
  • Nurse Refresher Course
  • Oil and Gas Course
  • PALS Instructor Course
  • PALS Renewal
  • TOEFL Exam Preparation
  • Ventilator Workshop

California School of Health Science



california school of health science

Founded in 1998, California School of Health Sciences (CSHS) is a leader in professional development and training. Their board members include healthcare professional including PhD members. The California English Program is accredited by ACCET. For over 20 years California Career Institute has provided quality education programs to students on an international level.

Campus Location:

12141 Brookhurst St. Suite 101
Garden Grove, CA 82840


CSHS has a wide variety of training programs to choose from including:

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support
This 1 day program is intended for those who see advanced cardiac life support recognition. Course summary includes: Defibrillation, Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Acute Stroke, Invasive Monitoring Techniques, Cardiac Resuscitation and more.

Basic Fetal Monitoring
This one day course covers basic fetal monitoring, ante partum fetal assessment, legal issues associated with fetal monitoring, terminology and risks and benefits. If you are a OB-GYN office nurse, midwife or delivery nurse you are strongly advised to take this course.

Basic to Advance ECG & Antiarrhythmic Therapy Course
This program is 3 days and is specifically designed for RN’s and health personnel that work directly in critical care units and operating rooms. During the course you’ll be able to ID parts of the cardiac conduction system, understand pacemakers, Identify arrhythmias from a rhythm strip and more.

CCRN Exam Review
During the 2 day review you’ll learn what it takes to pass the CCRN exam on your first attempt. During the course you’ll learn how to answer ethical and legal questions and develop critical thinking skills. You’ll understand Cardiac and Pulmonary topics during Day 1 and on Day 2 you’ll cover Neurology Review, Endocrine, Gastrointestinal , Renal/Hematology and Professional Caring and Ethical Practice.

Certified Phlebotomy Technician
This program is a 50 hour program and 40 hours of clinical practice and it designed to prepare you to become a California Certified Phlebotomy Technician. To learn more about this program contact CSHS directly by calling 866.539.7081. A high school diploma or GED is required to enroll.

CPR Instructor Workshop
During the 1 day program you’ll be trained to become an instructor. CSHS is an authorized training center. During the course you’ll be able to identify the components of an ECC program, understand cardiopulmonary arrest as well as describe and teach the rational steps of CPR. The course fee is $350 and contact CSHS today to enroll.

Critical Care Certification
Are you interested in developing the skills necessary to take care of critical care patients? At CSHS we can prepare you with the knowledge necessary to jump into this exciting field. During the 8 day training course you’ll learn about Metabolic and GI Dysfunction, Cardiac Dysfunction, Renal & Hematology, Neurologic Dysfunction, Pulmonary and Cardiac Dysfunction and more. The course cost is $600.

EKG Monitor Technician Certification
During this training program you’ll learn how to identify the parts of the cardiac system including their function, understand pacemakers, identify arrhythmias and rhythm strops, premature atrial complexes, junctional rhythm and idioventricular rhythm, accelerated ventricular rhythm and more.

Medical Surgical Clinical Rotation
This 32 hour clinical practicum is perfect for registered nurses by giving them the skills necessary to be effective in a medical surgical unit. The course can be taken at the Garden Grove Hospital.

Pass the NCLEX the first time and let California School of Health Science help you get prepared. You’ll take simulated exams and cover a wide variety of topics that you’ll need to fully understand in order to pass. Learn how the testing process works, how to avoid misreading questions, how to eliminate incorrect options and even learn how to avoid undesirable testing behaviors. You’ll cover topics including: Medical Emergencies, Immunologic Disorders, Genitourinary Disorders, Acid Base Imbalances and more.

Nurse Refresher Course
The course is 63 hours and intended for those who have been absent and need to update their skills and knowledge. Learn about patient rights, organ donations and handling physician orders.