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Bryant and Stratton College is one of the most cherished colleges for the students in New York. The reason is not difficult to guess. The instructors are fully dedicated to the well-being and all-around development of the students. The college was established in 1854 and now has four campuses in New York, Ohio, Wisconsin and Virginia. The institute started off with offering degree in business studies and management. Now it offers degrees in other subjects also. The college is affiliated by The Middle States Commission on Higher Education and is approved by The New York State Board of Regents.


The main objective of the Bryant and Stratton College is to push the students to the lifetime of success. With adequate instructors who are more than eager to provide personal attention to the students, you can be assured to be on a path to success. The varied courses with covetous internship programs are specially designed to provide industry oriented skills to the students which make them always ready for jobs. There are a number of grants which helps to remove obstacles from the path of education for the students.


Bryant and Stratton College
200 Red Tail Road

Orchard Park, NY 14127,



Degree Programs Offered
The college offers Associate and Bachelor’s Degree program in a number of disciplines like Business Administration, Information Technology, Medicine and Nursing, Electronic Engineering, Media Design, Accounting, Criminal Justice and many more. Let us see some of the courses at a glance.


The institute offers Accounting Assistant Diploma and a Bachelors degree in BBA Accounting, which prepare the students for entry-level accounting positions in a number of fields. Since accountants are in high demand in almost every sphere of organizations and businesses, students pursuing this course learn about financial analysis, accounting tasks, managing accounts in small firms, etc., which makes them readily available for jobs in business firms, retail and other stores, manufacturing and other industries. Students are taught to interpret accounting problems and then further analyze and record financial information with the application of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.


Criminal Justice & Security Services
The course is designed to provide the students with a broad and comprehensive knowledge of the justice system and the penal code associated with it. The course includes a study of the court system in the US, correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies and public and private security systems. The students learn to handle modern equipment and advanced techniques applicable in the fields of crime scene investigation, forensic science, and cyber crime.


Health Services
Students will gain an entry-level position in the health services field after the course is completed. There are a number of skills and expertise that students will learn in the Diploma Course on Health Services. They will be introduced to the terminology related to the healthcare industry along with several managerial and financial services required in the field of health care. Practicing a healthy and cordial rapport with patients and customers with optimum knowledge of medical and legal ethics is also promoted through this course. The Diploma program and the Bachelors Degree in BS Health Services Administration provide the students jobs as Community Health Workers, Health Information Technicians and Social and Human Service Assistants.


Human and Social Services Diploma
The Human and Social Services Diploma provide a wide range of job opportunities as Community and Social Services specialists and also as Social and Human Service Assistants. The students will acquire skills required to assist a human service professional, and is also in other positions like community health workers, case managers, etc. The students have to demonstrate ethical and legal communication techniques which are required in the field of human service. They will learn about the various types of client concerns and how to dispense resource for meeting the demands.


Information Technology
The Diploma program and the Bachelors’ Degree program in Information Technology will assist you to be a master in the field of IT and related fields. Students will learn the basics of hardware and networking, software, advanced information technology. The students are exposed to research and application, active learning techniques, presentations which help them gain a comprehensive knowledge about this field. The students learn about the latest happenings in the field of IT like problem-solving, project planning, communicating with the client, security measures and much more. A Bachelors’ Degree will provide the students with a job as a Software Engineer or an IT Consultant. With a Diploma degree, the students will be placed as Computer Network Support Specialists and Computer User Support Specialists.


Apart from the above, the institute provides diploma degrees in a number of disciplines like
i. Occupational Therapy
ii. Legal Office Assistant
iii. Interactive Media Design
iv. Restaurant and Hotel Management
v. Networking Technology
vi. Paralegal Studies
vii. Business
viii. Hospitality Management


Students who are about to join the workforce can also take part in Certificate for Completion course. The Continuing Education Division of the college in association with the Professional Skills Center enable the students to take part in a variety of courses. These include:

a. Accounting
b. Basic knowledge in Paralegal courses
c. Healthcare Management
d. Human Resource Management
e. Medical Coding and Billing
f. Marketing Communications.


Students who are willing to be a part of the college but unable to take regular courses due to some pre-engagement or something else can take part in the institute's online courses.

The institute has a flexible class schedule scattered around the different campus. The students can take morning, day or evening courses according to their convenience. They have to opt for the campuses which offer course timings of their choice. The Bryan and Stratton College courses have their opening semesters scheduled during the months of January, May and September. The online courses start from January, March, June, September and November.


Professional Skills Centre
The Professional Skills Centre helps the students with continuing education and acquiring various certificates and licenses for getting fast jobs. The programs and courses enlisted at this center are:

1. Healthcare
2. Insurance
3. IT
4. Professional Developments
5. Financial Securities


Career Advice
The institute has a Career Services Department that houses some really talented professionals who help the students with building a good resume, preparing for interviews, and finding the appropriate job after completion of their courses. Moreover, students get extensive internship programs where they are introduced to the real world experiences and job environment. This equips the students with flexibilities, skills and expertise required for job purposes.


Financial Aids and Grants
There are a number of financing options for the students who are unable to afford the cost of the education. The interesting students have to fill up the FAFSA Application to access grants like the Federal Pell Grant, State Funding Grants, and other scholarships. The personal financial aid advisor will guide the students with the filling of the forms and will inform the students about the minimum eligibility criteria required for getting the grants.


So, with these coveted courses and industry experiences with a complete guidance to land with the dream job of their choice, the Bryan and Stratton College is surely one of the best colleges a student can opt for.