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Brownson Technical School

You can get a career training hands-on in just 10 months. This helps you get industrial support and real world experience. The graduates and students also get personalized advice on their career and also have access to the career assistance team.


Campus Location:
Brownson Technical School
1110 Technology Circle — Suite D
Anaheim, CA 92805

Career Services
A career in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration is a great choice as there is good earning potential and a lot of opportunities to grow. The medium salary and wages for these technicians are annual $51,700.

The technicians do not have to sit in the office or warehouse, but work in the field, and this is more of a people job. You work with co-workers, meet customers and so much more people. Brownson courses include customer service skills in the training course, so you are well equipped.

The career assistance provided includes developing a resume which is professional looking, learning interview tips and techniques, being exposed to job listings and contractor database. There are also on-campus interviews conducted, employer recruitment services offered, on-going graduate employment help and you can learn how to approach would-be employers as well as there is a unique Tuition Reimbursement Incentive Program offered.

The students are also offered career services through the department of employment services. They can attend career development class to help them with their skills of job searching.

Enrollment Process and Financial Aid
To get started, you are encouraged to fill in an online form to start the application process. The admission team then reviews the submission and contacts you with regards any questions you have. You can also call on 1-800-799-9891, or you could visit by booking a tour of the facilities and then decide if this is a career you want to take up.

Brownson Technical School works with you to get the financial help you require so that your career takes off. The tuition costs are kept low to allow the students to participate in different sponsored retraining programs. There are various options for financial aid including the Pell Grants, VA benefits, Title IV student loans, Private loans and WIA, TRA-TAA.

Based on your eligibility you can qualify for the financial aid programs. There are also financial aid professionals who help you navigate all the various aspects and details.

Commitment to Success
The Brownson Technical School offers hands-on training in an HVAC/R shop which is fully equipped and spread over 12,000 SQ feet. After completing your graduation, you still get ongoing support and you are made job-ready in less than a year. At Brownson, you get to learn from expert faculty who are HVAC/R professionals themselves and that too in a blended learning environment which consists of online study and in shop workshops. At Brownson, you can also get NATE as well as HVAC Excellence certifications.


HVAC Training Programs
For those who love working with their hands, a Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration Technician is a great career path. Brownson Technical School has been training technicians for over 30 years now, and they help their students with the seamless transition into the real world with skills they require, industry connections as well as various relationships which are built during the training.

In spite of offering flexibility, the Branson student needs to complete their hands-on training in the HVAC/R workshop which is spread over a huge 12,000 square feet area. It has hundreds of different pieces of industry standard equipment which the technician will need at the job. 60% of the facility is dedicated to workshops and practical training. This helps the student to learn to troubleshoot, maintaining and repairing of equipment.

There are three program models available.
On campus HVAC School Programs
These programs are either Full time or part time. The full-time program is conducted from Monday to Thursday from 8 am – 2:30 pm and it requires 40 weeks to complete. The part-time training program is conducted from Monday – Wednesday from 6 pm – 10 pm and requires 88 weeks to complete.

HVAC online training with in-shop workshops
This allows for blended learning and allows the students to have more flexibility in case they have jobs or have other responsibilities. In such cases, these students are unable to undertake the traditional on-campus programs.

In the online school portion, the classroom requirements can be completed by the student during their own time – totally online. However, they need to attend the hands-on workshop for 13 hours every week. These trainings are conducted on Monday to Wednesday from 5:40p to 10 pm. The online students have continuous access to learning resources as well as instructor support and so are not left totally on their own. The entire training can be completed in 40 weeks.

Modules Taught
For both the traditional as well as online programs, there are eight modules that are taught. They are:
a) Basic Thermodynamics, copper works and refrigeration
b) Electrical and EPA
c) Customer service, safety as well as basic HVAC/R competency
d) Commercial refrigeration
e) Light and residential, commercial air conditioning as well as gas heat
f) Heat Pumps, controls as well as ice machines
g) DDC Technologies
h) How to build performance

All these modules are taught by instructors who have industry experience in that area. These programs help in building on skills, relationships as well as connections with the classmates. The classroom portion can be done online but still the workshops are with the same set of classmates.

The students at the end of their training are certified for EPA Section 608. However, NATE which stands for North American Technical Excellence, as well as HVAC Excellence Testing, is also available for students.

Blended program on Saturdays
This is a program which is now going to start. This will have classes in Anaheim, CA from 7-8pm on Saturdays for 40 weeks.

Green Energy Training
To reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency standards, there is a comprehensive energy reduction training which the students at Brownson undertake. This helps them with skills in airside work, thermal imagery as well as ductwork design and testing.

The programs meet the educational requirements of the job, and the students proceed with apprenticeship selection process.