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Brightwood College is known for providing some top class and real-world teaching to the students. The instructors come from various educational and professional backgrounds that help the students to connect with the real scenario of the society. They bring their experiences and career background inside the classroom which enriches the students with practical knowledge and experiences. The main objective is to help the students nurture their skills and build up a long-standing professional career. Additionally, the students will learn to imbibe values and cultures required for surviving in the real world as well as in their professional life.


Campus Locations:
Brightwood College, which is one of the most sought after colleges for higher education in the US has its campus established in a number of locations so that the students can avail them according to their convenience. The campuses are located in:

1. California
2. Indiana
3. Maryland
4. Nevada
5. North Carolina
6. Ohio
7. Tennessee
8. Texas



Degree Programs Offered:
The programs of the Brightwood College are designed in such a way so that they match with the demands of employment and career. It mainly focuses on nurturing and developing local employment needs. The college offers Diploma and Associate degrees in a host of subjects. The main subjects taught here are Allied Health, Business, Criminal Justice and Legal Studies, Design, Information Technology, Nursing, Trades and Continuing Education.

The Allied Health Program offers a range of diploma and certificate course. Students who are willing to be a part of health care management and health care administration can pursue this course. The Allied Health Department has renowned medical professors and health practitioners who provide hands-on training to the students in health programs.


1. A diploma program in Clinical Massage Therapy mainly deals with areas of symptoms related to stress and physical ailments and how to cure people out of them.

2. An Associate Degree in Health Information Technology teaches the students on how to process, maintain, compile and report data related to patient wellbeing and care. Alongside, they will also learn about risk management, marketing, research and assessment in healthcare, etc.

3. A diploma in Massage Therapy focuses on areas of alleviating physical ailments and other symptoms through massaging different parts of the body.

4. A diploma in Medical Coding and Billing deals with processing the data related to patient care, medical terminology, billing, insurance billing, medical coding, medical office management, etc.

5. A technician diploma in Patient Care teaches the students on how to deal with emergency and hospitalized patients, aiding neurological and orthopedic patients, aiding ECG machines, mental health services, and rehabilitation program, etc.

6. An Associate Degree in Physical Therapy Assistant deals with studies in observing the patient and reporting to the physiotherapist, treating the patients with different machines and techniques, helping the patients do certain kind of exercises and educating their family members about the same.


7. Brightwood also offers several trade related progarms in Electricial Technician, HVAC/R and Computer Numerical Control Machinist.


Business Administration
One of the most sought after courses which register the highest number of students, the Business Administration program equips the students with all the necessary and relevant skills which is needed to display in order to sustain in today’s economy. The course deals with accounting and financial studies, management theories and business administration, marketing and advertisement related to business and organizational field.


A diploma degree in the Allied Business Fundamentals helps the students incorporate the basic knowledge regarding communication and critical analysis and expertise required in today’s business field. Along with that, students learn various computer skills and software required in the management field. The curriculum also includes business economics and business mathematics, workplace communication and building rapport with the clients, etc.

Associate Degree in Business Administration

An Associate Degree in Business Administration teaches the basics of managing the business and allied works. Alongside that, they also learn to maintain projects, build up effective communications and allot work to the personnel, plan new business ventures, etc. The students have to sit through group discussions, lectures and workshops for a better understanding of the subject. A student with a degree in Business Administration can land with high profile jobs in the banking industry, human resources, marketing, and accounting.


Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
Students who are willing to make a mark in the fields of criminal justice can pursue this course. The course mainly deals with the fundamentals related t o criminology, deviant studies, legal issue and penal codes.


An Associate Degree in Criminal Justice Program deals with juvenile delinquency, deviant behavior, criminal offense, corporate security and enforcing laws. Along with that, the students also get a glimpse of homeland security and practical knowledge about crime scene investigation. Students have the opportunity to join law enforcement, forensic sciences, security services and other allied fields of criminal justice program after the completion of the course.

General Practice Paralegal Certificate

The Certificate program in General Practice Paralegal deals with fundamentals of legal terminologies and their function. The course is approved and affiliated with the American Bar Association. The students can gain insight into the working scenario in a law office, legal firms, and other large corporations. Students may require doing legal and fact oriented research, drafting, administering law offices and regulation of business works.


Photography and Design
The course teaches and trains the students to develop as a commercial photographer, design and execute advertisements, and build up a flourishing career as a wedding and a portrait photographer and also working in a studio. Students will receive training in Adobe Photoshop and software in photography, along with advanced camera management and business practices. An Associate Degree in the program will place a student in different advertising agencies, commercial photography studios, fashion, food and travel magazines, home decor photography and public relations agencies.


Information Technology
The field of Information Technology has the highest level of employment since businesses and organizations rely entirely on computers. A Degree in Computer Networking Technology trains the students in network operations, network systems support, technician and allied positions. The students gain practical knowledge of installing and maintain computer networks, manage hardware and software problems, manage databases, design web pages, and secure the networks.


The Trades program offers diploma and certificate courses in subjects like Computer Numerical Technology Diploma, Electrical Technician Diploma and Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Certificate course.


The Continuing Education program in the College offers the working professionals a golden opportunity to add more degree to their credentials. The course is designed around offering professional training in developing desirable skill sets which are necessary for advancement in the professional career and prepare for industry based exams. It includes courses in Healthcare Support or CPR, A+ Certification Program, Security Officer, Nursing, Personal Training Certification course and much more.

Financial Aid:
There is a host of financial aid programs offered by the college for the students who are unable to meet their educational expenses. The interested candidates are advised to fill up the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to know whether they are eligible or not. The student will receive a Student Aid Report which will form the basis for eligibility of aids and grants.

For more information regarding the types of grants and scholarships awarded, the students are advised to go to the website and click on the appropriate links.