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Pursue knowledge and wisdom at Brenau University

In 1900, H.J. Pearce established a school and named it Brenau. The name combines Latin and German words and translates to “as gold refined by fire.” The expression finds roots in both the Old and New Testaments and, though it is subject to numerous explanations, many agree that the desire to gain knowledge is part of the interpretation. With programs enhanced by science, liberal arts, and worldwide understanding, Brenau University prepares students for success and an unending quest for wisdom.


High school graduates ready to embark on their futures will find diversity and a vast blend of interests that will boost their learning. The Accelerated Adult and Graduate Studies allow adults to earn the degrees they’ve always wanted. And, Brenau University honors those who serve or have served our country the opportunity to earn their degrees with tuition discounts and benefits.


Brenau University offers degrees in Business & Mass Communication, Education, Fine Arts & Humanities, Health Sciences, and Liberal Arts.


Campus Locations:

500 Washington Street, SE
Gainesville, GA 30501

111 Davis Road
Martinez, GA 30907

South Atlanta
314 W. Broad Street
Fairburn, GA 30213

North Atlanta
3139 Campus Drive Suite 300
Norcross, GA 30071

6622 Southpoint Drive S.
Jacksonville, FL 32216



Career Services
If you are unsure about your major, Career Services can offer assistance.
Brenau University also offers professional assistance to all students seeking internships and employment, whether it is before they graduate or after they’ve earned their degrees. Career Services is involved with various national and local job listings and provides instruction and advice with resume preparation, cover letters, portfolios, interviews, and job searches.

Professional Development Week
Career Services, along with the Colleges of Business & Mass Communication and Art & Design, host Professional Development Week in Gainesville. At this event, students receive professional guidance on what issues women deal with in the workforce, what employer’s seek, resumes, and matters with which young women deal on the job. The week concludes with the Career Internship & Job Fair, where students have the opportunity to meet local employers and find out about internships and job opportunities exist the Gainesville and surrounding areas.

Enrollment Process and Financial Aid

The best way to determine whether Brenau University is right for you is to visit the campus. The university would be happy to accommodate you for a tour or weekend event. Tour Guides and Admission Specialists will lead you through the campus and answer any concerns or questions you might have. Tours are offered daily, on the last Saturday of each month, and on certain weekends. If those times are inconvenient, the university will gladly arrange a special time for you.

College of Business & Mass Communication
Mass Communications and Business are very intriguing for students at the moment. Mass communications are growing in so many ways, mainly of course because of the overwhelming impact of social media and digital and technical devices. And, everything that was once accepted in business is now being re-examined, and new theories are constantly being sought and tested.

Brenau University’s College of Business & Mass Communications’ classes is small, which provide students with better communications and even more learning from their professors. The university regularly reviews course materials to make sure students learn all current business and communication models with the best teaching strategies. Concentrations in this college include Mass Communication, Digital Technology, Entertainment Management, and Public Relations/Journalism.

College of Education
Brenau University’s College of Education has earned an exceptional standing. Graduates teach in both public and private schools and also function as administrators. University faculty members are actually teachers themselves. They’ve spent many years teaching and in administrative roles. Such is why students graduate fully prepared to teach effectively. The College of Education at Brenau University is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

College of Fine Arts & Humanities
Brenau University’s College of Fine Arts & Humanities allows students to live rewarding lives. Curriculums that focus on Fine Arts and Humanities accentuate creativity, compassion, dedication to others, and honor. The Theatre program, with the joint support of the University of North Georgia, Theatre Wings, and the Professional Company, has the top-ranked theater program in the state of Georgia.

Concentrations in the College of Fine Arts & Humanities include:


Humanities, which includes: Women’s Leadership, Liberal Studies, Conflict Resolution and Legal Studies, English, History/ Political Science, and Liberal Arts (Associates Degree); Theatre, which includes Music and Dance;

Interior Design; and Art & Design.


College of Health Science
Science, along with healthcare and its working fields, has experienced massive changes in the twenty years and the future appears to offer excellent potential. An education from the Brenau University College of Health Science offers graduates an upper hand on new approaches and a much more intense learning experience, which they can right away apply in the field.

Concentrations in the College of Health Science include Physical Therapy, Mathematics & Science, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, and Psychology. Programs also include: Pre-Physician’s Assistant and Biomedical Program (for students preparing for careers in dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, or dentistry).

Liberal Arts
A liberal arts education provides students with a wide range of educational content and various, innovative ways to approach knowledge. Those receiving such an education tend to master ideas more quickly and better apply them, which makes them more valuable than those how can’t process past the outdated. The two-year Brenau University Associates Degree in Liberal Arts can be credited toward future degrees.

The Women’s College at Gainesville
Research reveals that those who attend women’s’ colleges are more apt to attend medical school, earn doctorate degrees, become leaders, earn higher pay, and have more confidence when compared to other women who attended co-ed colleges. Plus, more than eight percent of those who attended women’s colleges rate their experience effective or very effective with regard to being ready for their first employment.

Brenau University’s Residential Women’s College at Gainesville offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Fine Arts, Health Sciences, Education, and Business, and a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy.

Women’s Leadership
Brenau University’s Interdisciplinary Women’s Leadership Program at Brenau University provides students practical, realistic, and theoretical opportunities geared toward establishing leadership skills. Classes include foundational courses in gender studies and leadership principles. Brenau University has been educating women leaders for 135 years. Its revised certificate program motivates and teaches young women how to become universal leaders.

Sidney O. Smith Graduate School
Brenau University understands that adults want to earn their degrees. They want that promotion or would rather search for a career, instead of a job. Many, however, have work commitments and/or family obligations. But, there is good news, Brenau University has multiple locations in Georgia and one in Florida, all offering flexible schedules, And, with on-line classes, adults can take the class anytime. Plus, classes are accelerated, which means they meet seven times a week for four weeks and new classes being every eight weeks.


Online Degree Program

Brenau University offers online undergraduate and graduate programs. Classes are provided via the Internet and do not require attendance on campus. Classes last seven weeks and are taught by certified faculty who undergo certification before online teaching. The sixteen online programs offer degrees and certifications in Liberal Arts (Associates Degree), Business, Education, Science, and Nursing.


Adult and Graduate Studies

Brenau University’s accelerated Adult and Graduate Studies Program allows adults who want that promotion or are tired of looking for a job and would rather find a career. Programs fit the busy adult’s life, as well. The university’s flexible course schedule and one course at a time, one night at a time commitment, provide little interference with family and work obligations. The university also offers the ability to receive academic credit for work and military experience.

Study Abroad

The Office of International Students and Programs at Brenau University offers study abroad programs, which are provided by various organizations and companies. The Office of International Students and Programs works with students to chose a program that best accommodates them. The Colleges of Business and Mass Communications and Fine Arts offers to study abroad opportunities.


Military Program

Brenau University offers discounts to active duty military personnel, National Guard, and Reservists. It also offers a ten percent discount to retired veterans and their spouses and dependents.