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Baker College was established in 1911 with an aim to provide quality education to the students. It is a non-profit institution which provides the required knowledge and expertise for the students and trains with the appropriate career tools to succeed in the employment world. The college incorporates research and training methods which help the students to reach the epitome of success and cater to the societal and industrial needs and demands. The candidates are acquainted with challenges they will face in their real life and as a result, they are awarded the career of their choices. The professionals and the teachers are fully dedicated to the all-round development of the students and are always working hard for updating the course materials in a student friendly way so that the candidates don’t lag back in studies and get jobs as soon as they graduate.

The college has a flexible time schedule so that the students, who are either working professionals or engaged in businesses can allot time according to their busy schedules. The main mission is to see that nobody is left out of getting better education and training.


Programs offered at Baker College Online:
Baker College provides 100% online courses which are delivered online by the Instructional Design Department in order to promote the distance learning program. The courses are planned and executed to meet the demand of today’s economy and market. Let us look at the courses offered online.

Business and Management
The online business program is designed to teach the students the basics of businesses like management theories, concepts, and terminologies in business, human resource management, business ethics required to be maintained in public and private sector enterprises, etc. A student pursuing an undergraduate degree in Business and Management will learn all the relevant skills and expertise required in a business organization, including concepts of financial relation and management, corporate social responsibility, advertising and marketing, banking laws and strategies, etc. The students are offered with real world experiences by their teachers and trainers which help them cope up with the dilemmas and challenges in a competitive environment.

Computer Technologies
The Computer Technologies course is divided into two parts. In one module the students learn about computer peripherals, hardware, and networking. The second module delves deep into software development, coding and other related fields in information technology. The course is designed to meet the demands of the marketplace where computer and its applications are heavily dealt with. With more and more organizational works going digital, there is a high demand for professionals who have specialized and updated knowledge and skills to keep the computer-based works updated and secured. The students can get real-world experiences through mock sessions conducted by the college.


Design and Media
Design and Media is one of the most sought after courses in Baker College since this is a field which currently offers a majority of jobs and that too in diverse fields. The students can gain a profound insight of the design and media field along with the concepts of liberal arts which are required in the fields of humanities, natural sciences, and technology. Along with that, they will also learn to address the problems and challenges persistent in the fields of arts, culture and media with relation to their impact on the society, human clan, and the Earth’s ecosystems. The students will also develop management and communication skills at the premier level, develop and nurture the skills required in the professional field, develop work culture both independently and through teamwork. They will also learn to experiment with professional art, design and media projects.

The Nursing course is designed to help the students to get into the world of medicines and healthcare. The field itself is demanding, but one cannot ignore the career choices one has after the course is completed. The students need to have a high school degree or diploma for pursuing this course. The course is aimed at promoting health, care for the suffering and develop the ability to provide caring, all around and quality nursing services to a large number of populations. The number of student intake is limited since the curriculum requires providing personalized teaching and training. The training course is intended to equip the students with the required knowledge, approach and expertise required to have a successful career in nursing. After the graduation degree is over, the students have to sit for a state licensing assessment test. After one passes the test successfully, one will be conferred the title of Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse. This license is affiliated by the Michigan Board of Nurses.

Health Administration
The healthcare field has increasingly become complex and specialized, and that is why there is a steady demand for healthcare specialists in this field. With the sole aim of improving the health and spirit of the patients, the healthcare administrators plan and execute the health services in such a way so that they can match their aims. The students pursuing this course are required to develop skills enough to dwell with both people and information. Students interested in community health programs and love to face challenges can surely make a mark with a career in healthcare administration. The students need to have a good grip over the knowledge of medicines and primary health care services. A graduate degree in health care administration will prepare the students in planning and coordinating medical and health services in hospitals, clinics and other public and private health care agencies.

Human Services
Students who are interested in community development program and social work have a fair choice of career if they pursue this course. The curriculum prepares the students with the multifaceted and demanding areas that require human services. Students who love challenges and have a great passion for problem solving are welcomed to pursue this course. The students are provided hands-on training in various fields like taking care of the children, helping the aged, working with the criminal justice system and many more. Students who take up this course can have a rewarding job and high salary with greater responsibilities.

The college offers Bachelors, Masters and Associate Degrees in a host of subjects including the above mentioned.

Financial Aid Workshop:
The college helps a number of students with coveted financial aids and grants. These aids are meant for those who belong to the unprivileged group or are unable to afford educational expenses. There are different types of financial aid program. The students have to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid in order to avail of the grants and aids program. The financial aid staffs present in the college will help the students in filling up the application form, preparing for the interviews and build up a professional resume.

Learning Support Services:
The Baker College Learning Support Services provides all kind of academically oriented support to the students. The center is equipped with a full-time director and has adequate computers with a special reading area and a library where the students can learn whenever they want. The writing experts help the students improve their writing skills and provide assistance in preparing for essays, research paper, presentations and other assignments.