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Ayers Career College

Ayers Career college has been undeniably preparing the women and men of Texas and Louisiana area since 1953, for accepting the current challenges of industry and entering the most in-demand fields with confidence. Decades of training and educating students have rendered them the esteemed status of being one of the oldest serving colleges of Shreveport. Accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE), Ayers College seeks to transform skilled students in to confident, self determining, professional, and socially adapt contributors to our society. Their aspiration is to create a point of difference in promoting and delivering a sustainable workforce to encourage training of knowledge, highly sought after skills, and adaptability by innovation.

The programs offered by Ayers are highly competent and high in demand, both nationally and locally. With flexible, self-paced, and convenient scheduling options, Ayers college tailor-make your program, so that you can receive training and hands on experience in a study mode that best caters to your lifestyle. Ayers graduates enjoy commendable full-term job placement assistance services, focused around helping students meet their career aspirations and opening up a world of possibilities for them.

Career Services
The career service officers at Ayers Career College offer support to every student, to help them land the jobs of their dreams. As part of the college curriculum, each student is required to attend a career development course where they are drilled in the secrets of garnering a prosperous career, such as learning effective interview strategies, how to write a viable resume, building a professional portfolio, and leveraging social media for job search. Ayers College has established strong partnerships with renowned employers and effectively assists graduates with interview scheduling. Their mission is to help their students every step of the way, closer to realizing their career goals. The career services office helps to prepare students for the competitive cutthroat market of today, and provides assistance in:

• Interviewing skills
• Career planning
• Job leads
• Job search techniques
• Professional attire
• Networking
• Time management

You would always find a career services advisor at hand to offer one-on-one to facilitate preparing a thank-you letter, a cover letter, or a CV. You may also schedule a meeting with them to have a mock interview or discuss job search strategies. You may also request a list of current job openings by calling 318-841-1230.

Financial Aid
If a student meets the basic eligibility criteria, the financial aids representatives of Ayers Career College would help them afford career training with viable financial assistance. The helpful representatives would meet you in person and walk you through the ordeal of identifying the right loans, scholarships, or grants for your needs. To make applying for financial aid as easy and hassle free as possible, Ayers College employees the most helpful representatives and officers to answer all your queries and find the best solution for your needs.

Here are the commendable programs offered by Ayers Career College that might be of interest to you:

Medical Assistant
The medical assistant training program of Ayers Career College incorporates a blend of hands on training in realistic medical settings with top-notch classroom instruction, to prepare students for practical, real life scenarios. Students enjoy the benefits of expanding their education and career options, along with developing state of the art skills in an advanced medical facility.

The medical assistant program covers the prerequisite clinical skills necessary for working in the medical field, such as phlebotomy, understanding medical terminology, monitoring and reading vital signs, preparing patients for exams, and a basic introduction to patient care. Career development courses, CPR and First aid certification are also incorporated as part of the curriculum. Students are prepared to Ace the Nationally Registered Certified Medical Assistant Exam, so that they may receive their diplomas.

Medical Office Specialist
The medical office specialist training program of Ayers Career College combines hands on training in practical medical settings with top-notch classroom instruction, to prepare students for leading industry jobs. Students in this program are offered great opportunities to extrapolate their classroom learning and enhance their learned skills by putting them to use in a realistic medical office.

The program covers a set of prerequisite administrative skills necessary for working in a medical office environment, such as software applications, Keyboarding and Document Processing, medical terminology, and medical billing and coding using the CPT and the ICD-9-CM fields. Career development courses, CPR and First aid certification are also incorporated as part of the curriculum. Students are prepared to nail the National Registered Certified Administrative Health Assistant [NRCAHA] Exam, so that they may receive their diplomas.

Pharmacy Technician School Training
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of pharmacy technicians is expected to grow 9% nationally, leading to a soaring demand for erudite pharmacists. The commendable pharmacy training program of Ayers Career College incorporates a blend of mandatory skills, such as medical abbreviations, pharmacy calculations, basics of drug interactions, in addition to a background in pharmacy ethics and law, physiology, and anatomy.

Career development courses are also offered to all students as part of the curriculum. Students are prepared to nail the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam, so that they may receive their diplomas. The pharmacy graduates of Ayers Career College enjoy rewarding careers in the ever evolving field of prescription medicine and health care, while maintaining a straightforward and stable work environment. Your education gives you a stepping stone to industry leading roles.

HVACs-R Technician School Training In Shreveport
According to the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, the soaring demand for trained and skilled technicians will lead to excellent employment opportunities. The HVAC-R program of Ayers Career College helps students aspiring to pursue a career in this rapidly growing industry. The training program falls in line with the national skill standards for all HVAC-R technicians, and covers a thorough comprehension of refrigeration appliances, condensers, compressors, and evaporators, fundamentals of cooling and heating systems, universal EPA testing, and myriad aspects of the HVAC-R industry. Students are prepared to nail the EPA Certification, so that they may receive their diplomas. Your education gives you a stepping stone to industry leading roles.

Comptia A+ Certification
The commendable certification course instills the pertinent knowledge and skills that students need to troubleshoot software and hardware installations. The expert instructors of Ayers Career College lead the students through intensive lab exercises, detailed coursework, and exam preparation, and prepare them for the challenges of IT industry. The course covers:

• CMOS, BIOS, Expansion Bus
• Fundamentals of basic hardware, such as Motherboards, power supplies, RAM, and microprocessors.
• Installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and organization of separate versions of Windows structures.
Input/output Devises
• Select, service, and install Sound, video, and Portable Computers
• Installing and Troubleshooting printers
• Security
• Networking: Wireless and wired
• Mobile Devices: Smart phones and Tablets

Upon the successful completion of this 6-week course, you would gain the experience equivalent to any information technology professionals, with tons of computer repair experience at your hands.

Comptia Network+ Certification
This certification training program is a mid level certification, especially designed for network technicians to help their career. This training focuses on testing the competency of a mid-level network technician in configuring and supporting IP/TCP clients, in terms of troubleshooting, support, installation, configuration, hardware setup, cabling, and network design. The 4 week course covers various aspects of networking, including Network Security, Wireless Networking, Network design, trouble shooting, and implementation, WANs and internet connectivity, Telephony, virtualization, Network Hardware, The TCP/IP Model, Network Topologies, the OSI Seven-Layer Model, routing, DNS, subnetting, IPv4 and IPv6 Network Addressing, and the Twisted-Pair, Coaxial, and Optical Fiber cabling.


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