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Avalon School of Cosmetology


The Avalon School of Cosmetology has been in the business of providing professional cosmetology training for students with a passion for all things beautiful and cosmetics services to loyal customers in at least four US states for over forty years. All current training programs and on the job workshops are based on up to date industry knowledge and experience.


Campus Locations:

1992 W Antelope Dr, Layton, UT 84041
2111 S Alma School Rd Mesa, AZ 85210
410 E. Bell Rd., Suite G100 Phoenix, AZ 85022
2318 Central Ave Alameda, CA 94501



In order to provide the best education for their students, teachers must love what they do. This is how the Avalon School of Cosmetology prefers to brand itself. Up to date with fashion, the school’s instructors are more than willing to share their expertise, and as cosmetics-related service industries continue to evolve at a rapid pace, the school is at the forefront of the latest developments in this service-oriented business. The school maintains that their top priority is to provide students with both theoretical and practical skills that they can then apply as professionals.



The school was founded in the late 1960s, but it wasn’t until 1972 that they received formal recognition from the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS). Much later, during the nineties, the Avalon School of Cosmetology merged with Joy Etc. Ltd, and in 2008 it was bought by EA Education Inc.


Programs and Expertise

• Part-time day and night classes with flexible schedules
• Instructors with industry experience
• Business and finance training
• Professional training facilities and equipment
• Advanced classes in beauty and wellness


The Avalon School Curriculum

Because there is always a demand for new entrants to a burgeoning hairdressing trade in the US, there will be no shortage of opportunities for entry-level Avalon students. By completing short courses with this school, students already have a foot in the next hairdressing salon’s door. Course curriculums are all structured to be flexible, accommodating student demographics. In many cases, enterprising students are already providing themselves with an income. Classes are deliberately kept small so that each student is provided with attentive, personal tutoring.


Course Focus

Artistic flair, skilled craftsmanship, and technical prowess are key areas of training. The ability to utilize creativity with sound knowledge of chemical processes in hairdressing techniques, for instance, is emphasized during the training programs.


Basic Diploma Opportunities

These are just some of the careers that graduates can expect to qualify in after earning the Avalon School’s diploma;
• Hairstylist
• Hair color specialist
• Makeup artist
• Beauty sales representative
• Salon manager


Specialist Business Training
Artistry and beauty care are just two areas of training required to succeed in the retail cosmetics industry. But the nature of the business dictates that students need to be well-equipped to run their own business eventually. The Avalon School reminds prospective students that business and marketing skills need to be acquired and to this end they provide their students with nationally recognized spa and salon business training to fulfill these essential requirements.


Advanced Training

Advanced courses are provided in specialized areas. General beauty care, makeup artwork, nail technology and the application of hair extensions, are just a few of the areas in which specialized training will be given.


Makeup Artistry Training Course


This course can be added to the Cosmetology and/or Esthetics course programs, or taken as an independent program as part of Advanced Training.


Advanced Nails Training


Another specialized area of beauty care in which the Avalon School of Cosmetology provides advanced course tuition is in nail technology. During this advanced program, students are taught both technical and artistic skills in a niche market that is growing by nearly twenty percent every year.


Advanced Hair Extensions Training


The ability to create and apply attractive hair extensions to customers who both need and desire them requires skill. It is not a copy and paste process. The school has elected to add the hair extension course to the full program of Cosmetology Courses.


Teaching the Teachers

Students with an above-average passion for the beauty industry may want to advance their careers as instructors. The Beauty School Instructor Program at the Avalon School offers them this unique opportunity. They will be taught additional learning and teaching skills and to qualify as beauty care instructors, students are required to pass state board exams. Their training at the Avalon school makes this possible.


Teaching skills and classroom instruction methodologies are taught. So too, course development and lesson preparations. Also, students are taught how to one day evaluate their own students. Successful graduates have gone on to become qualified educators, school managers, administrators and consultants and state examiners. They have also been able to gain entry to lucrative positions as product representatives.


Focus on Business Training

As mentioned earlier, an important component of beauty care training (but not compulsory) requires students to learn how to manage a business, mainly due to the entrepreneurial nature of the industry. Business skills training is incorporated into the flagship Cosmetology and Esthetics Course curriculums. Learning how to manage effectively their own salons, students are given a firm grasp of business practices and marketing techniques. Among the business management practices that students are taught are numeracy, financial management, retailing, consultation, communication and life skills.


Customer Service

Being the best teachers in a service-oriented industry does not only entail expert knowledge and above average passion. Teachers also need to practice what they preach and showcase their skills. Students’ learning environments are enriched with real-life experience. The Avalon School of Cosmology also offers discerning customers the opportunity to experience their expertise and artistry. Incidentally, all services at the school’s retail outlets are performed by the students themselves. However, they perform their tasks under supervision of qualified and licensed instructors. At the moment, customers in Arizona, Utah, and California have the privilege of having their beauty needs attended to if they are in or near Layton, Mesa, Phoenix, and Alameda.


Get Started Now

Prospective students can visit the school’s website or send an email or phone the school directly for any further information on how to kick-start their careers. They can also join an ongoing conversation with the school’s faculty members by locating the Avalon School of Cosmology on any one of the leading social media networks.