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About Augusta School of Massage
Augusta School of Massage offers a wide range of programs in the field of massage and therapeutic treatment. Students receive theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on training, so that they can become successful massage therapists. Their instructors are highly qualified, experienced, and committed towards the academic success of students. The courses are offered in different schedules of full time, part time, day and evening slots. Applicants not only get to learn about the technical features of massage therapy, but they also get to know about the considerate facets of client service. Learning in both these areas enables students to become professional massage therapists.


Campus location:

Augusta School of Massage
608 Ponder Place Drive
Evans, Georgia 30809




History of School
Augusta School of Massage was founded by Leigh Ann Keels and Jackie King in 2000 at 3512 1/2 Wheeler Road, Augusta, Georgia. Leigh was a licensed massage therapist and Jackie was a physical therapist, when they thought of starting this school. They established this college with the belief that massage therapy is good for everyone, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. In 2003, another building of Augusta School of Massage was constructed. But, it did not stop here; in addition to the new building, they also built a new luxurious spa. Now, the school building houses Augusta School of Massage on the ground level and Tuscany - A Classic Italian Spa on the upper level. Classes in the new building began in 2004 and since then the institute has been growing in terms of its students as well as faculty.


Augusta School of Massage is credited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). It has been acknowledged as a school of Distinction (2005) by the ACCSC. The institute is also a part of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Furthermore, it is approved by the Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission, the Georgia Board of Massage Therapy.


Admission Process
To enroll into Augusta School of Massage, applicants must contact their admissions representative, take the campus tour and fix an appointment for a one to one interview. Students are required to complete their admission application. For this, they must give a copy of their high school diploma or transcript, a copy of their birth certificate or driver’s license, a copy of their GED credential, and an application fee. After this, the officials of the institute will assess the admission application and inform the applicant in writing about his or her status of admission. Applicants can also meet the Financial Aid Administrator, if they want any financial assistance regarding their course fee structure. At the end, the applicant signs the enrollment agreement. With this, the admission procedure comes to an end.


You must apply for admission in the Augusta School of Massage as soon as possible, so that you get a seat in their next massage class. The institute takes a maximum of 25 applicants per class and when each class gets full, the admission registration ends. The remaining prospective students are referred to the next start date of the class. So, it is advisable to start your admission procedure promptly.

However, the applicant must submit the following documents within two weeks of their starting the massage class:

• Completed high school copy, college transcript, high school diploma, or GED
• Copy of birth certificate or driver’s license to verify that the applicant is above 18
• Applicant health statement to verify that the student is healthy and fit, and can physically perform and get massage therapy
• Current photograph
• Application fee of $25
• Signed enrollment agreement


Financial Aid
Augusta School of Massage offers financial assistance to those who qualify. The financial aid is provided in the form of title IV programs, namely federal direct unsubsidized Stafford loan, federal direct subsidized Stafford loan, federal direct plus (parent) loan, and federal Pell grant. In order to apply for any one of these financial assistance programs, students must fill up the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA),


Programs Availble
Augusta School of Massage offers two courses in Massage Therapy. One program is concerned with the theoretical knowledge and hands-on training for massage therapy, and the other deals with business education.


Massage Therapy or Therapeutic Massage Training

The Massage Therapy or Therapeutic Massage Training is an undergraduate certificate course. It offers education in various essential fields of massage therapy, including the basics of physiology, anatomy, kinesiology, clinical pathology and contraindications, allied modalities, hydrotherapy and spa treatments, etc. Learners are trained in traditional Swedish massage that forms the basis of various other body therapies. The training is finished with fieldwork classes in supervised massage clinics, so that students learn how to take the craft of massage therapy to the public. Moreover, graduates are prepared for first aid, CPR certification, and taught about HIV/AIDS awareness.


Business Education Program

The Business Education program prepares students to become professional massage therapists, by teaching them the essential business aspects of this vocation. The curriculum includes business ethics, business history, and business laws. The course helps students to easily transition from a learner to a trained massage therapist, no matter if they want to become independent contractors, start their own practice, or work as staff members in a spa, medical facility, fitness club, or other health care settings. Upon successful completion of this course while meeting all the requirements and receiving a satisfactory grade, graduates are awarded with a certificate of completion, which enables them to sit for the Massage and Bodywork Licensing examination (MBLEx) or the National certification examination.


Continuing Education Opportunities
Apart from these two programs, Augusta School of Massage provides one course as part of its Continuing Education Opportunities. It is for therapeutic bodywork and massage professionals, who want to increase their knowledge and skills. The program is offered in the form of a workshop presented by national as well as international instructors. The BodySaver Massage Course teaches students how to give a holistic therapeutic massage to customers, without using the palms or thumbs. It concerns the Principles of Longevity required by massage therapists that go beyond the fundamentals of body mechanics. The program covers the sequences and techniques in supine, prone, and side lying positions. It enables students to explore their body’s inner power tools and perform deep tissue massage with pinpoint accuracy on any client size or at any pressure, without losing the body and energy. In this course, students learn how to utilize their knuckles, forearms, fists, elbows, feet, and knees, while producing maximum results with least efforts. With this type of massage, clients get immediate pain relief and improve their range of flexibility and motion. Students are required to bring some essential things with them for the workshop, including a massage table, linens, face cradle covers, two pillows, and a scent free lotion or oil of their choice.