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The Associated Technical College has two campuses, one in San Diego and the other in Los Angeles. The San Diego campus is essentially a branch of the Los Angeles location. The college was accredited in the July of 1988 for Trade and Technical Schools. Its parent school is called Career Academy in Hollywood, California. Currently ATC provides two main programs, Microcomputer Technology Program and Telecommunications Technology Program.


Campus Location:
San Diego Campus
707 Broadway street
Suite 300 San Diego CA 92101

Los Angeles Campus
1670 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90017

ATC provides resulted oriented training that helps individuals develop critical job skills that are much needed to be successful in career areas. The programs are designed to put people in the job market as quickly as possible. The class timings are very flexible. They are offered in the morning and in the afternoon, which allows the student to work full time and study part time, or vice versa. The programs provide hands-on practical learning in fields that are well-paid. The two programs allow the students to work jobs that are high in demand. The college is equipped with an experienced staff that constantly updates and broadens the content of the program. The learning methods employed are designed to prepare students for the changing needs of the current world market.

Enrollment Process
The Admissions Department at the Associated Technical College is available to answer any and all questions potential students may have about their programs, the application process or anything related to ATC. The career professionals at ATC are available to guide people in making the best career choice. People who are interested in a program at ATC can visit the campuses and to speak with a professional. The designated person will conduct a brief admission interview and walk you through the ATC application.

You can arrange an appointment over the phone or fill out the form on their website for more information. At ATC, students can enroll the next day and their classes will start in the next few weeks. You can apply for programs at ATC by visiting in person.

Financial and Job Placement Assistance
The Financial Aid Office at ATC helps every student find different ways to finance their education. If you wish to apply to any of the financial assistance programs, then you must meet with a Financial Aid Officer at ATC who can help you walk through the process and requirements. There are various types of financial aid available to people who qualify for it. Currently, ATC participates in the following programs for financial assistance:

- Federal Pell Grants
- Federal Supplemental Educational
- Opportunity Grants
- Federal Stafford Loan
- Federal PLUS Loan
- Private Alternative Loan programs

Job Placement Assistance
ATC prepares its students for the workforce by providing job placement assistance. This includes workshops that cover Interviewing Skills, Resume and Application preparation and Job Search. The placement officer at ATC maintains contracts with a variety of companies. All job openings are posted at the job portal and the placement officer guides students in finding jobs that fits their qualifications.

Programs Offered

Telecommunications Technology Program
A huge revolution has taken place in the world of telecommunications. The industry has significantly changed in the past two decades of the twentieth century and we continue to see changes even now. The way that it’s progressing, the industry promises huge growth. We are surrounded by everyday electronic products and computerized equipment that is used for the purposes of communication and t conduct business, everything from life-saving medical equipment to the communication devices available in space. While there are endless areas that are seeing growth and offer exciting opportunities, the key areas that are seeing expedited growth are fiber optics, computer hardware, application development, computer networking, paging, security systems and cellular telephones.

There is a high demand for qualified technicians that are needed to install, program and maintain the equipment in use. Students who successfully graduate from this program will be able to pursue entry level technician positions with local telephone companies and also in cable TV. They can work as field or service technicians with electronics or computer companies, installing cables, splicing and terminating fiber optics, in security and surveillance, even as owner of your own telephone installation and repair company.

Upon graduation all successful graduates will have a thorough hands-on understanding about how they can use their skills to enter the job market. The experienced instructional staff at ATC constantly brings improvements to the program and keeps it up to date with the changing trends of the telecommunications industry. The methods are there in place to ensure that students have the most current knowledge of their potential profession and they meet the needs of the job market.

Microcomputer Technology Program
The modern world is facing quite the industrial advancement and growing companies are in constant need of workers that are skilled and computer savvy. These companies are actually in competition for owning the best products and also the most satisfied set of customers. To get there they invest in their workforce to help them stay ahead of the game.

A firm wants their employees to stay motivated, skilled and compliant. Anyone who fits that description becomes a huge asset for the company. For that reason, companies have started employing the use of advanced office equipment to streamline their processes. Companies who carry such equipment are in dire need of skilled workers who can use these automated devices for the purpose of typing letters, forms or memos. It also allows them to accomplish various other tasks, such as accounting, desktop publishing, updating, maintaining company data and much more.