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Earn your diploma in Medical Assisting from Arizona College. You’ll perform both administrative and clinical functions. At Arizona College you can choose to take our program and receive a diploma or an associate’s degree. If you attend the school you’ll be taught by highly trained instructors in modern medical laboratories that simulate a real-world working environment. You’ll also gain externship experience to really get the feel of what it takes to make it in this exciting field.

As a medical assistant you’ll become the direct link between the physician that you work under and their patients. Your job depends on making sure the office runs smoothly. You’ll work with pharmacies and outpatient facilities and keep the doctors up-to-date on the wellbeing of their patients. You’ll need to have good communication skills and be able to multitask well as stay calm under stressful situations.

Some of your bank office duties could include prepping the patient for an exam, performing lab procedures including swabs and injections, going over medications with patients and even changing the dressing on the patients’ wounds. You’ll learn these and other duties during your training at Arizona College.

If you happen to get a job at a smaller medical office you might have to take care of front office duties. These duties can include setting appointments, collecting payments, working with insurance companies, processing bills and even basic book keeping.

Arizona College offers morning and evening classes so you can work while going to school. The Medical Assistant program starts ever 5 weeks so you won’t have to wait an entire semester to start. Upon graduation their Career Services department will help you with employment placement.

If you would like a degree in Medical Assisting then Arizona College can help. You’ll still take a clinical externship after you complete the campus based part of the program. If you have ever dreamed of becoming a Medical Assistant then now is the perfect time to start and Arizona College is the perfect school to train you.

Although receiving your certification will help you further in your job search it is not necessary to work as a medical assistant. The certification can make you stand out when going on interviews and is highly recommended. When you graduate you’ll be eligible to take an exam and be certified as a Registered Medical Assistant, which is an RMA and the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA). You can receive an outline about the test on the AMT website.


Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy
Phlebotomy is drawing blood for testing and transfusion. As a medical assistant with this experience you’ll be able to assemble tools necessary for the procedure, properly label tubes, and work on computer systems that hold the patients’ records and more.
If you possess good communication skills, have the ability to multi-task and have good organization skills and a passion to succeed then check out Arizona College.
Phlebotomists work at doctor’s offices, hospitals, nursing home facilities, blood banks as well as outpatient facilities that specialize in drawing blood.

During your program at Arizona College you’ll work on modern equipment and get hands-on training for experienced instructors. The program consists of lecture course in a classroom and you’ll draw blood from students and volunteers.

Once you compute the Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy program at Arizona College it is recommended that you sit for the Registered Phlebotomy Technician Certification Exam.