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  • Automotive Repair and Service
  • Air Contitioning, refrigeration, Appliances and Control
  • Auto Body Repair
  • Combination Welding Technology
  • Electrical and Advanced Electrical
  • Construction and Building Skills
  • Plumbing and Pipe Fitting

Apex Technical School


Apex Technical School



The Apex Technical School is located in the long Island city, NY, with a mission to drill students in the marketable skills necessary for employment after graduation. Licensed by the New York state Education department, the trade school was developed in 1961 to offer hands on quality education. All the programs offered by the school are diligently designed to provide hands-on training and offer a real-world experience indispensable for achieving career objectives, in as little as 7 months. Apex offers day and night classes, work-study jobs, financial aid, and job placement assistance to those who qualify.

Enrollment Process and financial Aid
The Admissions Department representatives at the Apex Technical School are available to answer all queries that potential students may have pertaining to the application process, their programs, or anything related to Apex, so that they may make an informed decision. The school also organizes tours for interested individuals to walk in and look at the equipment and shops they would be training with.

In a program at Apex, you are required to have a high school diploma or equivalency certificate (GED); otherwise, it will be mandatory to achieve a competitive score on the standardized admission examination. The admission representatives will conduct a brief interview and walk you through the application process. You will be informed on the financial assistance options and cost of attendance you may be eligible for. If you decide that Apex is the right place for you, you need to pay the application fee and sign an enrollment agreement. Providing students with career service assistance is an integral part of Apex. If you meet the basic eligibility criteria, their aid advisors can assist you through the application process and help you determine your financial aid options. For more information, call Apex and set up a visit to the school, or visit the website.

Transfer of Hours
If you have taken courses pertinent to your field of study at another federally accredited, registered, and licensed post-secondly school, you may be allowed to enroll with credit for those hours upon:

• Presentation course description and an official transcript
• Passing the Apex’s exams for all segments of the course for which you are requesting transfer of credit
• Proof of successful completion of those hours (minimum grade C)
Here are the commendable programs offered by Apex, which might be of interest to you:

Automotive Repair and Service
Evaluated by NATEF and ASE, this course prepares you for a fine future as an Automotive Service technician who is drilled in all the competent skills and knowledge required to ensure that vehicles operate properly. Garner hands-on experience related to the repair and service of the electrical and mechanical systems of light trucks and automobiles. This program allows you to gain a working knowledge and real world expertise of basic oxygen/acetylene metal inert gas welding, vehicle and engine systems, and automotive shop safety, in addition to a thorough comprehension of body adjustment, and automotive inspection and maintenance. The program is designed to take 30 weeks to complete and is expected to guarantee high paying jobs.

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Appliances, and Control
Any student, who aspires for a thriving career as a technician, can opt for this. This program teaches you the competencies needed to maintain and repair commercial and domestic refrigeration and air conditioning systems, as well as gas-fired heaters, home appliances, and electrical controls. The main objective of the program is to offer students a foundation of skills and knowledge upon which they can build a viable career, including the potential for a head start on a top-notch apprenticeship. The program provides hands-on training to give students a real world experience blended with comprehensive education. The program is designed to take 30 weeks to complete.

Auto Body Repair
The auto body technicians of today are expected to have expertise in everything, running the gamut from refurnishing, to painting, damage repair, welding, and structure analysis. Lighter materials, such as Aluminum, plastics, and metal alloys, have replaced the older sturdy steel cars of the past. While they are indeed lighter, they are prone to damage and have caused the demand for erudite technicians to rise. The Apex training school is equipped with state of the art tools and equipments, allowing students to garner comprehensive knowledge and hands on experience in today’s air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating industry. The program is designed to take 30 weeks to complete. The job placement rate for individuals who undertook this program is 68%.

Combination Welding Technology

The excellent combination welding technology program of the Apex Training school emphasizes on teaching a myriad emerging welding technologies, such as gas Tungsten arc Welding (GTAW), shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), and flux cored welding (FCAW). In addition to electric and gas welding processes, students would garner hands on knowledge of automatic and manual cutting techniques, and get introduced to the blue print reading for metal fabrication and layout, such as welding exotic metals or thin through thick metals, tube welding, and pipe welding. The curriculum is diligently designed to help students use innovative equipment and work with different types of welders. The program is designed to take 30 weeks to complete. The job placement rate for individuals who undertook this program is 69%.

Electrical and Advanced Electrical
The electrical and advanced electrical program offered by Apex technology enables students to enter the trade to fill myriad of burgeoning roles, drilled in the most advanced skills such as wiring, hand and power tools, motors, lighting, and other electrical systems. The curriculum is designed after due deliberation with electric utilities, to address continuing educational needs. Our industry leading electrical code experts employ exclusive delivery methods, which are highly effective and innovative. This program makes it easy for individuals to pursue a career as a licensed or certified electrical professional. The program is designed to take 30 weeks to complete.

Construction and Building Skills
With the rapid growth of the construction industry, this program in construction and building skills can get you right in the middle of the game. The curriculum is diligently designed to lend the best skills and expertise needed to work with the best contractors, engineers, architects, and building officials in the business. From new constructions, to renovations and remodeling, the comprehensive program drills you in the most innovative tools and technologies needed to gain an entry in to this exciting field. The course outline focuses on carpentry, electrical skills, plumbing, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling. The program is designed to take 30 weeks to complete.

Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
The plumbing and pipefitting program at Apex Training school is designed to provide skill development and entry-level knowledge in plumbing fixtures, waste systems, water supplies, and plumbing installation. This program incorporates core skills such as DWV piping and valves, fittings, faucets, fixtures, and the use of hand and power tools. Pipefitting skills, such as fabrication and sprinkler fitting, groove and flange, and butt and socket weld pipe fabrication. The program is designed to take 30 weeks to complete.


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