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Antonelli College Programs

  • Business Management
  • CDL Truck Driving
  • Dental Assisting
  • Financial Management
  • Information Technology
  • Interior Design
  • Marketing and Social Media Degree
  • Massage Therapy
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Paralegal Studies
  • Photography
  • Practical Nursing
  • Sales Management

Antonelli College


Antonelli College

For decades now, Antonelli College has been one of the premier visual art schools in the country. As such, the university has been a fixture in the Cincinnati art community for many years as well. If you are looking to start your education in the visual arts field, look no further than Antonelli College. Those looking to enter the business or health sector will find opportunity here as well.



Antonelli College is recognized for its visual arts and graphic design degrees, but it also offers other programs that students can take separately or combined depending on their needs. Business IT degrees, vocational trade programs, and Allied Health programs are all offered at Antonelli.

The primary academic goal is to get students trained and qualified to enter whatever job market they are choosing. Emphasis is placed on giving students the knowledge and expertise they need for their fields upon graduation.


Campus Locations

Cincinnati Campus
124 E Seventh Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45202


Jackson Campus
2323 Lakeland Drive
Jackson, MS 39232


Hattiesburg Campus
1500 N 31st Ave
Hattiesburg, MS 39402



Job Placement

After graduation, the institution offers employment with local companies within their respective campus’s area. Job placement is provided with both nationwide and local businesses. Some of the big names include Walt Disney World, Sears, IKEA, Home Depot,, and Kool Smiles. There are numerous local opportunities as well, including many hospitals, medical centers, and small businesses in the Ohio and Mississippi area.


School Accreditation

Antonelli College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and can award degrees and certifications. Each campus is additionally approved by their states requirements.


Enrollment Procedure

The minimum requirement to attend Antonelli College is proof of high school graduation or its equivalent in a GED. If a student is unable to produce this, the Admissions Department offers GED testing information. The only other requirement is that the applicant is of legal age to attend a secondary institution. The procedure begins with a personal interview with a representative of the school and the filling out of necessary paperwork, along with paying a registration fee. From there, the college will decide if an applicant is eligible based on their educational background, interview, and work experience.


During the application process, prospective students for the Graphic Design program are required to submit four pieces of original work. This does not need to be formal work; students are encouraged to submit sketchbooks and other artwork they may have. All work is returned soon afterward. Applications are available online, and students may call their corresponding future campus to set up interviews as well.


Per federal and state regulations and Antonelli’s beliefs, Antonelli College admits students regardless of any race, color, sex, and national or ethnic origin.


Financial Aid for Students

Antonelli College believes that no student should be deprived of an education due to lack of being able to afford it, and as such, there are many options for students when it comes to paying. The school accepts:


• Grants and scholarships – money that does not have to be repaid.
• Loans – aid that must be repaid. The school takes federal, state, and personal loans.
• Work study programs – jobs arranged by the school to help pay costs.
• Institutional Payment Plans – personal and interest-free plans set up by the college.
• Alternative Funding – The school accepts funding from GI Bills, Go Army Ed, the Job Training Partnership Act, the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, and the Trade Adjustment Act.


For more information on financial aid, you can check:


Student Services

Along with extensive job training and placement, the school offers many further services. Academic advisors and guidance counselors are available to any enrolled student. Antonelli believes there is more to the education experience than just class and offers a wide variety of clubs and groups.


These clubs also coincide with a student’s field, making them extra beneficial. For example, a student involved in photography class could join the Photo Geeks club if they wanted.

Online Campus
If unable to attend one of the physical campuses online courses are offered. Degrees can be earned online in their Business IT track. These programs are accredited just as the physical ones are, so there is no reason to worry that your diploma will not be accepted by future employers.


The Programs Offered


Arts and Design

Known best for its Arts and Design programs, the college, offers programs in the following: Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Photography. Each program features experienced educators that give hands-on and practical instruction with the goal of preparing the student for their career.


Business IT

Whether looking for a Business Degree on its own or coupling it with another plan, look no further than Antonelli. Their business programs include Business Management, Financial Management, Paralegal Studies, Marketing and Social Media Management, Sales Management, and the Information Technology Program.

Each of these programs is instructed by experienced business people with real word experiences. These classes are small and personalized and even provide significant one-on-one time with instructors.


CDL Licensing

You may not think often think art school and CDL truck driving in the same sentence, but Antonelli College offers CDL training in their Jackson campus. SEC Training Centers offer a personal experience with instructors as well as practical driving experience. It is the perfect option whether you are looking to drive locally, regionally, or throughout the entire country.


Health and Wellness

Looking to get started in the medical business? They offer a wide variety of Associate degree programs designed to get you into the field. This includes the Dental Assisting Program, a Message Therapy program, Medical Assisting Program, Medical Billing and Coding, and Practical Nursing. All of these will provide substantial career opportunities are starting points for those who wish to continue their education afterward.

The Big Picture

Don’t put off your education any longer! Whether you are just out of highs school or have been considering going back to school for years, Antonelli College has you covered. With exciting opportunities in many fields, excellent career-focused training, job placement, and a friendly student body – there is no reason to wait any longer!