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What an amazing career choice. If you choose to enroll at Florida Career College for their patient care technician program you'll learn how to be an integral part of a patient's recovery at treatment centers, nursing homes, hospitals and offices. Did you know that Florida has a high elderly population and that healthcare and wellness in 2008 was the largest growth field in the country. This is a great career path that offers flexible work hours that could even one day lead to self-employment once you have enough experience.


During your diploma program which takes 9 months to complete you'll learn about occupational therapy aide training, how to record vital signs, learn the basic principles of nutrition, receive HIV/AIDS awareness training as well as learn about the basic structure and function of the body systems. When you are done with your training you'll be able to sit for the CAN exam (Certified Nurse Assistant) as well as the CPCT (Certified Patient Care Technician) and Phlebotomy.


The program at Florida Career College is design to give you the training you'll need to focus on skills that build on occupational therapy, respiratory and geriatric, health aid, CPR and radiology.