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Limited Scope X-Ray Technician Training


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Have you been looking for an x-ray technician program and would like to find both a diploma as well as an Associate of Science Degree? If so check out what Anthem College has to offer. With campus locations all around you're sure to find one close to you. Learn about radiographic physics as well as skeletal and respiratory systems.

Once you graduate you'll be in the running to be able to apply for basic entry level x-ray technician and basic machine operator positions. You'll be part of a diagnostic team and you'll be responsible for preparing patients as well as x-ray equipment. As a technician you will also develop the film as well as adjust the equipment based on your experience level.


During your diploma program you'll take courses in anatomy, radiation safety and patient care including injections and venipuncture. If you are taking the practical technologists in radiology associate of science degree then you'll train in CPR, ethics, communications, healthcare compliance as well as other programs in radiation safety. The great thing about this career is if you wish to continue and gain more knowledge you can find diagnostic training as they relate to mammography, CT's, MRI's and even done densitometry. Don't count out careers in sales as many go on to become sales reps with companies who sell the equipment to hospitals and private practices.


Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Anthem's x-ray technician program isn't available at all campus locations so please request information to find out if it is offered near you. We are excited you took this first important step in starting your career education training.