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Are you a numbers person and always wanted to start a new and exciting career? Morrison University offers both an Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science in Accounting. If you are new to the industry then we recommend staring with the AA degree which will teach you the best practices related to accounting including business, economics and finance.


The online Associate of Science degree in Accounting Technology is a great program where you'll also take classes in psychology and communications. As a graduate you'll be looking for entry level jobs that focus on bookkeeping, payroll and becoming a tax preparer.


By enrolling in the Bachelor's program you'll start to dive into more advanced programs including tax and cost accounting as well as finance, statistics, law and ethics. This program is offered at Morrison University. So you might be asking yourself what makes a good accountant? One of the key things to be successful in all business is time management, critical thinking and mathematics. Because you'll be talking to potential clients you need the ability to communicate them. Skills such as active listening, problem sensitivity or learning strategies all come into play.