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Are you looking for a new hobby, particularly one that helps others improve some physical ailments and promote overall health and wellness? Are you searching for training in a new career path? Maybe you have been interested in the art of massage therapy all your life, or maybe this is a new adventure altogether later in life. Regardless, the best way to start is to try out some low-effort, low-risk training courses that will help you decide if it’s the best path for you. At Ananda Healing Arts, professional massage therapist Laurie Freeman is here to help you begin.


Campus Locations:
Ananda Healing Arts
Infinite Health Family Chiropractic
1 Fisher Avenue
Boscawen, New Hampshire 03303


Ananda Healing Arts
14471 Meade Street
Fair Haven, New York 13156


About Ananda Healing Arts
Ananda Healing Arts is a massage therapy institution, specializing in Arvigo’s May Abdominal Therapy, deep tissue and integrative massages, craniosacral therapy, and more. It is headed by therapist Laurie J. Freeman, a practitioner and massage therapy trainer with over twenty years of experience in the field of physical relaxation and mental renewal. The official website says that Laurie “reaches into the deeper levels of the body, mind, and spirit with knowledge and understanding. For the receiver, a new awakening/awareness of the body, and mind and heart soon becomes reality.” A master at her craft, Freeman is here to spread her knowledge and expertise to others interested in massage therapy. Consider taking classes with her at Ananda Healing Arts.

Practitioner Qualifications

For 24 years, Freeman, LMT, has been practicing massage therapy, first in New York, then in New Hampshire. She now works at both locations. Laurie Freeman began her journey to this profession at the Florida School of Massage in 1992. Her training was supplemented and continued at the Temple of the Universe in Alachua, Kripalu in Lenox, MA, the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, and the Self-Realization Fellowship founded by Paramahansa Yogananda. She has also been instructed by therapists from CranioSacral Therapy via Upledger Institute, Orthopedic Massage with James Waslaski, Thomas Myers’ Balancing the Spine/ Intrinsic Muscles of the Pelvis, ACE Massage CuppingTM’s Anita Shannon, and Maya Abdominal Therapy with Cathy Lipsky and Rosita Arvigo—the last where she obtained a practitioner’s certificate in the art of abdominal therapy. Freeman has studied under the best to develop her current, deep understanding of the mind and body’s connection. Her philosophy is situated in an almost spiritual realm of mental and physical healing. Her specialty is the treatment of the pelvis.

With extensive training and experience, Freeman is well qualified to teach clients self-care techniques as well as take on serious students. She is certified as an Arvigo Self Care Teacher as well as a community educator in massage therapy.


Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abominal Therapy
Freeman’s expertise is one owed to training under Dr. Rosita Arvigo, the one who brought the practice of Maya Abdominal Therapy to the global West. Freeman’s students can expect to learn very ancient abdominal massage techniques said to bring a whole host of physical benefits. Just a few of the health conditions Maya Abdominal Therapy, gentle and meticulous abdominal strokes in key parts of the abdominal cavity, are as follows:

• Muscular Tension
• Headaches and Migraines
• Restricted Breathing from Tension
• Varicose Veins
• Post-Surgical Recovery
• Incontinence of Urinary System
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome, among many other digestive disorders

There are also gender-specific benefits. For men, Maya Abdominal Therapy is said to help with the early stages of benign prostatic hyperplasia and erectile dysfunction caused by abdominal related issues. For women, the list goes from C-section surgery recovery to chronic yeast infections, to menopausal symptoms.

Clients can speed up the healing process by practicing Maya Abdominal Therapy self-care in the comfort of their own home after two to three sessions with Freeman (as long as she is given a detailed account of your health history beforehand).

Clients-turned- students who take the Self-Care Training Course can hope to be able to practice strong abdominal massage skills for as long as they see fit after the first professional sessions.

Self-Care Training
Ananda Healing Arts offer Self-Care Training for amateurs or clients interested in some continued self-regulation of mind and body balance. This is a 2-and-a-half-day course that instructs students how to perform on their own bodies the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy. There are no prerequisites for this class, and if students find this line of work interesting after this course, they can use it as a stepping stone to enroll in the Professional Training for licensing.

This course goes into the nutritional, herbal, spiritual, emotional aspects of massage techniques for a better understanding of Maya abdominal therapy’s wellness effects. It also discusses the anatomical, mechanical parts of the practice. The student learns about all of the organs and parts of the abdominal area, pinpointing how to find mal-positioned organs with self-care demonstrations. After just over two days, students are amazingly well acquainted with the practice and find they can be more in tune with their own bodies.


Hands on Health (Intro One Day Course)
If two days is still too long for you, there is a one-day option for Maya Abdominal Therapy instruction, though arguably not as comprehensive. It is an introductory course, meant to give you a strong understanding of the anatomy of the abdominal region. It also gives you a look into the Arvigo massage techniques that Freeman has so much training in herself. The class is also open to amateurs and clients alike, but unlike the official Self-Care Training course, this introductory day of instruction can’t be used as a prerequisite for Professional Care Training.