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American Sentinel University is a healthcare university based online allowing students to get the education they need and obtain professional certification while studying and working from home. The programs sponsored by American Sentinel University allow students to position themselves ideally to succeed in the healthcare industry while getting the needed education and accreditation on their own time. For professionals with existing degrees and certification, this university also enables workers to pursue career advancement and training opportunities. American Sentinel University caters to the needs of students by providing support, flexibility and newly designed learning techniques. More students attend American Sentinel University due to easy access to accreditation programs that fit their scheduling needs. Getting the support and experience needed while maintaining work and personal scheduling makes the courses idea. The way in which curriculum is administered allows students to pursue healthcare career transformation with greater ease.



Programs and Degrees Offered

American Sentinel University provides a wide array of dynamic certification and degree programs in highly desirable and in-demand healthcare career fields. The online associate degree programs in health care and nursing and online master’s in degree management programs provide students with the information they need to excel in the healthcare field with many opportunities for career advancement. Curriculum allows students to have access to the most up to date information on nursing and healthcare management with flexible, high-quality programs in a comprehensive online format. Students have more support and access to instructor feedback and tutoring than many other online universities and classroom experiences.


Nursing programs include:

-Registered Nurse to B.S. Nursing (RN to BSN)
-Registered Nurse to B.S. Nursing/M.S. Nursing (RN to BSN/MSN)
-M.S. Nursing (MSN) with five specializations to choose from:
-Case Management
-Infection Prevention and Control
-Nursing Education
-Nursing Informatics
-Nursing Management and Organizational Leadership
-Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and two specialty subjects students can choose from: Executive Leadership or Educational Leadership
- Infection Prevention and Control Certificate


Healthcare Management programs include:

- MBA Healthcare
- Course-based MBA Healthcare
- Project-based MBA Healthcare
- M.S. Business Intelligence and Analytics
- M.S. Information Systems Management

- Bachelor’s Degrees


American Sentinel University allows students to work flexible hours and participate in affordable educational bachelor’s degree programs to obtain accreditation as a registered nurse. The RN and BSN online programs allow students to prepare for many nursing roles and apply all necessary workplace requirements in a way that not only meets expectations but also exceeds them.


Graduates from American Sentinel’s RN and BRN training programs will possess the skills needed to:
-Take on leadership roles within a healthcare team at a variety of organizations
-Better their professional practice and applied nursing ability through academic research and case study-based study
-Apply methods of scholarship and research to diagnostic medicine and patient treatment plans
-Create care plans for communities, individuals and groups of people
-Apply health and educational methods to nursing practice and care of families, individuals and groups within a simple or complex health setting
-Take responsibility for healthcare actions and judgment calls
-Apply medical ethics, values and codes of professional behavior to work in nursing
-Analyze problems involving new and emerging illnesses and health trends
-Show aptitude for compassion, patience, tolerance and being a global citizen
-Work with other groups to develop new healthcare policies for individuals and communities.


Master’s Degrees

- M.S. Information Systems Management
- MBA Healthcare
- Course-based MBA Healthcare
- Project-based MBA Healthcare
- M.S. Business Intelligence and Analytics
- Registered Nurse to B.S. Nursing/M.S. Nursing (RN to BSN/MSN)
- M.S. Nursing (MSN) with five specializations to choose from:
- Case Management
- Infection Prevention and Control
- Nursing Education
- Nursing Informatics
- Nursing Management and Organizational Leadership


Doctoral Degrees

American Sentinel University provides two online-based Doctor of Nursing Practice programs for RNs seeking to develop and gain skills and industry knowledge. Graduates will be able to apply better management skills, demonstrate their command of curriculum in real world application, improve their credibility in the healthcare field and keep up with the fast-paced and ever-changing healthcare working environment’s regulations and practices. The DNP degree opportunities ensure greater flexibility through the online learning portal, working with experienced instructors and faculty committed to helping students advance their careers. These doctoral programs are designed to help students fill a leadership role in the nursing industry and grow from their applied academic backing.


Programs include:

Doctor of Nursing Practice (educational leadership specialization): this specialty niche is reserved for nurses who already possess a Master’s in nursing (MSN). This program is reserved for RNs whose licenses are considered unencumbered. The program requires applicants to possess a minimum two years of on the job experience (full time) in a faculty or leadership role in nursing education. Additionally, students must possess at least a2 to 4 years of college/university education and/or 2-4 years of hospital/healthcare experience with a recognized organization within the last five years.


Doctor of Nursing Practice (executive leadership specialization) – This program is tailored to provide a doctorate-level degree to nursing managers who already hold a BSN, master’s degree or an unencumbered RN license. Additional admissions criteria is a minimum of two years work experience on a full-time basis within a nursing leadership/management/executive role. Work must be within the last five years. For this specialization, nurses are not required to earn or possess a MSN. For this degree, American Sentinel University offers three program options. These options are:


-Nurses that have an MSN (immediate enrollment in the DNP program)
-Nurses that have a master’s in another discipline (e.g. MBA, MHA, MPH, or MEd) and want to earn an MSN and DNP
-Nurses that have a master’s in another discipline but do not want to earn an MSN, just a DNP


Certificate Programs

American Sentinel University offers a highly marketable certificate in Infection Prevention and Control Certificate (IPC). Courses are available to physicians, clinicians, managers, nurses and other members of infection control teams and healthcare professionals. The academic material covered in this certification and training program prepares graduates to recognize the needed preventative and triage measures and advanced their academic knowledge in their area of expertise.

The Prevention and Control Certificate is administered over a 15 credit long training program. Objectives of this program are to provide the CDC sponsored guidelines, regulations and tips necessary to reduce liability in a hospital setting, protect hospital revenue and to protect/improve the care of patients in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare settings. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the three key preventative measures needed to properly applied and followed are: 1. Preventing the spread of bacteria between patients 2. Prevent infectious following surgery or placement/replacement of catheters 3. Improve the use and administering of antibiotics.


Students graduating from this certification program will have the skills needed to manage, assess and plan infection prevention and infection control missions within their communities, work environments and areas of practice. Graduates will also know how to set up surveillance systems, collect, analyze and interpret data. These unique qualifications are not included in standard medical accreditation settings as American Sentinel University’s curriculum is developed with CDC guidelines and criteria in mind.


School Admissions

Entrance into career and degree programs sponsored by American Sentinel University depends on the criteria and eligibility requirements of each individual type of degree, certificate and program in question.


Bachelor’s & Master’s Program Requirements:

-A complete application
-An up to date curriculum vitae, resume or professional accomplishments list
-Proof of education within the United States/ proof of a U.S. RN license
-Proof of foreign education equivalent to U.S. RN license (guidelines apply).
-A copy of students’ unencumbered and in-date U.S. RN license.

-A Validation of Licensure Report providing evidence of legal authorization to practice professional nursing in a certain region or geographic area. CGFNS documentation is accepted by American Sentinel University.


Doctoral Program Requirements

-A complete application
-An up to date curriculum vitae, resume or professional accomplishments list
-Proof of current or past employment (within the last 5 years). Unemployed prospective students will need to verify employment history in healthcare facilities to be able to participate in classroom curriculum.
-Proof of educational leadership specialization: At least two years of professional experience in a leadership role within a nursing education setting.
-At a 2-4 year college/university education or hospital/healthcare setting experience in the last 5 years.
-Proof of executive leadership specialization: At least 2 years demonstrating full-time on the job experience in the role of executive or managerial nursing role within 5 years.


Certificate Program Requirements

- A complete application
- An up to date curriculum vitae, resume or professional accomplishments list
- Official academic transcripts from relevant post-secondary educational institution.


Financial Aid

American Sentinel University’s Office of Financial Aid is available to offer assistance to students in the form of guidance, application guidelines and types of available aid. The university remains dedicated to helping students pursue affordable degrees and programs that have payment plans optional.