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With an almost expected number of claims increasing over the years due to healthcare regulations, now is the perfect time to start training in the medical billing and coding field. Choosing American Career College will allow you to fast-track your education and get it completed in around 9 months.

Medical billing and coding is a great career and ACC has a great program you should look into. The program is designed so you can learn quickly and understand tasks associated with billing and coding. Learn how to use healthcare databases as well as how to accurately report a patient’s information or information from a doctor. Most end up working in medical offices or insurance companies. By properly recording billing information you’ll be responsible for billing the insurance companies for reimbursement.

During your training at ACC you’ll take modules in: Anatomy, Psychology and Pathophysiology, Intro to Claims Examiner, Billing and Coding Reimbursement Procedures.

Upon graduation you’ll have the training necessary to apply for entry –level positions at doctors’ offices, HMOs, insurance companies and more. As the population ages the number of medical claims will also continue to increase. A career as a medical billing and coder is a great career choice. Let American Career College help you down the right track to succeed.