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American Academy of Culinary Arts


If you are passionate about food, flavors and creativity, then a career in the culinary arts may be the fit for you. The American Academy of Culinary Arts offers a rich and diverse education in which you will learn about many different types of cuisine, different cooking techniques, the history of culinary tradition and much more. This school encourages the freedom of creativity and is dedicated to training the next generation of renowned chefs. At this school, you will learn to expertly blend ingredients and create palatable flavor profiles enhanced with classic cooking techniques and traditions. Budding chefs learn all about different regional cuisines while being pushed to develop their own creativity and put their own spin on each and every dish.


American Academy of Culinary Arts Campus Location:
1111 McKee Rd.
Oakdale, PA 15071


Culinary Arts Certificate Program

Students who want to begin their careers in as little as months should look into the Certificate of Culinary Arts. This program will teach you all of the fundamentals of cooking, such as knife skills, menu planning, intercontinental cuisine, baking and more. Upon completion of this program, you will have the skills needed to find an entry level position in a restaurant environment. This program allows students to be trained by skilled chefs in a supportive environment where they can perfect their skills without the pressure of a restaurant kitchen.


Associate's Degree in Culinary Arts

Take your culinary education to the next level by earning an Associate in Culinary Arts. Students in this program will learn all of the techniques and theory as those in the Certificate program, but they will also be trained in other aspects of hospitality management. From how to effectively design a kitchen to run efficiently to the principles of food prep and sanitation, you will have the skills necessary to effectively run a kitchen. You may also choose to pursue a career in hospitality. For these students, the Associate in Culinary Arts program offers classes in Hospitality Supervision, Club and Restaurant Management and more.


Aimed with making the admissions process easier, the American Academy of Culinary Arts does not charge an application fee. Programs begin once every four weeks, making it easier to accommodate people of varying schedules, rather than making prospective students wait until the start of fall or spring semesters. To apply, simply fill out the online form, and take a virtual tour.


Financial Aid
American Academy of Culinary Arts offers financial aid options to qualifies prospective and current students, they simply need to make an appointment with the Financial Aid Office. The school accepts typical forms of financial aid, including grants and scholarships and a variety of loans. Once you’ve determined you financial aid needs and eligibility, you can contact the financial aid office to help you fill out and submit forms, ensuring that they are routed to the proper location for efficient processing.


Career Services
The American Academy of Culinary Arts has a dedicated Career Services Department with all of the resources needed to successfully find a job in your chosen field. The professionals in the department can help you develop your resume, helping to highlight your culinary specialty and expertise that will allow you to thrive in your new job. The school also offers interview preparation services and a variety of alumni services, allowing former students to connect with one another and prospective employers. It also allows alumni to brush up on their skills in order to remain in the forefront of the industry.


Senior Showcase
Graduating seniors are given the opportunity to test their skills and present their dishes to the public at regular student showcases. This capstone event allows students to develop the menu, buy and prepare the ingredients and set the prices. It is an opportunity for them to test every aspect of their training to everyone who attends the event. Many students are also encouraged to submit original dishes to culinary competitions. Events and activities such as these give American Academy of Culinary Arts students exposure and help them build and enhance their culinary reputation. They also serve as excellent networking opportunities, giving students a chance to connect and present their cuisine to industry professionals.


Student Activities
The American Academy of Culinary Arts gives students the opportunity to connect with fellow students through sports clubs, campus activities, and volunteer events. The school is part of the Pittsburgh Technical Institute, and as such, students have access to all of the campus activities presented to other divisions of the school. These activities offer a great way to interact with fellow students and take a break from the rigors of academic life. Students also have access to other resources like student housing, which is an excellent way to ease financial restraints to attending school.


Expert Chefs
Students at the American Academy of Culinary Arts will be trained under some of the most respected chefs in the industry, including Chef Norman Hart – acclaimed Chef and Director of the program, alongside chefs, Amanda Flesch, Donald Hutchens, Mark Clink, and Derek Perrone. Each of these professionals has won various awards, and they have extensive knowledge in theory, cooking techniques and more. Students will benefit from hands on training by people who have been in the industry for many years. Each instructor brings a passion for cooking that can be passed on to students, and they are adept at encouraging students to try new things and break their own personal barriers. Once you’ve completed your program, you will have the building blocks needed to become a well known chef in your own right.


The AACA Advantage
In addition to training under an internationally known and respected chef, students at the American Academy of Culinary Arts get the benefit of classic training techniques and basics like knife skills, food prep and more. They are also introduced to the history behind different methods of cooking and are introduced to many successful examples of American cuisine. By learning about these dishes along with why they are popular and iconic, students will have a better understanding of what makes a menu successful, so that they in turn can create their own successful menu. AACA students also receive training in other aspects of hospitality management, making them qualified to run a kitchen of any size from a restaurant to a hotel and anywhere in between. Other basic skills include writing and psychology, which will enable the student to develop dishes that will appeal to customers on a fundamental level.


By introducing students to the American greats and familiarizing them with cuisine of many different regions, AACA inspires creativity and ignites passion. The school not only teaches basic skills, but also incorporates new and emerging trends in cooking to inspire students to take their skills to the next level. Students are inspired to tap into their own creativity and experiment with different techniques, different flavor combinations and much more.


By choosing to attend the American Academy of Culinary Arts, you can test the limits of your passion and creativity while working in a career that is both rewarding and stimulating. These skills are coveted at restaurants all over the country and all over the world. Once you have begun your career, your prospects are limitless. Whether you choose to open a restaurant, open a pastry shop, become a caterer or move into management, your training at AACA will enable you to thrive in your chosen field.