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Allied Health Institute


Allied Health Institute


Allied Health Institute is mainly an online learning program that brings the classroom to your home or wherever you are. The convenience of online classes will save a lot of time, and it will be easier to work around an already busy or demanding schedule. The online classrooms are managed and supported by the ANGEL Learning Management System that makes the online learning experience safe, secure, reliable and provides 24/7 support to students. There is also a virtual library that every student gains access to when they enroll in a program.

Allied Health Institute does have a great facility that has full-time staff available to help students with everything they need, including admissions, academics, financial aid, student services and career development. There are also large classrooms, medical labs and computer labs available. Some other amenities on site include nearby parking and a great lounge area for students to kick back and relax.


51 North State Road 7
Plantation, FL 33317


About AHI


Allied Health Institute, or AHI, is a great choice for anyone looking for a convenient and quick but still high-quality education in the medical field. AHI’s president was one of the first in the nation to create an online accredited medical assistant program and has actually been involved in creating and upholding the high standards that go along with accrediting a system like this. The staffs of teachers and instructors are all experienced in their fields and bring the real-world to the classroom for better quality instruction.

One of the most convenient aspects of getting involved in AHI is that classes start every single month. This means that it is much easier for students to fit the program into their busy schedules as well as be involved in smaller class sizes where they are able to get more attention and direction from the teacher. The programs offered are very quick and efficient, so most students are able to complete their programs and earn a diploma in less than ten months. Students are able to take one class at a time, which helps them focus better and concentrate on one issue at a time.

Customer Service & Career Services

Customer service is always available to students enrolled at Allied Health Institute. The ANGEL program has online customer support available 24/7 to anyone using the online ANGEL program. There’s also a full-time staff available to help prospective students, current students and alumni with any issues and questions they may have about their courses and future career.

Allied Health Institute takes career development seriously and offers a wide range of career services to anyone enrolled in their program as well as all graduates and alumni of their programs. Some of the services offered include:

• Career coaching that is tailored to each specific student’s interests and needs.
• Interview instruction and tips that help students navigate interviews with ease.
• Workshops that are career specific and on many different topics from interviewing, etiquette and resume building.
• Job market forecast information that helps students prepare for their field based on the availability of jobs and competitiveness of the market.
• Career fair and event monitoring services so that students always know where and when these events are.
• Resume coaching and individual aid with developing a killer cover letter.
• Online events that include networking opportunities, virtual job fairs, interviews and various seminars that aid in searching for jobs and opportunities.

School Accreditation

Allied Health Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Educational Schools:
ABHES #I-003
7777 Leesburg Pike, Suite 314 North
Falls Church, VA 22043


Military Education

Allied Health Institute is a proud supporter of the US Military and their families. The AHI program is available for all US Military and government employees. It is also approved by the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts program (MyCAA). If you are interested in this program, be sure to follow the steps and instructions for applying and claiming your entitlements.

Associate Degrees Programs

Business Administration


This online program is estimated to take about 20 months total due to the 20- course load. The program specializes in helping students gain business knowledge and build a foundation in economics, management, labor relations, HR, law and much more. Business Administration is an important and useful program because it can be applied to many different jobs within the health fields and even outside of them. It lays down a core understanding of how businesses work and how to work efficiently and effectively in an office setting.


Medical Billing and Coding


This program is mainly online, but it does require the student to finish up their lab requirement at a medical facility. The program lasts about 16 months and provides students with valuable knowledge in medical billing and coding along with medical office and business information courses. Medical Billing and Coding is a skill that is much needed in the health industry. All types of companies are in need of people that are knowledgeable in billing and coding. It involves a lot of problem-solving and critical thinking which makes it a difficult yet rewarding program.


Healthcare Management Program


This degree prepares students for the management track by teaching everything they need to know about medical terminology, business procedures, finance, management techniques and billing. For those who are interested in management positions at hospitals, clinics or healthcare companies, this program will be the perfect thing to get them started on their road to success. The courses are a balance between business courses, medical courses, and other general education courses in order for students to get the broad base of knowledge that is needed.


Medical Assisting Program


The Medical Assisting path is mostly online classes with the exception of a laboratory credit and an externship. Students will learn a wide range of skills to get them started in the field such as x-ray, anatomy, terminology, office procedures, pharmacology and much more. Being a medical assistant is not an easy task, and there must be a lot of training in many different areas in order to become proficient in it. This program includes all of the courses necessary to get medical assistant students a competitive edge when they get started in their career.


Nursing Program


The nursing program is blended between online and offline courses and experiences. Students will be involved in full course loads, live lectures, hands-on labs, patient care simulations, etc. The combination of online and offline courses in the nursing program make sure that nurses are trained effectively in their craft. The simulation learning programs are a great help to those entering the nursing field because it gives them realistic practice doing what they will be doing in their career and builds their confidence.


EKG Technician


This program is merely six months long and gives students a full knowledge of what it takes to be an Electrocardiograph Technician and how to work the devices necessary to save lives. This course is online, but it does require a lab to be completed at a clinical site. An EKG technician has a vastly important role in the medical field, so this program is not only one that will teach knowledge about the EKG machines and systems and how they work, but also teamwork. Working as a team is vital in this field, and the techniques that are taught in this classroom will have future technicians fully prepared for their career.


Medical Assistant Training


This program takes approximately ten months and is online based with the addition of laboratory and externship requirements. This program teaches you everything you need to know to assist at a physician’s office or clinic. The most successful medical assistants are able to take the multiple skills learned in this course and apply them to their future career. Not only will they learn about what goes on in the medical room, but they also learn valuable skills that will help in all aspects of their career and around the office.


Medical Assistant (Campus-Based)


This ten month program is very similar to the online-based program except that it is held mainly on the AHI campus. They both teach the same skill set effectively, just using different methods. The campus-based program is favored by some because it has more of an involved feel. Some students learn better in the campus-based medical assistant program where they are surrounded by other students and in close contact with teachers and staff.

Medical Coding Specialist


This program is a nine month online program that includes a lab requirement. It will prepare students for any kind of coding specialist job from self-employment to regular positions at hospitals, clinics or consulting companies. Students will be confident and fully trained in how to assign codes to different conditions and procedures as well as how to effectively analyze different types of medical records. These skills are absolutely important and much needed in the medical fields because it keeps things organized and less confusing when it is done well.


Medical Office Assistant


The six-month medical office assistant program is a great way to learn the skills that are necessary when working in the office of a medical facility. Students will learn everything from billing and coding to medical terminology and management.

It is important to be organized and knowledgeable in any office but in a medical office it is crucial because it could mean life or death for some matters. This program will develop students into highly efficient and meticulous medical office staff.