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  • Cardiovascular Sonography
  • Dental Assisting with Expanding Functions
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Health Information Technology
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical Coding and Billing Specialist
  • Respiratory Therapy

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The American College for Medical Careers is located in Florida and offers online education for students from 9 states. The programs at ACMC are designed to help students build a career in the healthcare industry through intensive education and assistance in job placement. ACMC welcomes all students, whether those who are starting a career in the healthcare industry or those who want to switch careers. All programs at ACMC offer hands-on training and provide a real-world experience necessary for achieving career goals.

ACMC is a branch campus of Salter College that has other locations in West Boylston, MA and Chicopee, MA. Salter is a private college that prepares students for professional careers in healthcare, business and computer sciences.

Enrollment Process
The Admissions Department at ACMC is available to answer any and all questions potential students may have about their programs, the application process or anything related to ACMC. The career professionals at ACMC are available to guide people in making the best career choice. People who are interested in a program at ACMC can visit the campus and to speak with a professional. The designated person will conduct a brief admission interview and walk you through the ACMC application.

You can arrange an appointment over the phone or fill out their form on their website for more information. At ACMC, students can enroll the next day and their classes will start in the next few weeks. You can apply for programs at ACMC either by visiting in person or by completing the application online. Here are the programs offered by ACMC which might catch your interest:

Cardiovascular Sonography

The Cardiovascular Sonography training program can be opted for by any student. The first six months of the cardiovascular sonography program lay the foundation before students switch to practical training.

Cardiovascular sonography is a promising career and it’s one of the fastest growing fields as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The hands-on learning experience allows you to work with real sonography equipment at the labs of ACMC. Not only do the students work with actual equipment but there is a professional diagnostic cardiovascular sonography professional to guide them every step of the way.

The cardiovascular sonography training includes anatomy and physiology, cardiovascular physiology, factors that affect blood flow, physical characteristics of sound, advanced and emergency screening techniques, congenital anomalies and vascular ultrasound assessment. The students also participate in a clinical externship where they learn from experienced sonographers.

Dental Assisting with Expanded Functions
The expanded dental assistant training program at ACMC will teach you advanced dental work, how to assist in dental procedures, conduct dental lab procedures and other dental related work. At the end of the program, students have a complete understanding of dental anatomy, pathology, terminology and materials required when assisting dentists. Apart from learning dental procedures, the program teaches students communication skills for interacting with patients and office management. The expanded dental assisting program is great for Dental Assistants who want to upgrade their skills.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography
If you want to become an ultrasound technician, the diagnostic medical sonography program at ACMC is perfect for you. The program is available as both a Degree and Diploma course, depending on your current background and requirements. The sonography program will train you to perform ultrasounds of the abdomen, pelvis, womb and superficial structures. At ACMC, all programs provide a hands-on experience, which means the diagnostic medical sonography program teaches students through actual ultrasounds. All equipment is real which will give you the illusion of working in a real medical facility and the program is supervised by accredited sonographers.

Health Information Technology
The health information technology program offers a rewarding career in the health industry. The program is designed to help students learn the necessary skills to work in various settings, such as hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, healthcare agencies, and other healthcare organizations.

The program is exclusively offered online which means you can study as per your convenience and set your own schedule. The health information technology program revolves around managing patient information, such as medical history, symptoms, exam and test results, treatments, medications and other health-related information. The main job of a HIT professional is to ensure all patient data is accurate, accessible and secure.

Medical Assisting
The medical assisting program is perfect for fresh high school graduates who wish to enter the healthcare industry. The medical assisting program at ACMC prepares students for assisting in the treatment of patients, assisting doctors in performing procedures, performing laboratory tests, and becoming an important part of the medical team.

The program provides hands-on training in the lab to give students a real world experience with comprehensive education. The components of the program include medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, phlebotomy, electrocardiograms, clinical procedures, medical billing, practice management, medical and law ethics, patient rights, security and privacy of medical records and HIPAA standards.

Medical Coding and Billing Specialist
A medical coding and billing specialist opens the doors to a career in the healthcare industry but in a business environment. The program teaches students to manage insurance claims and medical bills. A medical coding and billing specialist is responsible for discussing cases with doctors, patients and insurance companies to ensure the payments are appropriate for the services rendered. A medical coding and billing specialist can find work in hospitals, clinics, group practices, and nursing homes.

Respiratory Therapy
The respiratory therapy program at ACMC teaches students the necessary skills to help patients with cardiopulmonary disorders. These include asthma, emphysema, pneumonia and cystic fibrosis. A respiratory therapist works in the emergency room to provide life-saving treatments for people who have suffered a heart attack or similar trauma that could endanger their life. The program offers hands-on training in labs and through clinical simulations. All labs at ACMC are equipped with the necessary hospital equipment required for training a respiratory therapist, such as pressurized oxygen and air, hospital beds, mechanical ventilators and simulation mannequins.

Sonography Bridge Program
The Sonography Bridge program is exclusively available online and at the end of the program, students are awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Sonography.

The Sonography Bridge program is excellent for professionals who are eligible for financial support from their employers. It’s a great opportunity for them to achieve their educational goals. The outline of the Sonography Bridge program includes clinical sonography and business/finance that will inform the candidates about everything they need to know in a clinical environment. As the program is offered online, students are free to continue working as they obtain their degree.

All in all, the American College for Medical Careers is an excellent platform for people to achieve their career goals in the healthcare industry. The demand for quality healthcare will never decline and more jobs are being introduced every year. If you feel your current role in the clinical or hospital environment isn’t satisfactory, or you are looking to switch careers, ACMC is the best place to start.