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As more individuals in the state of Alabama have access to insight on the benefits the truck driving industry, interest in certification in the realm of trucking is in increased demand throughout the state. Affordable Truck Driver Training LLC provides a number of training opportunities and CDL accreditation programs to students throughout the state. Prospective students come from far and wide across the state; specifically areas like Birmingham, Cullman, Decatur, Montgomery, Selma, and many other cities. There are many great reasons to pursue certification and training to become a professional truck driver. In Alabama specifically, qualified and competent drivers are always in demand. With increased need for drivers, increased numbers of programs have become available throughout the state.


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However, Affordable Truck Driver Training in particular remains strongly committed to helping students secure CDL jobs upon graduation from programs available while providing the most opportunities for financial aid and other career assistance. The institute is dedicated to brightening each student’s chances of getting the right job through the training and career information provided. Special services and training programs are offered to military veterans looking to obtain schooling and licensure. Vast majorities of trucking hopefuls are also curious about how receiving education in the field will jump-start their careers as drivers.


Affordable Truck Driver Training LLC has been operational within the trucking industry for over 30 years. Their instructors, faculty and staff have the best insight in knowing what it takes to enter the truck driving industry. Affordable Truck Driver provides a 160-hour CDL training program in a comprehensive and hands-on format. Each program will teach students everything they need to know to succeed on both segments of the standard CDL test. Students will be prepared for the practical driving skills examination as well as the general knowledge test. Employers have rated curriculum offered through Affordable Truck Driver Training LLC as being among the finest in the state as well as across the United States. Graduates have a greater chance of landing desirable trucking employment after obtaining licenses. Affordable Truck Driver Training LLC is affiliated with over 30 well-known and desirable trucking companies including TMC, Trans Am, Covenant, Central Refrigeration, Swift, Schneider, and McElroy. Such affiliates make regular visits to Affordable Truck Driver Training’s campus and recruit qualified graduates.


Additionally, Affordable Truck Driver Training LLC is approved by:
- The state of Alabama
-The departments of Veterans Affairs,
-Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
-Vocational Rehabilitation


Such opportunities make it easier for students to secure the funding they need. It also makes it easier to obtain military grants for education. After the Post-9/11 GI Bill, more veterans are able to have costs covered for their trucking training.


CDL Programs

The Affordable Truck Driver Training LLC’s CDL training programs are available to individuals eligible to drive a trailer, truck, passenger vehicle carrying 16 or more individuals as well as any other form of commercial vehicle across and within Alabama state boundaries. This implies that the CDL will act as a passport to truckers who possess one and will provide a great many career benefits in the long term. Students will be expected to sit for the CDL tests and pass them to acquire licensure. The test will be made of two segments: a written portion in which students will be tested on CDL manual contents; a practice driving exam. At the Affordable Truck Driver Training LLC, 160-hour training programs are provided as well as courses for part-time and full-time class scheduling opportunities to meet the needs of students. Affordable Truck Driver Training LLC recognizes the need to address the schedules and current working lives of students. Providing flexible and comprehensive programs to care for the needs of each individual makes this training school in particular desirable and notable for its welcoming environment.


Instructors will not deliver just the gist of trucking (i.e. “rev the engine and put the vehicle in gear). Instructors will provide an in-depth guide of tips and regulations including which gear are correct at what speed and with what RPM. Quality training at A.T.D.T. is a key to learning. In the opening week of training, instructors will guide students through all the various sections of the CDL within the classroom setting. Students will be required to demonstrate their understanding of trucking regulations, basic road safety protocol, fundamental troubleshooting tips and basic operating know-how for commercial vehicles. Students will also be guided through all manual sections relevant and pertaining to any specific endorsements that may be applied for in addition to basic licensure. Once students take and pass written examination, they will be granted a CDL permit.


With this permit, they can get behind the wheel of a truck and refresh or learn driving methods. Through the practical, hands-on training sessions available at the Affordable Truck Driver Training LLC, students will be able to experience driving on local highways and driving ranges. In the third week of training programs, the highly qualified instructors will go with students as they receive practical training in the vehicle. This training helps students tackle many of the common obstacles of driving including difficult conditions, bad weather and other elements. Students will also possess the real-world practice needed to negotiate crowded cities and towns.


The CDL training programs sponsored by Affordable Truck Driver Training LLC are highly regarded by many trucking employers across the state of Alabama including cities like Opelika, Eufaula, Troy, Greenville, and more. Alternately, students are encouraged to visit Affordable Truck Driver Training LLC’s official campus location in Moulton for more details.



CDL admissions information and regulations are tailored to help more students find a successful trucking career. A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is considered a lucrative tool for a rewarding career in trucking. For this reason, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of men and women in the state of Alabama especially who wish to undergo comprehensive CDL programs to increase chances of obtaining a license. Through the Affordable Truck Driver Training LLC, course fees are competitively and reasonably priced. Students will also have greater ease in getting approved for programs. Students in need of financial assistance in the form of scholarships and grants will be able to find the resources they need at Affordable Truck Driver Training LLC’s. A.T.D.T. has been approved by:


- Alabama State
- Departments of Vocational Rehabilitation
- Veterans Benefits


When students are admitted to the school, they can expect a multitude of job offers ranging from various associates and well-known trucking employers. For students across the state of Alabama from Florence, Jasper, Tuscaloosa, Auburn, or Opelika a simple campus visit will provide students with everything they need to know about the simple and straightforward admission process. Students are also encouraged to call to speak with an admissions advisor for personal assistance.


Financial Aid

At Affordable Truck Driver Training, LLC, faculty and admissions personnel recognize the difficulty in funding the all-to-needed opportunities for CDL licensing. Courses are reasonably priced so that more students can fulfill their career goals and licensing requirements.

Affordable Truck Driver Training, LLC is approved by the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. For this reason, prospective students will have easy access to several different grants supplied by the department. Additionally, the school also has approval from the state of Alabama to allow financial loads to qualifying students so that more individuals have access to trucking education. Advisors in financial aid at Affordable Truck Driver Training LLC are available to help students secure the financing needed. Students may be entitled to additional benefits through certain scholarships and WIA grants.


For students to learn more about financial aid options including the Post-9/11 GI Bill, veteran’s grants and enrollment opportunities providing by Affordable Truck Driver Training, LLC, students may simply contact financial aid offices or request information on campus. Whether students hail from Demopolis, Selma, Montgomery, or Auburn, they may contact the campus toll free to get started.