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  • Information Systems Technology
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  • Electronics
  • Home Entertainment Networking
  • Telecom Install & Service Tech
  • Computer Repair & Install Tech
  • Electronics Service & Repair Tech
  • Computer Networking Tech
  • Medical Assistant Associate of Applied Science
  • Electrocardiogram Technician
  • Business & Human Resources
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  • Information Systems & Communication Technology

Advanced Training


Advanced Training

Advanced Training offers degree programs and diplomas in medical, information technology and business classes for individuals who want to further their education. The school provides training in these programs for military members and civilians alike. Accredited by the Council on Occupational Education, the school is also a contractor for the Department of Defense, and you will receive an education that can help you get ahead in your career. With programs ranging from fiber optics to telecommunications, this school will train you in different forms of technology. Advanced Training also offers programs for military spouses, so you can also train yourself for a new career.


Advanced Training Campus Location:
1810 Gillespie Way
Suite 104
El Cajon, CA 92020


Programs Offered
Advanced Training offers certification programs in I.T., Medical and Business, with various courses in different technology and networking, computer installation and repair, fiber optics, telecommunications, medical assistant, electrocardiogram technician, business and human resources, accounting and many more. When you have completed your training, you will be able to take on a career in one of many dynamic fields. The school also offers degree programs in Business, I.T. and Medical Assisting for those who want an advantage on their career path.


Advanced Training graduates have the skills needed to earn an entry level position at many companies throughout the country. Whether you end up helping companies thrive by attending to their fiber optic communications needs and helping them rewire the building for more efficiency, or you become a medical assistant who checks patients’ vitals and helps them feel comfortable in a stressful situation, your skills will not only improve your life but also those of people you can help. Students are encouraged to gain hands on experience through a variety of methods, so you will be prepared to jump right into your job once you have completed your program.


Students in all disciplines not only learn the skills needed to complete their jobs, but they also learn the theory and methodology behind why things are done the way they are. Each certification program offers students the chance to keep up with the latest technology and techniques, so they will have a thorough understanding not only of how to do their job but how their work will benefit clients and patients.


Military Education
As a preferred education contractor for the Department of Defense, Advanced Training is dedicated to educating military men and women. These courses are intended to be compatible with the ever changing schedule of a military professional, with trainers who will come to you. Advanced Training offers courses that can benefit you in the military and after discharge, so you will have what you need to transition into a successful civilian career. Courses include Telecommunications Installation and Service Technology, Fiber Optics, FCC Commercial Radio Operations and many more. Advanced Training offers affordable programs which are eligible for V.A. and GI Bill benefits, so you can receive the training you need without fretting over the cost of tuition. You will benefit from one on one training with an instructor who will work with you wherever you happen to be.


Career Services
Advanced Training offers many career services to help you get ready for life after college, including tips on making your resume stand out, training on acing an interview and writing cover letters. The school also has career events such as job fairs in which students can meet and network with top employers from all over the country. It also offers job placement services, externships and much more so students can train in a real world setting and be ready to jump right into the workforce after they’ve completed their program. Whether you’ve chosen one of the technology courses or want to work in the field of medical assisting, using your bedside manner to help patients feel comfortable, you will have all of the resources necessary to find a great career.


Financial Aid Availble
Affordability should not be a deterrent to getting an education that will further your career. In addition to military benefits, Advanced Training also accepts different forms of Federal financial aid that can be obtained through FAFSA. Advanced Training also accepts other forms of financial aid such as Sallie Mae loans, National Direct Student Loans and other financial aid options. The school also has scholarships available, and your admissions representative can help you determine which option is the best for you.

Why Choose Advanced Training?
With a commitment to excellence in training the next generation of occupational professional, Advanced Training offers a quality education at an affordable price. Most of its students go on to complete their program, earning the skills necessary to find a career in an in-demand field following graduation. The accredited school holds itself to the highest standards, ensuring that your education will be comprehensive and beneficial. With flexible class schedules and a commitment to educating military members and their spouses, this school is structured for student success.


Advanced Training also offers various “Life Skills” courses to help students succeed in every aspect of their personal lives. From writing a quality resume and cover letter to learning how to repair your credit, this school will give you what it takes to be a success. The school also offers GED prep courses for those who have not finished high school but want to take the first step toward a better and brighter future.


Community Service
Advanced Training is not only dedicated to its students, but the community as well. With many charitable donations, and sponsorship of community oriented activities, this school gives its employees and students a chance to give back to the community. Advanced Training holds an annual health fair in which low income members of the community and those who have no access to health care can access potentially lifesaving screenings. This event is advantageous to Medical Assisting students who can train alongside professionals in a real life setting, and is advantageous to the community, because it offers a resource for people who may not otherwise get the routine screenings that are vital to maintaining good health. At Advanced Training, you will be surrounded by people whose philanthropic spirit will encourage you to give back to your own community as well. Interested students are able to access a variety of volunteer resources so they can be connected with an organization that can benefit from their skills and knowledge. Whether you are interested in helping the less fortunate or working with children, Advanced Training has a relationship with an organization that can use your help.


Student Focus
At Advanced Training, the employees and faculty are dedicated to student satisfaction and will do what it takes to help you get the most out of your education. Whether it is working with you to find financial aid, bringing the classes to you or helping you prepare for surprises that life has to offer, you will receive a comprehensive education that will prepare you for an Entry Level position in one of many exciting careers. Students are encouraged to become involved with the school and the community. The school’s newsletter routinely highlights a “Student of the Month” which recognizes individuals who are committed to excellence.