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If you want to be an advocate of change. If you want to bring about a difference in the social conditions that affect people’s health as well as well-being, you need to come to Adler University.

The University trains you to be effective in being a catalyst for personal as well as social change and to pursue justice. There are a number of doctorate as well as Masters Programs that are offered in the Chicago, Vancouver as well as Global online campuses.

These programs help you to hone your passion through education as well as various skills so your actions can change the world.


Adler University Campus Locations
17 N. Dearborn Street,
Chicago IL 60602


1090 W. Georgia Street, Suite 1200
Vancouver, BC V6E 3V7


Global Campus Programs
Adler University offers various online courses for graduation degrees. These offer advantages of connecting with various faculty, students and like-minded individuals who share the same values and thoughts as you.

These courses, in addition, to be accredited also have the advantage of being offered by the university which runs on a non-profit basis. The core mission of this university is to make a positive change and to ensure equality as well as mutual respect, civil rights and democracy is both encouraged and advanced.

After completion of the courses, you will receive not only a degree but also will be able to confidently armed with the ability and knowledge, to foster social justice and engage as well as encourage your community and become a leading responsible practitioner of social values.

The degree programs which are offered online are the Masters program in Criminology which not only has the student studying the cause and nature of crime but also emphasizes on applying justice.

The masters program in emergency management leadership offers the student direction as well as support in the best practices of leadership in emergency management. This pays a great deal of attention to the social as well as human factors for preparation, prevention, responding and recovering from disasters which are community-based.

The masters program for industrial as well as organizational psychology trains students to be leaders who care responsible and who use the principles which relate to I/O so that a successful business can be created and the employees can find good opportunities as well, thereby it serves the community as a whole.

The Masters program in Media and communications for social change helps candidates to use various media so that change can be driven in society and the community can be involved as well as the public can be made aware by ethical and integrated strategies.

The masters program in nonprofit management helps people who are in the non-profit niche to guide their organizations well so that social justice can be fostered by effective practices.

The Masters program in psychology with the specialization in military psychology helps those counselors and therapists as well as professionals to work with veterans, military personnel, and their families so that mental health care of these people can be taken care of.

Programs in Chicago and Vancouver
There are a variety of programs in Chicago and Vancouver that are offered. The Doctorate programs are in Psychology specifically in Clinical Psychology which helps the students to find out the importance of psychotherapy which includes not only behavioral and cognitive models but also psychodynamic as well as systemic and existential as well as humanistic models.

The programs include 4 years of coursework, practical experience and dissertation and post which there is a year’s internship. As a result, the students have a combined match rate of 91% for APA internships as well as APPIC member internships.

The emphasis on these clinical psychology programs is on the advanced Adlerian psychotherapy, the psychology of children and adults, clinical military psychology as well as psychology for primary care and behavioral medicine. This also includes treating substance abuse and the psychology of traumatic stress.

The doctorate in supervision and counselor education helps to train the students to be counselor educators in the teaching field, trainers, supervisor’s researchers, scholars and expert clinicians.

The doctorate in couple as well as family therapy in addition to a full-time year’s internship focuses on theoretical knowledge, practical experience and collaborating with professionals. These help the students to understand and relate with individuals, couples as well as children and understand the various dynamics which are involved. They can assess, plan and intervene so that the relationships improve.

Similarly, the masters program in couple as well as family therapy helps the student understand the philosophy of change in relationships, systematic thinking, openness to assortment and diversity, cultural sensitivity as well as identity of professionals and clinical excellence.

These programs help students become counselors and therapists working with families especially with children and adolescents.

The masters program in clinical mental health counseling helps various people, groups as well as families with different therapeutic needs. The students once they graduate can work in private as well as public sectors and with health care organizations taking care of these needs. They can also work with hospitals, organizations where they work in the employee assistance programs; they can work with centers where treatment of substance abuse is undertaken and similar organizations.

The program consists of two years of classroom training or else a flexible program which is a part time option which consists of combining evening, weekend blended or even online options.

As masters in rehabilitation counseling, the students learn to improve the quality of life of people who have various types of challenges – emotional, physical or even developmental. These they do by evaluating and providing personal as well as vocational counseling in addition to referral and even support for living independently.

This course is accredited to CORE and the counselors are installed with the elements of core which are ethical behavior, understanding and accepting individual differences as well as in thinking critically and seeing the big picture.

Once completed, the graduates can take up psychiatric rehabilitation; work in hospitals or even in agencies promoting health care. They can work in centers for career counseling, evaluation centers for vocations and rehabilitation centers.

The Sport and Health Psychology masters program helps to manage various challenges faced by sportsmen. They tackle problems like eating disorders, the compromises sportspersons make on the ethical front, the abuse of steroids as well as substance abuse, elitism as well as high expectations which are there. All these problems affect sportspersons in various ways. These counselors help to address these issues for the sportspeople. They also assist in prevention of obesity, promotion of exercise, prevention of diseases, increasing the performance of athletes and various other situations.

The masters program in forensic psychology helps train the students in theory as well as in civic responsibilities and clinical skills. The graduates learn the basics of criminal psychology as well as psychology of the police, legal psychology and psychology for correction and how to treat forensic population. This helps to deal with people who have suffered substance abuse, rape, sex crimes or even substance abuse.


There are various masters programs in counseling which offer specialization in clinical mental health counseling, forensic psychology, rehabilitation counseling, sports and health psychology and Art therapy.

The masters programs in public administration include specializations in criminal justice concentration, sustainable community’s concentration, community health concentration. The master of public policy deals with the advocacy of human rights and concentration.