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Abraham Lincoln University offers Bachelor level degree programs in: Business Administration, Criminal Justice, General Studies and Legal Studies.

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

Do you need the training necessary to get a position in business? At ALU you’ll receive a high-level of marketing and get skills in accounting, marketing, management and finance. Students that are interesting in accounting will qualify to take the California CPA exam.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice

Would you like one day to pursue a police officer, ICE agent, corrections officer or deputy sheriff? Let the quality instructors at Abraham Lincoln University train you and help you develop your critical thinking, analytical and interpersonal skills.

Bachelor of Science Degree in General Studies

At ALU you can tailor your program with general education courses that will focus on the area of interest you’ll want to pursue when you graduate.

Legal Studies Bachelor’s Degree

Learn about legal disciplines including business and communications. Learn how to perform legal research and become proficient in writer legal letters and memoranda’s. Contact ALU today for more information about this BA degree.