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  • Adobe
  • AJAX Programming
  • Android
  • ASP Net
  • Certified Internet Webmaster
  • CompTIA Certification
  • Computer Security Training
  • Database Administration
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Developing Mobile Applications
  • IT Computer Repair and Network Support Classes
  • JAVA Classes
  • Linux
  • MCITP Database Administrator Microsoft SQL
  • MCSA Server Infrastructure
  • MCSE Server Infrastructure
  • MCTS Windows Developer Using Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Certification
  • Microsoft Learning
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft SharePoint Important Facts
  • Oracle Training
  • Programmer
  • Project Management PMP
  • Red Hat
  • Visual Studio Training
  • VMware
  • Web Development

ABCO Technology


ABCO Technology


ABCO Technology Campus Location:

6733 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #106
Los Angeles, CA 90045


About ABCO
If you’ve ever considered starting a career in the dynamic, ever improving field of Information Technology, then ABCO Technology is the school for you. An ACCSC Accredited institution, ABCO Technology offers diploma programs and certifications in a variety of IT related practices. From Certified Webmaster to Oracle Database Administrator, its programs will teach you the skills you need to enter the exciting field of IT. Any student, regardless of skill level at the time of entry, will be trained thoroughly trained in their chosen field of study through comprehensive courses. Diplomas and professional certifications are available for Oracle, Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, and other leading programming platforms. Having served Southern California since 2000, ABCO Technology routinely trains its students thoroughly, so they are ready to enter the workforce upon completion of the program. Get started today by requesting information to learn more about their programs.


The school also offers continuing education services to working professionals who simply want to improve their skills or learn new ones. IT is a constantly changing profession with new technologies emerging everyday designed to enhance business operations. The best IT professionals learn about these technologies and how to fix them if something inevitably goes awry. If you are a current IT professional, ABCO Technology can help you stay at the top of your game by brushing up on new technology and new developments in old technology.


IT Programs Offered

In the current business climate, IT goes beyond fixing computer issues. IT professionals today can train in a wide variety of programming and data management systems, and there is a wide variety of IT career tracks for people of varying interests. Today’s professionals do everything from developing database and CRM software with Oracle to handling network solutions with Cisco. Creative types will love working on Javascript for animation and website development, as well as developing SEO and internet marketing solutions for clients. ABCO Technology trains IT professionals in all aspects of IT from the back end programmers who make a company’s network run more smoothly to the web developers who make a company’s website dynamic and interactive.


ABCO Technology students tend to be successful, because the school helps you choose a certification program that is best for you. Your counselor will get to know you, your goals and your interests, and will help you find the certification or diploma offers the best fit. Its instructors work one-on-one with students in a curriculum that works with individual students. The school recognizes that one reaching approach may not be acceptable for all students, and the one-on-one approach ensures that each student learns in a way that best suits their needs. This approach allows students to firmly grasp the material and apply it more easily in real world situations.


Once you’ve chosen ABCO Technology to complete your IT certification, you will meet with an Admissions Representative who will review your needs and help you choose your courses. At a minimum, applicants must have a High School Diploma, GED or GED Equivalent. Applicants must submit a Diploma, High School transcripts, Military DD214 documentation indicating High School equivalent validated, and/or college transcripts (mailed directly from sending institution) showing date of high school graduation with their application. Foreign applicants must provide documentation of completion of secondary education equivalent to a high school diploma.


Corporate Certification
For working professionals, ABCO Technology offers continuing education and certification services to help you excel in your current position and advance your career. ABCO Technology will also work with your company’s specialized software to help your IT professionals keep current with changing technology. Specialized training is available for IT professionals of all skill levels, and our trainers will train your employees onsite if necessary. For individuals who want to advance their career prospects, certification programs are available for different programming technologies. Our certifications allow you to expand your skill set without going through a whole new degree program, and you can use your skills immediately on completion.


Financial Aid
ABCO Technology accepts many forms of financial aid, including Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grants, Federal Work Study, Federal Direct Loans and Federal Perkins Loans. There are also many resources available from the State of California to assist you in paying for your Diploma program or Certification. To qualify for Financial Aid, students must not be in default of a Federal student loan and must not owe overpayment on a Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG), SMART Grant, or Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant. Financial Aid recipients are required to be enrolled as a student and must remain in good academic standing. You are also required to have a Social Security Number and have filed a Federal Tax Return to determine your eligibility for financial aid. Students who are interested in financial aid should speak with an admissions officer to determine eligibility and find out detailed requirements.


Veterans Training
ABCO Technology is proud of its work training veterans in various IT programs, and veterans are highly encouraged to apply. All programs offered by the school are approved by Veterans Affairs, and those who are accepted into the program may use their Chapter 30, 33, 31, 35, VEAP and VRAP benefits. Additional info can be found at


For veterans who may be suffering from service related disabilities, ABCO Technology offers the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program. This program is specifically designed to assist veterans who are adjusting to service related disabilities as they reintegrate into civilian society. The school’s trainers can help you through your rehabilitation by teaching you valuable computer skills that will allow you to find and keep a civilian job. The Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program is designed to assist veterans in developing skills that suit both their interests and their needs. It is made specifically for those with a variety of disabilities, and rehabilitation is an integral part of the program. Upon successful completion of the program, ABCO Technology offers job placement assistance.


Career Services
A curriculum modeled after real-world situations makes ABCO Technology students desirable candidates for employment in a variety of fields. Students and instructors are encouraged to apply real world applications to new skills, and students can apply their new knowledge almost immediately. The school’s Career Development services will allow you to successfully build your resume to increase your chances of successfully finding a job following completion of the program.


If you’re interested, you will meet with the school counselor who will evaluate your career goals and help you develop a program to find the right fit for your skills. More than a simple job board, ABCO Technology’s Career Development counselors take a comprehensive approach, evaluating not only your current program of study but also your personality, your interests, your previous work experience and your goals. This approach increases your chances of successfully landing a position in which you will thrive. Career placement is not guaranteed, but taking advantage of these resources can greatly increase your chances of finding a great job after completing your program.