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Navy Tuition Assistance

The United States Navy offers many great benefits to serving on active duty. Many enlist for job skills. Others enlist because they have always dreamed of serving the country in the Navy. Many more serve for the benefits of education that the Navy has to offer. Many have heard of the money that they will receive once their time is done. The Navy does have a program for those that are serving on active duty. Tuition Assistance helps sailors in their off-duty hours to obtain college credits.

Navy tuition assistance is financial assistance for college. For those that take advantage of it, they can receive $250 per credit hour or $166.67 per quarter hour. There is a fiscal year cap of $4500. If a sailor wishes to apply themselves in the hours they are not on duty, they can possible leave the service with a degree in hand.

Tuition Assistance does not cover such things as books, CDs or e-books. Sailor/students will be responsible for these. It also does not cover things such as flight training or officer accession program where a sailor has to attend school full time at a civilian school. Tuition assistance covers up to 100% of the tuition cost up to $250 per credit hour. If the cost is more than $250 per credit hour, the sailor will be responsible for the difference.

A sailor must choice an accredited school. Tuition assistance covers schools that are recognized for the United States Department of Education. This doesn’t mean though they need to be traditional classes. Classes can now be taken through distance learning, e-learning, correspondence or the traditional class room setting. There are many options available to the sailor wanting to take classes.

A sailor is qualified to use tuition assistance once they receive counseling from the Navy College office. They will help determine what classes need to be taken to pursue a degree. They can help fill out the application paperwork as well, for both classes and tuition assistance. Officers also qualify for TA, the acronym for tuition assistance. They do, however, have to agree to serve an additional 2 years after the class or classes are completed.


Approved Schools

Once the command has approved the application, it has been submitted and approved the sailor can then begins to take the class. The sailor does have to keep in mind that when they are finished they do have to submit their grades to the Navy College Office. If for a reason that is not Navy related the sailor has to withdraw from class they are responsible for paying back the tuition assistance. If they do not pass they will also be responsible. There are cases where the sailor has no other choice, such as deployment. In this case paperwork with the reason, signed by the command, can be submitted and fees will be waived.

Tuition assistance is an educational all sailors that desire a degree should participate. Many Navy College Offices work with schools in the local area to provide classes. Other schools may offer classes right at the Navy College Office. This is where an educational counselor can help the sailor define and reach their goals of a college education. Navy tuition assistance is just one of the many reasons to serve in the Navy.


Those that serve the United States in Uniform often get all the glory. It is well deserved glory, but what is often overlooked is the force behind the uniform in the Navy. The Navy civilians that support the men and women in uniform do an excellent job on a day to day basis. They are as much a part of the Navy as those that serve on active duty. While their jobs and benefits may be different, they are still an integral part to the system. The Navy civilian benefits, much like the benefits of those on active duty, are the enticement that many need to apply for and work a job in the Navy.

The Navy offers many excellent benefits for civilian employees. The first thing that comes to many minds is pay. The Navy offers competitive pay scale. They also offer things such as bonuses, paid holidays and sick days. If they need to travel for their jobs, the Navy provides a generous travel pay. There are yearly cost of living increases as approved by congress. The pay is competitive with other positions.

Health insurance is a benefit that is available as well. As a Navy Civilian employee a person is eligible for health insurance. Once a year, during open enrollment an employee can also change their health plan, so it is also flexible. Dental and vision is also available. The human resource department will have a list and information on all the providers that a Navy civilian employee can use and sign up with.

Life insurance is also a benefit that many of those looking for a job see as important. Life insurance can be expensive if paid for separately. The Navy civilians have an option to sign up for a life insurance policy. There are also policies for long term care available.

Looking down the long road at retirement benefits is also a bonus. Available is a 401-K type savings plan. There is also a thrift savings plan. These are both funds that the employee puts pre-tax money into. They can have a certain amount put in out of the pay on a monthly basis. The amount is up to them, but the federal government does put a cap on it. For example, in 2007, an employee was allowed to put in $15,000 of their wages, before taxes. Once the money is withdrawn the tax is then paid.

For those that have served on active duty, not just the Navy, but any branch of the service, there are also benefits. During the hiring process they get preference. Veterans with disabilities get more preference. One of the great benefits if they get hired is that the time they have served on active duty counts towards their job for benefits. Things such as time in service, vacation and sick days are calculated by the time a civilian has worked for the Navy. Those that have served on active duty will have all their time counted.

The Navy employs many talented personnel that serve around the world. They support the Navy on a daily basis. They do an excellent job, and receive many Navy civilian benefits. Our Navy could not do the job that they do without their civilian force behind them.