Military Spouse Education Programs - MyCAA Funding

The Department of Defense has a program called MyCAA that helps military spouses with their educational needs. Currently if you qualify you'll receive $4000 to be used towards a portable career training programs. May of the Featured Schools we have listed offer training under $4000 which is great since you'll have $0 out-of-pocket money. Most of the programs are short-term certificate or trade related programs.


Featured Schools

California Institute of Arts & Technology


Be sure to ask the school you wish to attend what programs they offer under $4000 in total. Anything over $4000 you'll be responsible for covering either with payment plans or Federal Financial Aid. The program can cover the tuition costs but not additional fees including application fees, any testing fees or computer (like laptop) you may need.

To be eligible your husband needs to have been on active duty for at least 90 days after Sept 11, 2001. Some of the programs considered "portable" by MyCAA include: Medical and Health Services, Real Estate, Property Management, Construction, Financial Services and Computer Information System. It is important to contact MyCAA to verify first if the program you are interested in qualifies before you enroll in the school.


How Military Spouses Tuition Can Help Select the Right Career Path

When deciding which career path to choose, the options can be overwhelming. As the spouse of a service member, you may be searching for an occupation to pursue that will be most suited to your interests, skills and lifestyle. You should be aware that you can use your military spouse tuition to pay for school.


One of the most cherished benefits of living in our great country is the freedom to choose your line of work. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the job you pick may have long-term ramifications. Your career choice can play a major role in determining such factors in your life such as income, social status, and your circle of friends, as well as your personal identity and sense of self-worth. You deserve the best and you should use the military spouse tuition funds that are available to you.


Though the options can seem to be overwhelming, if you follow the basic steps outlined below, your career search can be an enjoyable and stress-free process:


1) Start with a thorough self-assessment. Identify your interests, skills, values, needs and behavioral traits to help you determine the best fit for your personality, lifestyle and what is important to you.

2) Take time to research. Based on what you’ve learned about yourself, check out various sources of occupational information to discover those jobs that seem to be the best match. More than likely, you will find several types of occupations that match your interests. Now you can form your list of career possibilities.

3) Learn more. The next step is to research job positions on your list to find out more about each one. Record pertinent information such as duties, qualifications, training, salary scales and benefits, chances for advancement, and pros and cons of working conditions. You can do this through written materials, the internet, and actual conversations with workers.

4) Make a tentative career choice. Now that you have matched your needs and interests with possible occupations, select one that you want to pursue. Don’t fret about making a wrong or definite decision at this point in time… just make the best choice you can.

5) Test it out. Since it’s easier to determine whether or not a job is right for you by trying it, you might consider enrolling in a related course, taking a volunteer position, shadowing an experienced employee for a day, or talking to people who work at the site. You might also consider a part-time job to test the waters.

6) Make a final decision. Based on what you have learned thus far, select an occupation you feel is the best match for you. If you have trouble doing this, you may want to consult a professional career counselor for some assistance and guidance.

7) You’re almost done! If applicable, complete any necessary training or coursework needed to develop the suggested qualifications. After doing that, you should be ready to seek a position in the field you have selected with confidence.

Hopefully you have found this brief outline of a career-planning program to be an inspiration as you begin to explore your choices. Don’t let your military spouse tuition benefits expire.


Being in the military doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a higher education. Advanced technologies have made it easier to study and take courses anywhere you are in the world with an internet connection. Now active military service men and women can study abroad when stationed in other countries. Even if you’re stationed in the US, you can still take advantage of an online education. Either way, courses are more accessible than they have ever been before.

Military Spouse Tuition Assistance & Grants

Military servicemen and their families can qualify all sorts of different grants, scholarships, tuition assistance and loans. What you are eligible to receive depends on your branch of service and how long you’ve been enrolled in the military. For instance, veterans qualify for different benefits than active duty members and vice versa. There are even tuition assistance programs for spouses and children of military service members.


Different Types Education For Military
Military personnel have a couple different choices when selecting an education program. You can work towards getting career certifications and industry specific licenses. First thing you’ll need to do is discuss with a tuition assistance counselor what your skills are and what type of career you should pursue. Once you have a career path and TA in place, you can enroll in an online education program that will help you meet your goals.

How Online Classes Work
The best part of online classes is that you have the freedom to work from wherever you want to. And just like a brick and mortar class, if you have questions, an instructor is available to help you along the way so you’ll never feel left all alone. With online classes, you’ll take your coursework, lessons & quizzes all on an online platform. Just like regular classes, you will take quizzes and tests as necessary throughout the course and then take a final exam at the end. Online classes are a great way to learn from the comfort of your own home.


How To Sign Up
It’s important to determine your MyCAA Financial Assistance, Military Tuition Assistance or Veteran Assistance benefits eligibility before signing up for any type of online program. This is because benefits are usually used upfront and it could be difficult or impossible to be reimbursed once a class is paid for on your own. So be sure to talk to a MyCAA or TA counselor before signing up for any type of class. Next you’ll need to find an accredited school that accepts military benefits and has your desired course program. Once you’ve done your research and found a school that can support your needs, then it’s time to sign up for class and get to work!