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Marine Corp Tuition Assistance

Marines qualify for many exceptional benefits. Among these benefits are Marine educational benefits. While many marines enlist because of patriotic duty, many find that the education they will receive as well as the financial assistance for civilian education an inducement.

As a Marine, most qualify for the GI Bill. The Montgomery GI Bill and the Post 9-11 GI Bill are the two most common GI Bills that those on active duty now qualify. These are both excellent programs and have helped many marines secure college degrees.

The Montgomery GI Bill is one where the service member has contributed $100 a month for the first 12 months of service. The Marine Corp then contributes their share. When they leave active duty and enter school, the Veteran’s Administration will then administer this benefit.

The newer GI Bill, Post 9-11, is now in effect. Those that qualified for the Montgomery GI Bill may want to look into transferring to the new program. If certain requirements are met, this can be done. The newer GI Bill does not require the payment. It is also transferable to qualified spouses and children if the Marine would like. It provides 36 months worth of education benefits. Both GI Bills are providing education benefits to Marines. Under some circumstances they can help a Marine that is still on active duty receive college credits.

Another educational benefit for Marines is the ability to challenge of test out of college level classes. This program is administered by Dantes and is available at any educational office that the Marine has access too. If they have knowledge of a subject and feel that they can pass a test in the area they can test out of it and receive college credits. There are many test available, such as basic math and English skills, those these are not the only ones. There are classes available in higher science, computers and even specialized classes such as nursing. A Marine with knowledge can acquire a good amount of college credit without ever attending a class.

Tuition Assistance or TA is also available for those that are on active duty. Tuition Assistance will pay for 100% of college classes up to $250 per credit hour. There is available $4500 per fiscal year for each Marine taking college level classes. Qualified schools are those that are accredited by the U.S. Department of Education.

With testing and tuition assistance a dedicated Marine can leave the service with their degree in hand. College credits can be applied to an Associate, Bachelor or Masters degree. This is an opportunity that many Marine’s take advantage.

The Marine Corp also participates in SOCMAR, Service Members Opportunity College Degree Program. Many two and four year colleges participate and offer classes in many of the location a Marine may find themselves around the world. They work with other college, take credits from other institutions as well as granting college credits for schools that the Marine Corps has sent the service member. The Marine Corps is famous for its fighting force. They provide the best that they can for that force. The best Marine education benefits are only fitting. A Marine can serve and attend college part time. They can also be earning money for college after they leave the service.