Education Benefits for Military Spouses


Government Education Benefits For Military Spouses
It’s well known that when someone enrolls in the military they receive certain benefits for while in the service and after. But the benefits don’t stop with this enlisted party. Some benefits also extend to the military service person’s family. Housing, medical, dental and even education – the latter being the focus of this blog.


MyCAA Offers Education Benefits For Spouses
In October of 2010 the Department of Defense reopened its MyCAA program which offers educational benefits to military spouses up to $4,000. This benefit funding can be applied to college, certificate courses, job training courses and other types of educational programs. One requirement is that the military service member must be in the pay grade rank of E1-E5, W1-W2, and O1-O2 to qualify. This includes active members of the National Guard as well as military Reserves. A second requirement is that military spouses must complete their schooling while their spouse is on Title 10 orders. And they must also complete their education within 3 years of starting it.


What Types Of Education Qualifies?
After you’ve determined that you qualify for education benefits, you need to talk to your MyCAA counselor to discuss your educational game plan. The following are some paths to consider when discussing what type of education you want to pursue.


Associate Degree: This is an undergraduate degree, usually completed in a two-year time frame. The degree is awarded from junior colleges, tech colleges and even some universities or 4-year schools.


Bachelor’s Degree: This is an academic degree earned at a university or college which can be acquired usually within 3-5 years. For a bachelor’s degree you will work towards a specific major. (e.g. Business, Communications)


Professional Certification: This is a designation that students earn in a specific area usually related to a job or skill. The time frame for the completion depends on the type of program. (e.g. Private Security, Medical Assistant) .


Professional Licensure: Obtaining a license in a professional field gives you permission to practice a specific job, function or regulatory position. The time frame of completion to obtain a license is determined by the agency or program administering the license. (e.g. Real Estate License, Public Accountant)


What Schools Accept MyCAA Benefits?

Many schools have 100% online formats that accept MyCAA funding for military service members and their families. If earning a degree or certification from the comfort of your own home fits the plan you and your counselor have determined, then one of these schools could be just what you’re looking for.

Medical Careers For Military Spouses: Use Your MyCAA Benefits!

When planning for your future you have to make many important decisions. One such decision is what path to choose when deciding on a career. You have to take into account your skills, your passions and your education. Military personnel and their spouses also need to take into account – what if any tuition assistance is available. Once you've found out what type of benefits you qualify for, you need to pick a military friendly school to accommodate your academic needs. These needs might include having access to online classes allowing for a portable education for those people who on the move more than others.

Many universities work with Military service men and women and their families in order to bring them the best possible education in their desired career field. Some of the most popular programs are the medical training courses which are available for military spouses looking to pursue a career in the medical industry. Here are the top medical programs for your reference:

Popular Medical Programs For Military Spouses
Medical Assisting – As the name would suggest, medical assistants help run medical offices and assist doctors with patient and office needs. Such tasks include: getting patients personal information as well as their medical history, take patients’ vital signs, assist with medical exams, take blood and give injections, schedule appointments, prep blood for lab tests. The task will ultimately depend on what type of doctor you work for. A physician’s assistant will have different daily duties compared to a chiropractor’s assistant. Medical Assistants make an average of $29,370 a year in 2012 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Medical Coders – The medical industry has thousands of codes that correlate with doctors’ diagnoses. Coders use classification software to assign clinical codes for patient records and data analysis. Medical coder duties include: review patient info for preexisting conditions, retrieving medical records for doctor evaluations and they also relay information between the health office and billing officers. The annual salary for medical coders and health information technicians in 2012 was $34,160 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Pharmacy Technicians – After patients get a prescription, they’ll need to get it filled. That’s where a pharmacy technician comes into play. Pharmacy techs are in charge of filling prescriptions, taking inventory, measuring medications, and all the customer service responsibilities that come with working in retail. Pharmacy technicians work for pharmacists and learn under their supervision. Pharm tech’s can also work in a hospital setting preparing and administering medications. The level of involvement with medication distribution varies by state.


How To Get Started
Once you've determined your MyCAA or TA eligibility and determined which professional field you want to enter, it’s time to hit the books. Find a school that accepts military benefits and offers courses that will help you reach you goal. MyCAA provides up to $4,000 in education so finding the right school is very important! Another thing to consider is if you want to complete your coursework online or attend the classes in person. Some people have busy schedules or are simply unable to attend live classes. These people tend to gravitate towards an online school to get their education. If you’re looking for an accredited military-friendly school that offers coursework via an online format, you can talk to an admissions representative right now to discuss your potential benefits. Your spouse's military!