Coast Guard Education Programs

Did you know that if you are in the Coast Guard you have the same education TA benefits as the Army, Navy and Air Force? Currently you have $4500 in maximum tuition assistance funds per fiscal year that you can use toward a college education. Most colleges have prices of credit hours under $250 which will qualify. If the college has a higher tuition cost per credit semester hour you'll be responsible for anything over $250.

Guardsmen should first find the school or program you are interested in attending. We have listed our Featured Military Schools to help you find the best selection of programs. After requesting information you then can request TA assistance through the USCG Institute. The school you wish to attend will provide you with all the proper course information you'll need for your application.

Most of the schools we have listed are what they consider Military Friendly. These schools not only offer special tuition discounts but also will allow you to take time off your studies if you are called on active duty. The DOD offers several scholarship to Guardsmen including the Coast Guard Foundation Grant which is a $350 grant that can be used in conjunction with your current TA. If your spouse wants to attend school you need to check out CGMA (Coast Guard Mutual Assistance) program.

This supplemental grant gives you up to $250 per year to help cover your family members' educational expense. Also you need to contact MyCAA to see if your spouse qualifies. The great thing about MYCAA is they will pay up to $4000 over the course of 2 years for your wife to take a course in a portable career like Paralegal, Real Estate, Business Administration and the Medical Field.

Important Notes:

1. Tuition assistance money goes directly to the school for the courses you are taking. The funds are not sent to you directly.

2. The TA funds can only be used for tuition costs, not for laptops or other things you may need for school. It is important that you don't enroll in a school just to take advantage of a "Free" laptop they are offering. Many of the schools that have done this turned out to be scams.

3. If you do not receive a passing grade in the course you are taking you will be responsible for paying back your tuition assistance.

4. Only those personnel on active duty are eligible for TA funds

5. You must be an E6 or below and can't take any graduate level courses, only undergraduate programs are eligible for TA

6. If you used your GI BillĀ® benefits to take a course you can't use TA to take the same course or program again.