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Air Force Education Benefits

Finding a qualified school for your training if you are in the Air Force on active duty has never been easier. If you have more than 120 consecutive days on active duty (or the Reserve) you could be eligible for tuition assistance. The Department of Defense provides up to $4500 per fiscal year or $250 per credit semester hour.

The first thing you'll need to do is request your official transcripts from CCAF (Community College of the Air Force). Write a letter that includes your name, address and social to: CCAF 100 Southern Tuner Boulevard Gunter Annex, Alabama 36114.

Do you currently have student load debt and looing to join the Air Force? You may qualify for the LPR Student Load Repayment Program. The Air Force may pay up to $10,000 when you enlist of your current student loan debt.

Reasons you might have been denied TA:

1. If you are currently on drilling status you may not be eligible for Federal Tuition Assistance.

2. If you did not fill out your information correctly on the Air Force Virtual Education Center.

3. If you want to enroll in a program/course that has a start date within the next 30 days. It is recommended you give enough time to process your TA.

4. You are trying to take a course already paid for with TA

5. You want to use Tuition Assistance for a course/program that is lower than the current degree you hold. An example would be you hold your Master's Degree and want to take a course for an Associate's degree.

Air Force Education Programs

Air force officers are highly educated. However, it is commonly seen that their education is limited to their own field while in the military. Are you ready to not only serve your country but to server it when you retire from the military? Your educational qualification is just enough to get you by while in the air force, but one day you’ll soon retire from their services and start living a civilian life… prepared.


To become self independent and to start earning a living after retirement, many air force degree programs are suited for today’s active duty military lifestyles while in the military. These programs are available online from many of the top schools nationwide. Many air force officers are enrolling themselves into such programs and take full advantage of the TA money available to them each year.


There are hundreds of online schools that offer online air force degree programs. The main objective of any program is to make sure you complete the degree while still in the military so you can take full advantage of the active duty TA that is available to you. The reasons these programs are so popular are because we know how hectic and busy your schedule is and only list schools that can cater to your needs. Because you’re constantly moving we feel an online degree is the best way to receive your education.


Online programs give you the facility to study from wherever they are based and all you need is an internet connection. There is a huge list of certificate and degree granting choices to choose from. Most of these courses and programs can be completed in a very short period of time. So if you or someone you love is in the air force be sure to talk to them about the many options they have in obtaining an online degree or certificate.