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In today's global market, a Bachelor of Science degree is a growing field of study. This degree will open employment doors in the areas of design, development, education, medicine, research, and technology. For the most part, the Bachelor of Science degree only differs from the Bachelor of Arts degree because of the emphasis on science and mathematics courses. There will be a significant focus on students acquiring an understanding of scientific principles and scientific analysis. Students should also learn to problem solve and reason about topics relative to mathematics, social sciences, and natural sciences. The Bachelor of Science degree will require you to complete 120 credit hours at a four year university. This degree program can allow you to focus your studies on areas such as economics, biomathematics, computer science, psychology, geography, dietetics, or information technology, among others. If you are not an individual who thrives in science or mathematics courses, then this educational degree program may not be for you. It will be important for potential Bachelor of Science candidates to successfully pass challenging math and sciences courses at the high school level.

Math & Science Courses

If math is an area that you are comfortable working within, then maybe you should consider a career in this field. In today's world, a degree in a math related field opens up many career options, such as a statistician, a math teacher, or even in the finance industry. Keep in mind, if you plan to teach math at a post-secondary level you will likely need a doctorate degree to perform this job. If the world of banking and finance sounds appealing to you, then you could spend your time calculating trend analysis, reporting on financial issues, figuring the return on specific investments, and determining risk analysis. A job in a mathematical related field will require you to consistently use the theories of mathematics to solve issues related to economics, business, science, and engineering. If you are striving to become a manager of a financial institution then you will probably need to plan to obtain your master's degree in order to be appealing to employers.

If an associate of science degree more appropriately fits into your educational plan, there are plenty of jobs that you would be eligible for. You can pursue this degree program at a four year university or college, or at a community or junior college. Upon obtaining your associate of science degree, you will be capable of entering the fields of nursing, criminal justice, or even the dental field. More specifically, you could pursue your career as a dental hygienist, a retail store manager, a registered nurse, a massage therapist, a corrections officer, or even a construction project manager. Remember, this list of possible careers is only a few of the options you would have. If none of these appeals to your career plan, consider checking with the learning institution of your choice to evaluate further options. Keep in mind, an associate of science degree is a two year course of study in which you will need to concentrate on science, math, or technology. Find math and science degree programs from any of the accredited schools listed below.